- I hope things aren't too awful for any of you affected by the storm. :(

- Yuletide signups close tomorrow for anyone still sitting on the fence... I am pretty sure which offer I will end up writing - Yulegoat Karma.

- I am five kudos away from a significant number on Poison Rain and it has stalled. IT IS TAUNTING ME. *whimper* However, despite that, I wrote almost 2K on the sequel. Despite the fact that I still need to do final edits on avengersfest. And get ready for NaNo/Big Bang on THURSDAY. And that everyone who cares knows I'm not working on it until next year. yep. Good plan, poor follow through.

- Holy shit, Star Wars Episode VII in 2015. Is this what it feels like to wake up in an alternate universe? But it does make me laugh, because if you ever had the thought that Star Wars was not going to be with us FOREVER, you are now officially wrong. I gotta say I agree with MrLiz who thinks Disney's getting off light.

- LOL at Jane Espenson's instant tweet hoping that they get to use SW characters in OUAT and then Josh Dallas said something about how he was sure Charming had to be Han. hee. It's especially funny as I was just saying elsewhere that OUAT should be able to use Marvel characters especially after Sunday's ep. Lots of characters have magic in the Marvelverse...

- Tomorrow is Halloween! Some of you know that we often do fun pumpkin carvings, but this year my pumpkin rotted away before I could even carve it! It turned all squishy and gross, and now I don't want to do it anymore. bleh.
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( Aug. 1st, 2012 01:54 pm)
In case you haven't seen it: xkcd answers: how would humans fare in a robot apocalypse . kitchen counter, tee hee. (I agree this is true but there are some Uncanny Valley 'bots in Japan that are totally gonna try to kill us all some day.)

My review of ALPHAS: ep 2 . I'm enjoying this season more than I thought I would, after they switched showrunners and sort of wimped out on the gamechanger. But there's some fun continuity and good ensemble work. Very definitely a X-Men v Brotherhood v Government thing going on which adds a lot.

In a case where promotional materials definitely work, I wasn't all that interested to see Total Recall but then I caught a "making of" thing on cable, and actually it looks pretty cool. I'm intrigued that they used practical cars for the hover cars. (The hover cars are perched on top of actual car frames which are then removed in post, which is a nifty way to do it) Also, since it's a Len Wiseman film Kate Beckinsale's in there kicking ass. With Jessica Biel. I don't have much of a thing for Colin Ferrell, but he seemed to have a lot of fun with the choreography in the bts clips.
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( Jul. 11th, 2012 12:25 pm)
It is entirely probable that watching this (part 2 of BBC's The Hollow Crown Shakespeare adaptations) is NOT GOOD for my Loki fixation because JFC, Hiddleston. (and Jeremy Irons and some other people, but really, if I'm being honest, Hiddleston as Hal is the only reason I'm watching it). Cracks me up when they're talking about being anonymous, cuz Prince Hal is a giant and not likely to be anonymous ANYWHERE, lol. But it's really well done - though I wish they'd brighten the color palette a bit - and I'm looking forward to the others. I can't remember what happens in part 2, though I did actually read the Henry plays a few decades ago. Watching it is also really good for working on Understanding the Storm, because his inflections are the same (the first half he's basically Loki), and the language of course is inspiring. (I had great dialogue in mind last night that I stupidly didn't write down. D'oh!)

It's going to be an interesting thing when we get to Henry V though, because the Kenneth Branagh movie is pretty much my most favorite adaptation of all time. I have the Belgian one-sheet framed, the soundtrack is among the greatest ever (Patrick Doyle's first, which is just ASTONISHING), and the best memories of driving a hundred miles with my BFF to go see it in the only theater showing it in all of New Mexico and then nearly dying on the way home in a sudden hailstorm. So, y'know, irregardless of the movie's actual quality, which is good, I have a great nostalgic love for it. I hope both adaptations will live side-by-side in my fannish glee, not conflict.

I will forever love the story that on Chris Hemsworth's first day as Thor, Branagh told him to memorize the band of brothers speech from Henry V to deliver it the next day. And he basically stared in horror. Because no, that's not intimidating AT ALL. <3 <3

THOR 2 will be sadly Branagh-less, though he's listed as a producer, so maybe not uninvolved, and I have hopes for Alan Taylor who directs a lot of HBO shows, including GoT. Whatever, I'm still gonna watch the hell out of it (even though it's gonna joss Understanding the Storm horribly, I'm sure). Iron Man 3 can sit down in the corner and wait.
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( Jun. 28th, 2012 02:08 pm)
Meshing two timelines in a crossover is always problematic, but man, especially Avengers/Marvel movies stuff. That timeline is TIGHT, y'all. I think I can set the fic in the gap pre-Avengers, which on the one hand will give me even more to talk about than I thought before I realized some of the films overlap, but on the other hand, creates a problem with anyone in his right mind being skeptical when Iron Man is already public and Hulk Smash New York. But the best part is that I wrote about 2K of this PoI/Av fic yesterday. It's pretty fun.

Speaking of comic book movies, I was reading an article about the theoretical Justice League movie and Green Lantern especially. It's really sad when you watch Green Lantern because it's so frakking obvious that a committee was involved. You can tell that every few minutes some idiot DC/WB exec gave a stupid note about wanting more action or more villains or more everything, and left it a horrible convoluted mess to please no one. It's sad because a live-action Green Lantern could be really awesome (outer space! lots of cool aliens!) and there're bits of it that suggest there's a decent movie in there someplace if they'd let it. *sigh* I do not envy anyone writing the Justice League movie that's for sure.
Warning: watching Avengers Sunday and Thor yesterday may result in Asgardian Family Shenanigans fic.

Or in my case, has resulted in fic. God, I don't even want to know how many people have written the exact same thing already. I think this is one of the things that sorta scares me off from a big, active current fandoms? Or at least why I usually wander off into secondary-character-land? The fandom's already moved into wacky kid AUs and I want to do something fifty people have already done.

oh well. I wrote it. It's not quite finished yet, though.

Talking about Thor and Avengers and stuff )

and sorry, BSG- "Water" has been delayed until tomorrow so I can watch the relevant bits of "Thor" again before I have to return it to my local Redbox. :D
Most amusingly, today was Harry Potter Day at kidlet's day camp. Now, he has not read the books or watched the movies, so he has only a bit of idea about them. The camp teachers come up the car, all dressed up in black robes and scarves and stuff, and you should've seen the WTF look on his face. So then they ask, "Are you ready for Harry Potter day?" super-enthusiastically. And he all but rolls his eyes and says with disdain, "I don't watch Harry Potter."


Today's camp will either make him want to read it or want nothing to do with it ever again.

I don't dislike the films, but I'm not fannish about them either. I haven't actually seen any past OotP (and I'm not sure I saw all of that). I saw a promo on CBS nightly news for a segment on HP fanfic a few days past, but didn't catch it -- hopefully it wasn't TOO cringeworthy... I really want to know if they interviewed Cassie Clare now that she's a big-time author and all. Someone should.

(in the absence of any HP icon, have some other cool British People)
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( Jun. 5th, 2011 11:25 am)


But don't bother to wait til the end. There's no post credits easter egg. There was much booing in my theater on Friday, and I can't help but think it was a wasted opportunity. They should've had Charles meeting with Tony Stark's dad to get a new Blackbird, or played darts with Nick Fury. Or showed Jean being born. Or something fun anyway, even if it can't connect directly since it's set before the modern marvelverse movies.

THis post was also planned to be my Doctor Who post, but this has already sat in a tab long enough, so... post!
After watching the beginnings of Tron Legacy and Batman Begins within a few days of each other, I'm disappointed in fandom for not giving me some sort of Bruce and Sam meeting. I don't even need it to be slash, but COME ON, they have to know each other.

this is how my brain works, people )

er, anyway, now I wrote it out so I don't have to fic it. Yay? I guess?

Also, there are too many characters named Sam. I would like people TO STOP IT NOW PLEASE. It is confusing my fannish brain.

I probably need lunch.
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( Mar. 28th, 2011 12:29 am)
We went and saw Suckerpunch on Friday.

First of all, I keep seeing people commenting in disapproval at the MPAA that they cut out some kind of sex scene/makeout scene btw Jon Hamm and Emily Browning to get the PG-13. Having seen the movie knowing about the cut, I can't say I miss it. He plays the person Babydoll is TERRIFIED of. He is, in fact, the reason everything happens. So I don't think they cut it because it was 'too racy' -- I think they cut it because there's nowhere in the movie it could be consensual. But let's not let facts get in the way of rushing to have an opinion, right?

Anyway. The movie.

SUCKER-PUNCH. Possible spoilery )

And in other news for this weekend --

we had rain last night, but it cleared up by afternoon. The wind was a little chilly, but there was some sun. Rode the ferris wheel on the pier and kidlet did the bumper cars 4 or 5 times. Enough so some older teenage boy looks at him the last ride and goes "You again?" in a very funny mock-despairing tone (kiddo is a TERROR at bumper cars. very gleeful about bumping.)

I learned how to send photos from my phone to my twitter (oh dear)-- http://twitpic.com/4e4il1 (a view of Santa Monica beach looking north, from the top of the ferris wheel)

Also I have been writing Fairly Legal fic. oops?
Ha, I should've known there would be pics from SOMEONE. So here's the flickr from someone who went to the opening night.

The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design 2011

For most pics if you look in order of the stream, the title card for the costume comes before it, so you'll be able to tell what movie they're from.

Apparently I am not the only one who thought certain details were amazing, since this photographer took close-ups on some of my favorites, too.

a few of my favorites )

If movie costumes interest you, check out the other photos from the other films on display, too. Inception, True Grit, King's Speech, Burlesque, Dawn Treader, Clash of the Titans, Wall Street 2, Kids are Are Alright, Last Airbender, Prince of Persia, Nanny McPhee, Shutter Island, Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, etc...

If you've never seen costumes in person, the main thing you'll notice is that the colors seem more subdued than they look in person. This isn't the camera- they really are like that.
Here in LA, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) every year does an exhibit of costumes from the movies of the previous year - this usually includes at least a few of the Costuming oscar nominees as well as a whole bunch of others.

Though disappointed Disney didn't lend them TRON Legacy costumes this year (BOOOOOOO), the others were pretty interesting. King's Speech, Inception (Ellen Page is a WAIF. TINY. seriously the girl from True Grit's costumes were a bigger size), True Grit, Dawn Treader, Shutter Island, Prince of Persia, Clash of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland (my observation? Minus the hat, Depp's costume is almost a duplicate of Jack Sparrow).

Some of the odder, but really fab costumes: Burlesque. wow. And Last Airbender. damn that Fire lord outfit is way too great for that movie. And The Tempest. I need to see that now, because Prospera's black gown? IS DECORATED WITH ZIPPERS. it is awesome.

If you're around (it runs through April) you should check it out.
So today, still feeling icky, I pretty much sat on the couch and watched all the Being Human (US) eps available on-demand (which amounted to four eps, not including the pilot which they'd already taken away. gr). I know people are down on the show, but having not watched the UK version, I enjoyed it. Mark Pellegrino being menacing? HELL YES. *sigh* I'm terribly tempted to make Aidan and Stefan know each other. *seizes plot bunny and drains its blood*

Good grief Tumblr is even more of a timesuck than Twitter. And yet awesome. I'm sure I'll figure out some balance, but for now looking at the pretty and posting my own hot pics/caps at fuckyeahmichaeltrucco -- is pretty darn entertaining. LJ is so much more... commitment.

Casting news!
- Amber Benson's vampire is coming back to Supernatural. WOOO

- Adrianne Palicki has been cast in the new Wonder Woman show. she's possibly the only person they could cast that would make me interested in what sounds horrible. Now I'm at least curious, so they've done their job.

- oh! and I saw a report that Marion Cotillard may be Talia in Batman 3 which makes me happy, because she's awesome and I've always wanted Talia in it. But also makes me laugh because Nolan really does have only six actors he uses at any given time. But it's not confirmed yet, I don't think, so it might still be just a rumor.
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( Jan. 26th, 2011 09:49 am)
huh. I didn't know Dido wrote the song for "127 Hours". Good for her. *puts on Life for Rent*

Speaking of that movie, I was uncertain of Franco hosting the Oscars, but now having seen a couple of interviews with him about his nomination, I think he might be kinda awesome, as long as the material's good. (Anne Hathaway is just always awesome, so that was a given. CATWOMAN. I was hoping for Talia to tie back to 'Begins', but Catwoman was almost inevitable and should be fun).

I'm kidding when I think Helena Bonham Carter was nominated just so people can find out what crazy thing she'll wear to the ceremony. Mostly. Good for her for having her own 'style', I guess, but... perhaps not stealing things at random from the Harry Potter costume warehouse?

I'm still a bit teed off that Tron Legacy didn't get a nom for VFX, and Hereafter did. bah.

FYI, I notice that Reznor's score for The Social Network is on sale at Amazon. If you liked the Daft Punk score, you'll probably like this one, too - parts are very similar. Until the NIN guitars kick in, anyway.
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( Dec. 27th, 2010 11:21 am)
I think I've mentioned before that My Beloved Spouse has been crazy with the need to go watch this movie. I'm not sure I've ever seen more than tidbits of the original, but I figured it'd be fun. Which it is. Given the reviews, it's obviously not a movie for everyone, but TRON has always been about the visuals, the game, and the relationship of programmers to what they program. The first one was about the early years of creation and excitement over the possibilities, whereas this one is more of a modern cautionary tale, though the hacker code of "information wants to be free" is still very present.

Anyway, all that aside, I like watching movies in 3D IMAX to SEE things I can't on my t.v. And it delivered on that front. IN SPADES.

Ok, first of all - at the beginning - they change the Disney castle logo. I LOVE it when movies do that, and this one was especially cool.

And then, one day, I got in )

There are so many stories in this 'verse, too, that they barely brush against, that I would love to fic. heh. Apparently I'm drawn to fic sources that have someone named Sam in them.

As you may have heard, the soundtrack is awesome. Even if you have no wish to see the movie but you like film scores, it's a good one.
We started to make gingerbread today to build a house. We pushed it too late though, so we'll have to finish it tomorrow. It smells very yummy already.

The problem with storing up tv during NaNo is that I now have too much and that makes me want to give up catching up. I have, however, watched three straight hours of "Phineas and Ferb" because it was a marathon today and it's kiddo's favorite show. Why is it even though the formula is written IN STONE, it's still so funny? Seriously, whatever show you may think is predictable is OMG!surprising compared to 'Phineas and Ferb'. And yet, funny. (helps that it has no laugh track, because I HATE those) But entire songs about "Squirrels in my pants!" -- WIN.

Also, by sheer proximity, MrLiz has converted me into being excited for Tron Legacy. I love the story about how the director and writers took up some concept art to Jeff Bridges' house and they were all petrified because they knew they had to sell him on coming back or they had no movie. And yet, of course, he did the original years and years ago, when he was a wee sprog, long before things like an Oscar, so he could easily tell them to GTFO. So they tell him the pitch and ... they don't even finish before he gets up and fetches his ORIGINAL HELMET, all excited. And he's in. Just like that. Because he's a FAN. &hearts &hearts &hearts

yes, that would be the sound of me being sold. kaching!

(also, Bruce Boxleitner on my screen again! My nostalgia is all aflutter.)
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( Jul. 9th, 2009 11:00 pm)
We saw Public Enemies tonight.


If you liked Heat or any other Michael Mann film, if you like film noir (which it's not, not really, but they're sort of related), if you like Johnny Depp or Christian Bale, or crime thrillers, or men in fedoras with BIG FUCKING GUNS SHOOTING THINGS AND ROBBING BANKS, or period pieces, it is so well done. (if you like none of those things? um, possibly not for you)

And okay, the chronology is messed up, so do not take it as history, it's not. But still, it takes advantage of the real history to tell a concise story of Dillinger's crime spree, the girlfriend who rode with him, and how he was brought down (and also the simultaneous rise of the FBI and the spread of nationwide crime syndicates as side stories).

The accents are amusing to track - there's CB channeling Purvis' southern, David Wenham doing American, and Marion Cotillard pretending, well, less of an accent than she has in real life.

But you know what? I have something better. I have pretty pics from the movie.


"What keeps you up at night, Mister Dillinger?" (asks Agent Purvis)
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( Jul. 6th, 2009 06:47 pm)
ok, how funny is it to get an update from SyFy Forums? *giggles* Guess the name change is official now.

Our 24 bucks we gave to Transformers last Friday apparently was just enough to kick it into the number one slot for the weekend over Ice Age, after all. damn. It's all my fault! *hangs head in shame* The night afterward I had a dream that I was friends with Bumblebee and we were driving around the English countryside. yes, I might think Bumblebee is utterly adorable and I WANT ONE.

Next week, Public Enemies! (which we were supposed to see instead, but we had schedule-reading fail)

Weekend was otherwise busy with finishing fic, two cookouts, visiting family, and watching fireworks all over the city from a high balcony (which was awesome).


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