Taking a writing break since I finally finished my norsebang draft, A Crocus in the Snow. 50K words. This is not what I wanted! Yet it kept growing and growing, and seriously it could probably easily take expansion of another 10K except NO. I have to start posting on October 15, and Marvel Bang is going to post right after that at some point and that's got at least one major section completely blank.


So let's talk tv.

Capsule comments ahoy, minor spoilers I guess for Gotham, Forever, Selfie, OAUT, SHIELD, Person of Interest

Fall tv )

- um. I feel like there was more. I watched more. I do feel a little sad that I have no eagerness for Vampire Diaries returning and no intention of watching it.

otoh, I am eager for Arrow's return, because OLICITY. <3 and just Felicity and Oliver in general, but everybody else too. shoooooow.

ooh, Hugh Laurie and Hiddleston are going to do a BBC show based on a John LeCarre novel together. THAT WILL BE EXCELLENT. can't wait! (they haven' started it yet, but ironically it might air before any of Hiddles movies probably, since Crimson Peak isn't out for another year, and High-Rise has no distributor yet, so god only knows when that'll come out.

and now I've sat on this post long enough to find out that my Marvel Bang fic, The Ice Demon and the Hydra will post on November 13. So that pretty much kicks NaNo in the ass, because no way am I going to be able to do 2K per day AND edit that thing into something resembling readability in the same two weeks.
You guys, I am so sad about the [profile] f_march_madness BSG bracket. Not for any reason you might think, though -- For awhile there were absolutely NO votes for the Blood&Chrome people (not counting Bill I suppose), even though B&C got BSG in the bracket at all. IT WAS PERFECT. now it's ruined. WOE. Otherwise, it's a boring poll, because it's pretty much exactly the same percentages as last year. Actually almost all the character races are boring, tbh. Hopefully the game gets more interesting when the matchups begin because so far it's mostly a snoozefest.

I was going to mention the Tricia Helfer new pilot - Killer Women, now with Michael Trucco! I had been thinking Trucco had to have an offer of some kind, because he didn't seem to be hitting pilot season very hard, which he theoretically should be otherwise, with FairlyLegal done and clearly he's not going back to Revenge. (lol. no.) Actually now that I think about it, maybe he has a holding deal at ABC (or whoever), since the Killer Women thing seemed to be a bit last minute, as if he was runner up for someone who didn't work out. I am however bummed that they're shooting in TX and not NM, since Longmire just started filming S2 and I still desperately want him to have a guest role on that show and it seems a bit more likely if he was around. Anyway, I know better than to get too excited about pilots since so many fall through, but at least there's another try for both of them!

Though LOL siblings. Is this the new interation of the love triangle curse? Now, instead of getting to frak the girl but not keep her, now he's HER BROTHER? FU show. Hopefully they have some tragic backstory of being young orphans and being separated most of their lives. And he married her BFF because her BFF is bi, and enjoys their 'cesty threesomes. THERE SHOW. FIXED IT.
I always feel a little bit pleased with myself when someone I wrote a Yuletide story for doesn't request the same fandom again - now, obvs tastes change and all that, but still, I like to think I filled the need enough at least. I know it happened for me, when I received that Jeremiah story after asking for it for three years.

I need to stop refreshing Poison Rain at Ao3 as if that will make hits/kudos magically appear. ugh, it's so hard when the story's done and buried down in the pages and hits peter out. I swear, it's like weaning myself off some drug.

Let's see, I wrote on the BB today, got lost down the wiki rabbithole looking up Army information, and I bought hair wash for Operation Black Widow. And started to watch Wallander (even though I'm completely behind every current show and I think my DVR is about to explode) because, y'know, Branagh and Hiddleston, acting together. And okay, it's not Shakespeare, but it'll do. Branagh especially is great. Also it has some beautiful scenery and directing, tho it's slow, like all these moody, modern noir detective dramas tend to be, and Wallander in particular feels like the slo-mo version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but it's not really about the plot anyway.

It makes me want to rewrite my nano from a few years ago, The Other Side, with the same sort of tone, though my heroine cop isn't nearly screwed up enough to work. But maybe something else.
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( Oct. 12th, 2012 02:53 pm)
Operation: Black Widow for Halloween arrived and fits okay, but the back only has one tiny velcro closure which seems likely to open and look tacky, so I need to fix that. But for a mass-produced costume it's pretty good. I will however wear impractical high-heeled boots because I don't have legs like ScarJo (or anything else, really, but boots and hair color are things I can do something about)

Kidlet is going as Mario (Super Mario Brothers Mario). I suggested he go as a superhero of some kind so we could match, but he already rejects anything his parents are into, so that was a no-go. So maybe I should alter mine into Princess Peach, Agent of SHIELD. LOL

Meanwhile there's been tv. Beauty and the Beast is terrible, and yet, I want to watch it again? I mean, really, I don't know why CW aired it, or at the least didn't make some changes from the original pilot, but at the same time, while I think it's bad, I kinda still have hope for it. I think part of it may be my thoughts of a BB and Person of Interest crossover, because they're both set in New York (though BB does a really terrible job of trying to look like NY), feature vigilantes, and lady detectives. (omg, I don't hate Kristen Kreuk, and I don't think Meryl Streep could've given decent line readings on some of that dialogue, but Carter would eat her for breakfast). But anyhoo I'll give it another chance and see what happens.
Safe in my hands after its sojourn in the wild on the back of a snail, I have Avengers at last! YAY. Now I have to decide whether to watch it first or Captain America - which I really should for my A-fest fic because I haven't watched it for awhile. Still convinced that the MCU must take place in a universe where Elrond took the One Ring.

also, omg, I discovered that Poison Rain in ff.net has been center aligned this whole time! The preview showed it as normal and I'd never have known except I accidentally came at it logged out. ARGH. *kicks Pit of Voles*

Last Resort! I really liked this pilot, and I'm eager to see where it's going. One season of good tv is still a season of good tv, even if it doesn't last.

Elementary! I kind of wish they'd been bolder and genderflipped Sherlock instead, since I'm kind of tired of the whole Wacky Male/Stern Female trope in procedurals right now. But it was enjoyable enough for what it is, and the leads are well-cast. I feel for the writers on that show, having to come up with cases that are even a little bit Sherlock-worthy and yet not so convoluted they can't be solved in 44 minutes.

And damn, I have been waiting and waiting for Arrow to pop up in the nominations for Yuletide, and it hasn't yet. That's definitely going to be one of mine, if someone doesn't get to it first. KELLY HU KICKING ASS, PEOPLE. this is important!
Sunday we went to the Dodgers game. It was Little League day, so the kids in their uniforms got to parade around the field. It was very cute. Also saw the Dodgers win - apparently we brought good luck, since all the rest of the Los Angeles teams lost on the weekend (though the Kings just clinched a spot for the Stanley Cup, which has been forever so that's exciting, especially when the Lakers suck). I'm kind of glad we have a break for Memorial Day though, before heading back to LL for another two weeks. It's killing my back sitting on those benches.

list of my other fannish doings:
1. My cranky-ish review of Fairly Legal, last friday. So many cranky words I held back.

2. Nikita finale review . much more YAYAYAYAY

3. "I know where the dead ends are", a fun little BSG/Terminator x-over fic I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] 13th_tribe. (and sorry if you see the crosspost several times, I'm trying to spread them out a bit since ppl aren't around as much.)

4. I just bought a Loki T-Shirt and a Shield hoodie. CURSE YOU HIDDLESTON. I was doing okay until I saw that photo AGAIN and then my brain went into some kind of spasm and I had to go look at the store. I DO WHAT I WANT.

5. Had a chance to watch a couple of pilots. I have to write them up so I'll link with more detail, but I liked Longmire a lot. It isn't heavily Katee in the pilot, just FYI. So if you're watching only for her, it's not gonna be for you. I'm sure a lot of people will be put off by the pace (and I fear that commercials are going to ruin it), but it has a really great moodiness to it.

Also watched Arrow and Beauty and the Beast -- I think they both have potential, though they're both starting out at a pretty derivative place. Not just because they're off other properties but Arrow is the offspring of Smallville and Batman Begins, and Beauty and the Beast is basically Person of Interest, but from what would be Carter's pov (Kristen Kreuk is not the actress Taraji Henson is, but she's better than she used to be, and if they give her better dialogue that'll help). Anyway, I will totally end up writing crossovers, because, duh.

6. also I am not receiving comments, though luckily I can at least get my own in the LJ inbox. If you've replied to me anywhere else, though, I haven't seen it. I'm not ignoring you, I just don't know. :( Anything you want a response to, make sure to drop me a link or copy it here or something while this is messed up. Thanks.
nbc.com, apparently realizing that they're gonna need all the help they can get, has already put the pilot episode for Awake up on their website and Hulu and such.

If you don't know about it (and really, unless you followed pilot season last year you probably don't) is about a detective (Jason Isaacs) who after a car accident finds himself living parallel lives: one in which his son died, and one in which his wife died. This change also extends to having different partners on the force and different cases, but the two worlds also sort of bleed through to each other. BD Wong and Cherry Jones play his shrinks in each world and, at least in the first ep, those three act the hell out of this show. Dylan Minnette (formerly Jack's kid on LOST in the sideways-verse) is the son (so at least he has experience playing characters who may or may not exist. lol)

It's somewhat procedural (because NBC isn't totally stupid), but it's also somewhat genre in the way that non-gimmicky genre should be - it's not flashy, but uses the premise as a tool to get at the more human story. It's also very dependent on talking and script - so I'm sure some will find it dull. and I'm sure some will mock it for the "manpain" but personally I have no problem with the exploration of grief and what we do after loss (and Jason Isaacs is really good). It's not over-the-top angst.

It reminds me a bit of "Case Histories" the short run UK series that ran here last year with Jason Isaacs and "In Treatment", the Gabriel Byrne series on HBO about a psychiatrist and his various patients. So yeah, it's quiet and thoughtful -- weirdly golden and pumped up CSI:Miami this is not. I have no clue what it's doing on network except as a way for NBC to say "hey look we can have a quality drama too!" before they cancel it, but I hope it does well enough we get at least the first run of episodes. tv
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( Nov. 14th, 2011 09:51 pm)
So glad Yuletide signups aren't here quite yet. maybe I'll get over the temptation to offer some ridiculous cracky thing that seems like JUST WHAT I WANT TO WRITE. Angst and doom writing always forces an eventual CRACK BREAK, and I fear it just may be Yuletide this year.

Am behind on NaNo, and Forgotten!Surprise!Doctor's Appointment this afternoon, didn't help (thank heavens for my calendar in my phone; I swear I would remember NOTHING without that. Seriously I am the most forgetful person ever.) I drove downtown and back, then to doctor's place and back and then to a fundraiser. And yet I feel like I accomplished NADA today. blah.

Oh, except I expounded upon my Unified Cylon Theory over at [livejournal.com profile] 13th_tribe which is A NEW COMM FOR ALL YOUR CYLON NEEDS. Because Cylons are awesome. And not very well defined, so you can kinda go to town theorizing. (which is why this fandom still rules my heart; that and all my narrative kinks I get to explore over and over again)

I caught up to Once Upon a Time )
I could just babble on, but I better go back to NaNo and try to make some words tonight.
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( Oct. 21st, 2011 03:45 pm)
ok, take 2....

Vampire Diaries )

Person of Interest )

And I watched the pilot for Once Upon a TIme which is streaming on IMDB before it premieres on Sunday.  It was better and more fun than I expected, actually, so I'll stick with it at least a few more and see how it goes.
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( Oct. 8th, 2011 12:12 am)
Finished my [livejournal.com profile] pyramidofdreams fic. Except for formatting, but otherwise FINISHED. And it even has a title! *dances*

a few brief TV thoughts for the last few days..

I'm still enjoying Person of Interest, where the plot it hath thickeneth. (and CBS must gnash its collective teeth -- "We purchased a PROCEDURAL, Mr Abrams and Mr Nolan" *they laugh. evilly.* )

Vampire Diaries was great fun.

Nikita remains flawless and my fave show of the season. THE LOOK ON HER FAAACE.

And also I watched "Flesh and Stone" by chance, since it was on BBCA, and OMG this show. Once you know where River goes after this episode, good lord, WELL PLAYED SHOW WELL PLAYED.
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( Sep. 27th, 2011 12:47 pm)
My recap for SG-1: "Insiders"
from Baal's POV

ah, Baal, I miss you. The writers forgot you were supposed to be smart, sometimes, but that's okay, I remember. <3 <3

Speaking of remembering the Ye Olde Days:
Since Mark Watches just did BSG:LDYB, I went back to my LJ to see what I'd written since I was here by then. And I found NOTHING. Not a single post about the season finale, at all. Good job, me, glad I kept a record.

So here's my record for Terra Nova: Sadly dull and overhyped. Dinosaurs are still cool though.

(but anyone expecting film quality dinosaur FX on a tv budget is delusional. They were decent, and if the story had been better, they'd have been awesome.)
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( Sep. 23rd, 2011 01:54 pm)
Goodness, there's suddenly TOO MUCH TV. there already weren't enough hours in the day, and now there are even fewer.

So, two I wanted to blabber about -- TVD- The Hybrid and Person of Interest.

First, Person of Interest.


ONTO Vampire Diaries for more darkly humorous proceedings:


and now I will finish formatting part 4 of the fic.
so this morning I watched Secret Circle. Now mind you, I was not intending to watch the show at all because I already knew just from the previews that the magic would be ridiculous, And that poorly structured, unlimited magik just irritates me, as it does frequently on TVD. (I like Bonnie fine, but her use as a deus ex magica is argh)

However, I realized that the show films in Vancouver, and I'm a sucker for Bingo. (yes, I did just tell you that I checked out a show just because I can play 'spot the actor' with it.) Since I liked Britt Robertson and Thomas Dekker well enough, I started to watch. a few comments and minor spoilers )

But really, I have to laugh at myself. The girl, I don't even know her character's name, but the one that talked the least with the curly hair. I totally recognized her as the alien chick who was spying on John May's son in V. I have perhaps, watched that episode a FEW too many times to remember her from that, Vancouver Bingo or not.

I still like the pilot of 'Homeland' best of the ones I've seen so far. I'll continue with both Ringer (in the hopes that they figure out what show they're actually in), and Secret Circle, at least for now.

And in returning shows: Vampire Diaries: the Stefan Crazy Train )

tonight, I was depressed to realize it's not Nikita coming back, though. I thought because of TVD, it would come back too. BUT NO, I have to wait for more sexybadasstiem til next week. woe.
My brain is somehow convinced that I need to make a Stefan vid to Foo Fighters "Rope". But since my brain is also convinced I need S.3, it conveniently puts off the making of said phantom vid. Yeah, I don't know.

Anyway it got me thinking about Stefan and S.3 And, like many of us, I'm of two minds: I don't knooooooow )

In other tv news,

Instead of watching "Ringer" last night I watched the pilot of "Homeland", the upcoming Showtime series with Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, about a soldier who returns from 8 years as a prisoner in Iraq and the CIA analyst who believes that he was turned in captivity and may be part of a terrorist plot. It's something like "Sleeper Cell", for those who saw that, and anchored by the two leads, who are both awesome - (Morena Baccarin is also good as his wife). Spy shenanigans of the modern, real variety, not James Bond. Check it out streaming for free in various places before it starts on Showtime in October. Definitely made me want to see more!
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( Aug. 31st, 2011 11:14 am)
I see they released the next Dancing With the Stars line-up and though I don't watch the show, so I really shouldn't care, but I hope the Kardashian is the first to go. OMG SO SICK OF THEM.

New Genre Fall TV I may actually watch -
Ringer - as one of the tv critics put it, it's actually a telenovela. I think watching it with that in mind will help, and there's lots of juicy cast members. SMG, of course (though tbh the trailers make me think she should've been acting a little more in recent years, she seemed kind of... out of practice?), but Ioan Gruffydd, Nestor Carbonell, etc.

Person of Interest - been down for this show since the tagline BEN LINUS AND JESUS FIGHT CRIME. Sadly, that isn't exactly the show (because how awesome would THAT be? Ben's a Judas anyway, so you'd be waiting for him to turn, and meanwhile Jesus could get his smiting on. And walking across water would be useful for chasing bad guys, amirite?) but it sounds as if it could be cool. Or dumb or boring. But I'm in to start. Even if I might rewrite the show in my head to make it the Ben and Jesus show.

Terra Nova. Dinosaurs. And hey, the show actually exists! But otoh, I've read some of the interviews with Braga and I'm a little bit ascared they don't actually know WTF they're doing.

Possibly, Grimm or Once Upon a Time. Will at least try them. Though I expect both to be canceled by midseason.

Not watching Secret Circle - I HATE the way magic is used on Vampire Diaries. And while KW has given reassurances it won't be the same, in the trailer one of them seems to create a thunderstorm by blinking her eyes. Picture my dubious face. Raising of the dead by ep 12, I predict.

Very disappointed Awake is being held for mid-season. That had one of the better trailers, intriguing and solid.

Here, have a fun ad from the UK -- 100 years of fashion in dance!

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( Aug. 2nd, 2011 05:12 pm)
As much as I mock "Teen Wolf" for the overwhelming TEEN-NESS of it all, it does do one thing better than any I've seen in a while -- menace. There's a sense that people are in danger which I haven't gotten from, for ex, TVD in a long, long time. (and JR Bourne has definitely refined his ability to be affable one minute and a really fucking scary dude the next. And he's not even the scariest person in the cast.)

Which I suppose means that I've started to care about them all, even the kids. *sigh* But I'm not writing porn for them! I refuse! lol

Not that I'm writing porn for anybody, at the moment. I started K/S for porn battle -- and 1500 words later, there's still no porn to be had. Self, really, not everything has to be death and despair, and the rest of the Endless...
Uploading comment fic to AO3. HOLY MACKEREL there's a lot of it.

This uploading frenzy was inspired by some noms for the gatefic awards, including a little ficlet that I'd forgot I wrote, so thank you to whoever nominated it. :D

(and also it gives me a springboard for one of my Help-Japan fics, so that'll also help.)

Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] help_japan I am very tempted to throw the Jeremiah characters into Falling Skies. I won't for my owed fic, but man, it would work so well. We know there are other resistance centers, and a year down the timeline, things are gonna get more desperate for the human survivors. Anyway, show is still fun.

A show that should be fun, and is a total chore now -- True Blood. I think I'm done with it. Too bad, because Stephen Moyer is too adorable in real-life (his interviews around the Toyota Pro/Celeb race were so charming!), but Bill is just one of the many things that are a drag on the show. What's funny about TB is that I have no doubt that Ball plots out the whole season in advance -- but this show demonstrates why that's NOT the automatic benefit that people tend to assume it is.

oh, and another show that is utterly RIDICULOUS. Teen Wolf which I had no intention of watching until I realized JR Bourne was in it. WHICH I only realized that because Nathan Fillion revealed him as being on Twitter. *insta-follow* I peeked thru JR's follow list to see if Trucco's there under a pseudonym since they are buds, but not as far as I could tell. and how cute is it that he follows Amanda? it makes sense of course, but still, I AM CHARMED. (BTW it's now only a matter of time before the two of them (plus Katee and Tricia and Baron and everyone else he knows) drag Trucco (back) onto Twitter, I bet.) But I saw Teen Wolf links in JR's list, and I was all -- OH CRAP, HE'S IN THAT.

Anyway, JR must have joined after his pilot with Kelly Hu wasn't picked up. HONEY I LOVE YOU BUT YOU ALREADY DID 'ginger snaps 3'. So, it's not exactly the best show ever, but he is highly attractive. funny how I won't put up with the highly attractive people of True Blood, yet I'm willing to put up with Teen Wolf. I DON'T KNOW OK
So, um, [livejournal.com profile] sunshine_queen called me Queen of Trucconia.

This, naturally, made me think that Trucconia must,in fact, be next to Tricialand.

Which, OF COURSE, made me think of fantasy maps. AS YOU DO.

So I have made a map of the Empire Of Hot People.

It is not, I hurry to say, All-inclusive, focusing mainly of the Alliance of Battlestar Kingdoms, But, um, I did include at least a few others.


You see that shuttle that went up? yeah, that's the one that they're going to park in MY BACKYARD. BOOO YAH. though now I will suffer through the Science Center's donations campaign so it's not unmixed. I seriously can't wait until they have to bring it downtown because I have no clue how that's going to happen- so many narrow streets, power lines, and our brand-spanking new Expo light rail line. But it'll be like the torch relay as people come out to watch, I"m sure. VERY EXCITING


(click on the banner to go to the prompts post)

Since it's upfront season - here's what look promising for new fall shows to me so far:
- Ringer, cool cast, premise. SOLD.
- Terra Nova. dinosaurs. SOLD. (assuming it actually airs)
- Person Of Interest. Ben Linus and Jesus Fight Crime. SOLD
- Awake. Jason Isaacs. cool trailer. SOLD.
- Secret Circle. hm. maybe? if I can forget about LJ Smith. And if KW can figure out a magical system rather than the random plot device shit they do on TVD
- grimm. maybe? Right now I resent it for taking 17th Precinct's slot, but I may get over that.
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( Mar. 5th, 2011 09:17 pm)
So, not only is Tricia Helfer of course joining Precint 17, which I'm sure all interested parties already know!

BUT (not as widely favorited, I know, but still exciting to me),

KELLY HU AND JR BOURNE ARE IN A PILOT TOGETHER. "A Mann's World" shooting here in LA. YAY. not that it'll necessarily go anywhere, I know, but still. yay, more favorite people with a chance to be on my t.v.

And Cary Elwes in joining Wonder Woman, which just kinda pisses me off, since I still think that's going to be a train wreck and yet good people keep joining it.


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