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( Sep. 11th, 2012 08:21 pm)
Sarah Shahi was on KROQ this morning, mostly to talk about her Maxim cover and to be kind of a crack up, but she did talk a bit about Fairly Legal spoilers? of a particularly vague sort )

I spent an inordinate time on Suri's Burn Book tumblr last night, after someone mentioned it in the Yuletide post. OMG and yet, hee. Fic for that could be spectacular.

Meanwhile I've also been trying to finish up UtS3 and besides the fact that none of them will SHUT UP, Odin was also being a particular pain the ass today. Dude, you have no call to be... right about things. Stop it. And stop messing up the last third of the story.
We went to the Dodger game yesterday for Father's Day. It was very cute that the players' kids got to throw out the first pitch of the game. All the little people in Dodger blue! awwww. There weren't a lot of hits, esp early on, but there was one spectacularly bad call (that took a run away!) that got the stadium up in arms so that was exciting. Also I was so happy that Capuano was pitching, because I'm friends with a guy with the same name so it's great fun to imagine him on the mound. Everytime they said his name or it went up on the board at a strikeout, I was all "Yay Chris!" Made it more fun.

I've written so many tv reviews lately and dealt with Kidlet finishing school for the year, I haven't been able to do much fic. Haven't even been to tumblr for a week (I am the worst mod in the history of fansite modding). But here's the links for anyone interested in my tv review stuff:

First, a very silly recap for [ profile] bsg_epics: Water- with macros . If any of you recognize portions of this recap give yourself a gold star. Seriously, I was through about half of it and suddenly realized: This has all happened before...

Also, my reviews for Fairly Legal - Finale (mostly negative) ETA: someone commented to call me out on being uncool for saying Ben's 'not all that and a bag of chips.' Sorry I'm not a hipster enough for you, random person!

Also my review for Longmire - Damn Shame (mostly positive). (I try not to get all carried away with the squee, but Katee does have some fun reactions in this one) And for them I'm watching Grimm, which I knew very little about except that it was on Fridays and seemed to be a knockoff of Supernatural, so Here's my review of the first four episodes with bonus Supernatural commentary .

My BSG rewatch post for CliqueClack: the miniseries .

I am soliciting opinions on that rewatch!

Which is, btw, superseding my own here since between that one and the Epics one, it seems silly to do a third post. My original intent was to do chronological rewatch. The format I have to use for the site doesn't lend itself to writing it up as piecemeal as I tried here. BUT I still want to watch Razor and The Plan earlier than S4, because it makes no sense to wait on a spoilery rewatch. So when do you think would be a good time to watch the movies? The Plan is bookended with LDYB, so I could watch it after LDYB2. Any other point you think might be better? And when's the best time to watch Razor in its entirety? (not worrying about spoilers, since everyone going into this should be familiar with the entire series)
I had a great visit with [ profile] lucyparavel who came to San Diego for RL family things but at least we got to hang out for a little while. That is the best. :)

Sideshow collectibles released the preorder info for the 1/6 Scale Black Widow . Awesome. I know I don't need more random crap taking up space in my garage, but... those are really great figures. I gave the Dark Knight Batman to MrLiz for holiday last year and it is AMAZING w all the detail.

In writing news, I have about 23K of 'Understanding the Storm 2' (though part of that really belongs in a sequel), about 5K of Clint/Natasha shenanigans, 3K of Reese-joins-the-Avengers, and 110K words of Black Sails. And none of them are done. ARRRGHGHHHGHG. I got two guilt-inducing emails yesterday, too. :(

Fairly Legal finale tmrw and Trucco will (finally) be doing the Character Chatter thing on USA. I think it's an unfortunate choice of episode for him, but at least he's doing it. I still don't know if I want S3 of that show - it's nice he's employed and consistently on t.v., but my goodness, I wish it was a better show. Maybe they could cut him loose from FL and he could go to Suits and be hot with Gina Torres. *sigh*
Fairly Legal fic
Pairing: Justin/Lauren
Summary: Justin wants to thank Lauren for her help

Written for the kissing meme, for [ profile] lostinapapercup. No, I have no idea why this one was first. The muse works in mysterious ways. this takes place in earlier S.2. Title from Omar in The Wire and what prompted yesterday's Fairly Legal/GoT mashup. lol.

If you come at the king, you best not miss )

(onward to another one! *G* They are of course longer than comments because I fail at those)
This season's arc for Justin has been his run for the District Attorney's office.

And while I don't know if the show will actually go there, one thing I know is that in real life, in San Fran, if you run at your boss' job and you lose, you're fired.

So, of course, this reminded me of something else.

I made a poster )

This is what I do when the program is open for making awful icons for [ profile] twelvecolonies...

also I am working on the kissing things! Good to break myself from Asgardian diction and make people talk normally. :)
Sunday we went to the Dodgers game. It was Little League day, so the kids in their uniforms got to parade around the field. It was very cute. Also saw the Dodgers win - apparently we brought good luck, since all the rest of the Los Angeles teams lost on the weekend (though the Kings just clinched a spot for the Stanley Cup, which has been forever so that's exciting, especially when the Lakers suck). I'm kind of glad we have a break for Memorial Day though, before heading back to LL for another two weeks. It's killing my back sitting on those benches.

list of my other fannish doings:
1. My cranky-ish review of Fairly Legal, last friday. So many cranky words I held back.

2. Nikita finale review . much more YAYAYAYAY

3. "I know where the dead ends are", a fun little BSG/Terminator x-over fic I wrote for [ profile] 13th_tribe. (and sorry if you see the crosspost several times, I'm trying to spread them out a bit since ppl aren't around as much.)

4. I just bought a Loki T-Shirt and a Shield hoodie. CURSE YOU HIDDLESTON. I was doing okay until I saw that photo AGAIN and then my brain went into some kind of spasm and I had to go look at the store. I DO WHAT I WANT.

5. Had a chance to watch a couple of pilots. I have to write them up so I'll link with more detail, but I liked Longmire a lot. It isn't heavily Katee in the pilot, just FYI. So if you're watching only for her, it's not gonna be for you. I'm sure a lot of people will be put off by the pace (and I fear that commercials are going to ruin it), but it has a really great moodiness to it.

Also watched Arrow and Beauty and the Beast -- I think they both have potential, though they're both starting out at a pretty derivative place. Not just because they're off other properties but Arrow is the offspring of Smallville and Batman Begins, and Beauty and the Beast is basically Person of Interest, but from what would be Carter's pov (Kristen Kreuk is not the actress Taraji Henson is, but she's better than she used to be, and if they give her better dialogue that'll help). Anyway, I will totally end up writing crossovers, because, duh.

6. also I am not receiving comments, though luckily I can at least get my own in the LJ inbox. If you've replied to me anywhere else, though, I haven't seen it. I'm not ignoring you, I just don't know. :( Anything you want a response to, make sure to drop me a link or copy it here or something while this is messed up. Thanks.
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( Mar. 27th, 2012 07:16 pm)
Tahmoh Penikett's episode of Fairly Legal (Bait and Switch) airs this Friday, so if you want an extra dose of tall hot menfolk, I'm letting you know in advance. :D

Humorously, the FairlyLegal official twitter asked what Tahmoh and Trucco have in common (BSG obvs). So I told them Eliza Dushku. Try to play Six Degrees with me, will ya? HA.
Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture you guys.


I'm kind of annoyed that my crosspost from FYMTrucco tumblr to the twitter account doesn't give me the caption anymore. BOOOOO. Now twitter subscribers can't tell what the picture is anymore, that's stupid.

But new pics have gotten me back to tumblr now that I have stuff to post again, at least a few things.
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( Jun. 8th, 2011 02:14 pm)
Title: In a Second
Fandom: Fairly Legal
Pairing: Kate and Justin
Rating: pg
Continuity: None. AU/crazy S.2 Spec
Type: Scifi/AU/Crack Romance

Summary: A careless driver. Kate. A secret. There was never a question which Justin would protect.

Note: Written for the Fairly Legal Promptathon. And although this is technically a crossover with V, riffing on Michael Trucco's role in both shows (as I tend to do), you don't need to know it at all. Thanks to [ profile] sabaceanbabe for the beta.

Everything changes in a Second )

I hope you enjoyed the crack! :)
You see that shuttle that went up? yeah, that's the one that they're going to park in MY BACKYARD. BOOO YAH. though now I will suffer through the Science Center's donations campaign so it's not unmixed. I seriously can't wait until they have to bring it downtown because I have no clue how that's going to happen- so many narrow streets, power lines, and our brand-spanking new Expo light rail line. But it'll be like the torch relay as people come out to watch, I"m sure. VERY EXCITING


(click on the banner to go to the prompts post)

Since it's upfront season - here's what look promising for new fall shows to me so far:
- Ringer, cool cast, premise. SOLD.
- Terra Nova. dinosaurs. SOLD. (assuming it actually airs)
- Person Of Interest. Ben Linus and Jesus Fight Crime. SOLD
- Awake. Jason Isaacs. cool trailer. SOLD.
- Secret Circle. hm. maybe? if I can forget about LJ Smith. And if KW can figure out a magical system rather than the random plot device shit they do on TVD
- grimm. maybe? Right now I resent it for taking 17th Precinct's slot, but I may get over that.
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( May. 16th, 2011 08:29 pm)
LJ. quit it, I keep refreshing my flist, and new posts appear before ones I already read. put them in ORDER

I have been hauled into [ profile] bsg_epics ship-swap. I will write Kara/Sam/Lee in exchange for [ profile] kag523 writing K/S. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? WIN-WIN. :D This is not at all my clever plan to have a deadline for my threesome fic, NOT AT ALL.

If anyone has any last minute prompts for the Fairly Legal promptathon , I'm collecting them tonight!

Over the weekend we made our annual trek to the NASA Jet Propulsion laboratory's Open House. The highlite was def seeing the Mars Rover Curiosity. it's much larger than the other rovers and we had a chance to see it in the assembly clean room before it's shipped for launch this November.

something cool )

Also "The Doctor's Wife" is very nearly unmockably marvelous. Very nearly. PLANZ.
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( May. 4th, 2011 05:38 pm)
I just posted a poll over at the comm [ profile] fairlylegal for a possible fic/art prompt activity.

*POINTS YOU TO COMM.* [ profile] fairlylegal
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( Apr. 19th, 2011 02:26 pm)
Title: Brick by Brick
Author: me
Fandom: Fairly Legal
Rating: PG
Pairing/char: Justin/Kate, Leo
Spoilers: the series
Summary: After a bridge burns, sometimes you have to clear the rubble before you can build it again.

Note: Thanks to [ profile] sabaceanbabe for the beta. This is my take on what happens after the season finale.

fixing it isn't easy when what's broken is you )
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( Mar. 18th, 2011 04:40 pm)
I love that Justin plays basketball. (Nellis-verse Sam who met Kara on the b-ball court approves)

Kate and Justin )

Hopefully we'll get to see how it shakes out, since I doubt there will be a resolution in the finale.
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( Mar. 8th, 2011 09:23 pm)
You guys, epic episode stills for the upcoming eps of Fairly Legal. Thattaway--> [ profile] fairlylegal JUSTIN LOOKING UNF. again, some more. I have the season finale ones too, but there are a boatload, so I'm putting them up tomorrow.

As soon as I am home from the doctor's. *sigh*

It is a far less epic thing. I was clumsy and lame and in a move that was probably really hilarious from outside, tripped on my own damn rug, then the chair, and ended up with all my weight on my toes, all bent under. OW. Don't do that, if you can avoid it. I don't think they're actually broken, but I'm going to get an x-ray tomorrow and make sure.
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( Feb. 25th, 2011 01:04 pm)
My TV watching schedule got thrown off last night, so I feel sort of kerflubbled, but here's some thoughts.

Fairly Legal - Believers )

Nikita )

Vampire Diaries - The House Guest )

Gotta do stuff, so that's all for now.
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( Feb. 23rd, 2011 02:10 pm)
With Richard Dean Anderson on the show last week (and he'll be on at least twice more, but not tomorrow), Fairly Legal has ALSO brought in another one we love for a guest spot.

Short sneak peek of her scene embedded under the cut.

twirls happily )

Thursday night, 10 pm Eastern, on USA.
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( Feb. 18th, 2011 02:42 pm)
I posted screencaps of the balcony scene from Fairly Legal.

Michael Trucco. And some careful prop placement. And that's all.

link: I never thought I'd need a NSFW warning for this show.

Thank you tv gods!

I haven't even watched TVD or Nikita and it almost doesn't even matter.

THERE WAS HOT OMG-AM-I-SEEING-THAT? on Fairly Legal. GODS. HOW is Michael Trucco so frakking hot? I bow down in Sardo's general direction for giving me that.


I got a Best Tweet Ever RT from one of the show's writers for my excessively flaily comment! LOL

And ALSO I bought tickets for 30 Seconds to Mars, when they come back here! Yes, I went already, but we got fucked over in the show because the venue was outdoors and so the playlist was short to accommodate the residents nearby. And also Jared was sick last time. So I AM GOING AGAIN. ECHELON REPRESENT!
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( Feb. 4th, 2011 11:52 pm)
I feel like I've gotten out of the habit of doing these, and so I really ought to go back to it.

So, a few thoughts:

Fairly Legal )

Vampire Diaries )
Nikita- coup de grace  )

Supernatural - Like a Virgin )

And in conclusion, Smallville has reminded me: THERE IS NO SPOON


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