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( Aug. 23rd, 2008 06:53 pm)
We went to a local fair/carnival thing today. Which was fun. But now I've discovered the joy of food-poisoning. Ack. I really should know better than eat anything with mayo in it - I can get sick from milk at the coffee shop that gets too cool. I used to have an iron-stomach, but those days are long gone.

I realized I haven't even MENTIONED Atlantis' cancellation.

I'm sorry to those who are gonna miss it. Me? I stopped watching it live last season. Well, no, I stopped watching in S.3 when I missed some, intending to catch up, but I didn't. I started it again because of Sam, and then drifted away again. I realized I shouldn't even bother with this season. So I didn't.

Which means I can't write SGA for [ profile] sg_rarepairings, which makes me more sad than not watching the show. (Well, I can, but I'd have to hedge it all about with restrictions, when I used to be able to say "just lay it on me, whatever".)

This new show? Stargate: Universe. Well.... we'll see. I'll certainly give it a try, because I'm a genre junkie, but.... they're going to have to work a bit harder.


Speaking of new shows - I'll definitely try Fringe. SCC returns the night before! \o/ Supernatural. Heroes is crack, and now with Verheiden joining the staff, I expect good comic book goodies.

And also I object to Chuck and SSC being on at the same time! And at 8 o clock! That's kidlet bedtime - 9 pm would be better. *grumps*
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( Aug. 12th, 2008 09:44 pm)
Since so much of my flist seems to be afflicted with the blahs, I wanted to makes some crack to make people smile. So I thought of this project. You know how podfic is popular? Well, how about Action Figure Fic?

It's my Battlestar Galactica/ Stagate Atlantis crossover fic TWO TALL TREES , but with action figures. (and with even more added silliness... *g*)


Unfortunately, neither the 6" Kara nor the 6" Ronon are available yet (*kicks DST*) so I had to... make do. :)


Ronon awoke in a cell. But he was not alone. )

The end.

I hope all the people feeling down out there on Ye Olde Flist feel better!
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( Apr. 16th, 2008 07:15 pm)
Just when I think my action figure days are... at a pause (until Kara comes out), I get the newsletter with this prototype in it.



*grabby hands*

'k, I'll stop spamming now.
Thanks for all the good wishes! The not-so-wee has astonished us with the speed of his recovery - he's eating like crazy, bouncy, and full of energy. My mother joked (and perhaps truly) that what we thought was a laid-back personality, might have really been a constantly-slightly-sick boy instead, and his natural state should be ... even more vigorous. (OMG)

The really strange affect of the surgery has been to raise his vocal pitch, so he SOUNDS very different. It's like Chipmunk!Rugrat! *g* But, man, we thought he'd be miserable and cranky - but it's been quite the opposite. He doesn't even want Tylenol; such a trooper.


Speaking of impressive recoveries, [ profile] cujoy has pics of Michael Trucco walking on yesterday's picket line, with not even a neck brace. So much for Ron maybe having to write his injury into 4.5, eh? Wow.


In my SGA rant I mentioned Jaime Ray Newman going onto bigger and better things than slumming it in a recurring role on SGA. Yeah, it was true. She's in a play! This is no small-potatoes production either. Good for her!

It's kind of funny since Rosalind Chao's in the play too, so it's a reunion of female scifi recurring characters, almost. heh.


LOST continues to impress me this season. Although, as hubby put it, it was enough to have to keep track of the past and present, now we have to keep track of the future too? Show makes you WORK for it. I would like to know what Desmond's up to, plz.

I need to get caught up on Supernatural, especially since I have seen good comments about last night's. Damien's recap at TWOP for last week's is funny, with all the Charmed references - the crossover that wasn't.
Monday SG-1: Summit and Last Stand are part of the daytime block. Man, I love those eps. Love Osiris. LOVE her outfit. Love Baal. Love Daniel and Jacob and the "Uh oh, change of plan" conversations they have through the whole thing. Aldwin and his earnest boringness, and Jack's avoidance of both to hang with Teal'c. Plus, there is shooting, and shit blowing up, and noble sacrifices and poor Sam getting her heart stomped on a little more. And big giant Jaffa armies (one of the few times we actually SEE how freakin' impressive the Goa'uld can be, come to think of it).

Plus, in some alternate reality JR Bourne was available and MARTOUF CAME BACK!!!! (why couldn't it be the reality I live in though? *sigh*)


Lest I forget, there was Atlantis tonight. (still haven't watched 'Harmony' but I did want to make an extra special effort for "based on a story concept by Joe Flanigan", after hearing him bitch about the Canadian writer's guild over it, I gather he's lucky to get credit at all, even a lukewarm one like that).

spoilers )

And it's not Stargate but OMG I need to work on my Shagathon fic... It's freakin' FEBRUARY already and I have nothing.
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( Jan. 10th, 2008 10:21 pm)
We're watching Alien on t.v. The plotbunny for my [ profile] reel_sg1 fic is poking me in the leg, saying, "Now? How about now? You're only two months late, how about now? Come on, I'm sure there are people dying for a xenomorph infestation of the SGC. Now?"


Sigourney Weaver looks about... fourteen. :)


My SG-Atlantis figures came today. YAY! Shep and Weir and a Wraith, and together they make the Atlantis (blue) Stargate.

And this is no lie -- the instant I took my Shep out of the box, I laughed. It's got the most SHEP-like expression on its face, that sort of half-perplexed look of Flanigan's. It kills me. I kind of wish I was a bigger Sparky fan (I'm not anti-Sparky, but it's not my OTP or anything), because then I could be even more squeeful.

And I have the notice that my BSG figs are on their way. I am such an a toy whore. :)

If only there was a Ronon and Kara out, I could do the Action Figure Theater version of Two Tall Trees. hee!


Oh MAN, Porn Battle season again. I still have half-finished ficlets wandering around from the last one.... *whine*
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( Nov. 26th, 2007 11:02 am)
Oh my... this turned out... long. But it's the whole thing.

I attended the BSG/Stargate Creation Con in Burbank again last weekend, Nov 16 -18. This year was especially awesome, since I got to meet [ profile] lyssie, [ profile] sabaceanbabe, [ profile] lucyparavel, [ profile] greycoupon, [ profile] mamaboolj, [ profile] ebneter, and mrsMayorofDogsville from Kindreds. And some others whose fannish nicknames I didn't get.

You are all even more awesome in person. Just so's you know. :)

And as always my pictures are crap because I don't have enough zoom and the ballroom lighting is orange. My photoshop skillz are not great, but I tried to make the actors at least recognizable. There are only a handful, so not too many to suffer through. (you can find someone else's better pics when you're done)

My adventure begins...

Friday )

general BSG production news )

Saturday )

Sunday )

the end.
For those few on my flist who aren't on the [ profile] sg_rarepairings list and want to read what I spent the last month flailing about, here's the link to my fic:

A Moment Along the Way
Sam Carter/Evan Lorne, ADULT
4200 words
Carter and Lorne meet again on the Apollo, but Evan is not quite the man Sam remembers.
Spoilers through SGA 4x03, and especially SG-1 "The Road Not Taken".

- - -

I have no Lorne - Kavan Smith icon. This is really wrong.

I'm still fiddling around with the really terrible photos from the con and trying to finish the report before I forget everything. It sucks so much to have had so much of it done and have to rewrite it. *grumps*

I need more wine.
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( Oct. 19th, 2007 10:27 pm)
First, Moonlight. Surprisingly, improving quite a lot. Still predictable, but not all the time, and they've mostly ditched the weak-assed attempt at noirish reflection and saving the voice overs for more important things. The leads and the supporting cast are gelling nicely. I don't know if Sophia Myles is also improving, or settling in, or I'm just getting used to her, but I'm liking her now.

And Jason Dohring soaking wet with his shirt open? Not bad at all.

Then, we watched the last few minutes of Flash Gordon

HELLO, GENERAL HAMMOND! :D I see you're keeping busy in your retirement.

Then, SGA. I didn't watch it before, when the ep leaked, though I knew the main spoiler from it.

Anyway, under the cut, a bit of running commentary.

It was all a dream... )

Possibly I was in a mood to be amused, even when I shouldn't have been, but it held my attention, and y'know,with me and Atlantis, that is no small thing. So thumbs up.
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( Oct. 13th, 2007 10:24 pm)
We're watching "Wraiths of Roanoke" on Skiffy and the Highlander fan in me is depressed that this is a better movie than "Highlander: the Source". It's not a great film by any means, but at least it's watchable (and it doesn't have crappy music videos sprinkled in, which makes it a thousand times better right there). Why couldn't the Source have been at least this adequate? *sad face*

So, casting news on the new Star Trek film...

casting spoilers )

We're going to the new(ish) Blade Runner: Final Cut this weekend!


Now if only we can fit in Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D at some point, I'll be a happy fan girl.


I'm witholding Empire of Ivory from myself until I finish my [ profile] reel_sg1 fic. The book is still in the bookstore.

Of course staying up til all hours isn't helping either.
Since this has been going around again...

I was WAY overthinking this, until I figured out it's just an excuse to post pretty pictures. (and I still have a problem picking the married ones... I'm such a dork)

(1) List 5 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
(2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. You made me pick only five and now I have to put them in order? HAH!
(3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
(4) Supply photos for said people.
(5) Tag five people. everyone should do it and raise the hotness level of lj some more!

meme, schmeem. It's a picspam. It breaks my layout so here's the meme in light format. And if you're on dial-up, you probably shouldn't even try, sorry.

Follow the pretty lemmings )
yes, ROME's back! YAY! (about frelling damn time too...)

First, because it's currently making the rounds:

I don't find myself caring about the new SGA news too much. There is no bad in more Sam. Weir is still going to be there. How it will all play out should be interesting. Because, why IS Sam going to be leaving the SGC to spend so much time in Atlantis? Is it just going to be that damn boring once the Ori and Baal are defeated (presumably) in the movies, that to find something else to do with herself she come to Atlantis? Or is there going to be some sort of reason she's there?

Anyway, anyone? please, let's not go there again, fandom.

Ok, onto the squee!

Spoilers for 2.01, Passover )

But not even ROME can defeat the power of BSG on Sun nights next week. I'll have to wait to watch my pretty, bloody violent KICKASS roman history lesson (hah) 'til monday.

oh Skiffy, the things I put up with for you...
Title: In the Dream of Home

Summary: Post-Sateda, Ronon dreams of her.

Pairing: Elizabeth/Ronon

Spoilers: Through Sateda only.

Rating: PG,

1800 words

Disclaimer: Big corporate sandbox, I'm just playing in it. None of the toys are my own.

A/N: For [ profile] skandrae for the [ profile] sg_rarepairings ficathon. I hope you enjoy! Thanks to [ profile] selmak for the quick read through.

The dream )

comments are always welcome! :)
Summary: She doesn't know Ronon. At all. But she wants to.

NOTE: For [ profile] medie's Porn Battle, via [ profile] sabaceanbabe. This is the long version, cuz I can't write even a PWP that fits in a comment. I fail at drabbles too.

Warning: NC-17, PWP, based casually on "Pegasus Project". Not beta'd. Grammar errors and stupid English usage entirely my fault.

Sam had heard of Ronon, of course. )
Or, something like that. yes, for the first time I actually managed to watch SGA "live". (And boy is Sci-Fi desperate for ratings when they're promoting special features for people who watch it live, instead of, oh, Tivo or evilly downloading it off the 'Net. Not that I would ever do something like that...yes, they're talking to me, except I'm not a nielsen family, so it doesn't matter)

One of these days I will make another post which isn't an ep "review", but not today.

SG-1: Uninvited )

Roll on "200", which looks even more cracktastic than this week's!
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( Jul. 31st, 2006 08:49 pm)
Awesome. This is easily my favorite episode in a long time.

SPOILER CUT, Cuz I'm nice like that )
Let's see, update:

It's HOT again. Still. It sucks.

Finished the PWP that was eating my brain. Thank goodness (and thanks, Cade, for stopping by for the helpful pretty (g)). Now I just have to get it checked over, and make sure I haven't totally lost all my slash ability. It's been a long time since I've either read or written any.

Mostly done with the prize ficlet. :)

Now to work on the contest/challenge fic and Tartarus (which could, I suppose, if I'm extremely ambitious, also fit a category for the contest, but it's already over a hundred pages long and nowhere near finished). It's such a relief to be done with the draft and main editing of the BDF, I tell you. It's amazing how much more time and energy I have for writing with that off my plate.

Onto Stargate thoughts:

Spoilers behind the cut )
I knew it!


Obsessed? me? No, not at all.

But I'm writing Baal at the moment, so I'm a little, um, vested in his fate, I admit.

That said --

Cut for Baal rambling and some other spoilery comments )
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( Feb. 3rd, 2006 08:04 pm)
For tonight's episodes, something different -- a totally in-the-moment, play-by-play commentary!

spoilers ahoy )

okay, that's enough of that. Time to go sleep.
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( Feb. 2nd, 2006 01:56 pm)
And because I'm the world's slowest person to write down my thoughts about the eps after they've long passed into the internet ether for everyone else, here's some mutterings.

cut for possible spoilers )

New ones tomorrow!

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone!


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