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( Mar. 29th, 2009 06:42 pm)
One last entry for the [ profile] bsg_pornbattle, just under the wire:

Down to Earth , Anders/Sharon.
Not quite what I wanted it to be, but I don't have time to do anything else. So. There you go.

I have about six false starts for a Sam/Lee ficlet, but it keeps getting complicated and not-porny, so I give up. I've also done a bit of a prequel for the Sam/Kara Modern Earth AU I did for the pornbattle. Because I'm a crazy person with way more ideas than time. *head desk repeatedly*
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( Jan. 1st, 2009 04:02 pm)
The latest posted yesterday!

Crossing the Bar,
Battlestar Galactica, Sam Anders/Natalie, R
In the space between the end and a new beginning, she's not alone.

And for YULETIDE, I can now reveal I wrote:

Holy Thursday, Day of Judgment
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, PG
John asks Derek about Judgment Day. Derek remembers.

I also wrote a wee Treat, Like Salad ,
for CJ Cherryh's Foreigner-verse.

The rest of 2008 )

Fanfic thinky questions )

Speaking of, At the Labyrinth Gates will continue posting shortly. :)
Crossing the Bar
Pairing: Natalie/Sam Anders
Rating: R
Summary: In the space between the end and a new beginning, she is not alone.

Author's Note: To my Flist, may the New Year bring you a new beginning of contentment and peace.

Crossing the Bar )

And with an hour to spare (my time) ...
Happy New Year, Flisters!
Series: Not all that we are 2
Characters: Sam, Kara, Cylons, ensemble
Pairing: Kara/Anders
Rating: R
Spoilers: Through 3.20; though this is an AU of Season 3.
Summary: The Cylon Occupation of New Caprica begins. Sam finds that trying to avert his nightmare of the future draws it ever closer, while Kara wants desperately to change the past.

Notes: This is the direct sequel to Not All That We Are . I highly encourage you to read that one first. This picks up immediately where that one left off. Also, this story is no more adult/graphic than canon, IMO, but be warned that this version of the Occupation has some pretty brutal scenes later on. If you want fluffy happy fic, these are not the droids you're looking for.

Thank you to [ profile] sabaceanbabe for taking up the beta duties for this one too (even though it's almost three times as long!), and to [ profile] lucyparavel for reading snippets in progress and listening to me whine about it. Okay. Here we go. *deep breath*

Chapter One )

Continue on to CHAPTER TWO .

woot! so exciting to get this out there. don't forget to tip your server... :)
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam Anders and Lee Adama
Word count: 2200
Summary: Post-Revelations Lee tries to help.

Note: I found most of this yesterday in semagic - IIRC it was meant for the [ profile] bsg_slashathon comment-a-thon, but since it got too big for a comment and refused to get slashy, I abandoned it for other things and forgot all about it. I thought I might as well as do something with it. Title from The Fray's "How to Save a Life."

This is in the same general 'verse and set up as Standing on the Edge , but stands alone. And yes, I wrote LEE! Try not to hit your head on anything if you faint! ;)

Between the Lines of Fear and Blame )

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( Nov. 3rd, 2008 01:04 pm)
[ profile] sg_rarepairings has gone live! YAYAYAYAYAY!

So, two fics to pimp:

One, the one written for ME!
Waiting for You
by [ profile] writinginct
Cameron Mitchell/Sam Carter
This is really lovely romantic fic, post-series, about finding their way together slowly, and how a few honest words back when they were children linger on for years and years.

the one I wrote:

Half the Distance to the Open Door
Baal/Qetesh pairing, but really, this is Vala's story and how she becomes Qetesh's host in the Continuum alternate timeline.

Rated R for sexual content, consent issues, and general lack of fluff
Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/Supernatural
Spoilers: BSG Revelations and Supernatural Lazarus Rising
Rating: PG
Pairing-Characters: Anders, Castiel (maybe Anders/Castiel if you squint, but very vague)
Words: 1600 words
Summary: Our days upon Earth are but a shadow... and you shall shine forth and be as the morning

Note: Written for the [ profile] bsg_slashathon comment-a-thon. Quotation somewhat mangled from the Book of Job.
And whether this is slash or gen probably depends on how you take the meaning of Rapture...

Where the Pinions Stoop to Earth )

Title: Standing on the Edge

Pairing: Sam/Kara/Leoben

Rating: ADULT

Words: ~6000

Summary: After Revelations, Leoben goes to rescue Sam from his self-destruction, to find that he's not the only one who mixes truth and lies. Destiny isn't finished with any of them yet.

Sequel to Hiding Myself in your Eyes but pretty much stands on its own.

Notes: Not the fluffy threesome porn-fest PWP I intended to write. At all. It's more... Theological Angst Porn... Title and cut-text from "Before it's too late" by the Goo Goo Dolls, which has become my Sam/Leoben theme song.

The risk that might break you is the one that would save )

Comments welcome, like always!
Shadow on the Pattern
A Battlestar Galactica/Babylon 5 crossover
by Lizardbeth

Sam/Kara, Rated ADULT
This part: ~ 2000 words,

Previous parts:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] lyssie, again! Some more!

The first night on Babylon Five )

It's a wee chapter (well, "wee" for me!). Enjoy!
Title: Shadow on the Pattern, Part 3
Rating: PG
Genre: Crossover of Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5
Spoilers: Through Rapture, then goes AU. Set in Babylon 5 season one.
Characters: Background Sam/Kara but mostly gen adventure with Gaeta, Barolay, Hotdog, etc. Plus the crew of B5.
Summary: When Racetrack and Skulls discover Earth Station Babylon 5, everything changes for the Colonial Fleet. Sam, Kara, Gaeta, Barolay and Hotdog are sent to the station on a recon mission.

Note: Part 3 of my occasionally, infrequently updated crossover WIP. This part has been sitting under lock for quite a while ([ profile] lyssie, you already read this one), and I thought I might as well put it up for those who might like it. I make no promises that there will ever be more - sorry!

Part One

Part Two

Shadow on the Pattern )

Player of the Year
by [ profile] lizardbeth_j

pairing: Kara/Sam
Rating: PG
Summary: The Biopic of Samuel T. Anders. HILARITY ENSUES!

note: Ok, maybe not hilarity. I exaggerate slightly a lot. I was poking through my unfinished fic and I found this, that I started for a challenge on [ profile] pyramidofdreams forever ago. I don't know that anyone will find it funny - but at least it's light-hearted! Which is a nice break from the angst and woe in my brain at the moment. So I tied it up into an ending.

Player of the Year! )

hopefully you were.... entertained...? yes?
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( Aug. 4th, 2008 12:45 am)
I managed to write two more ficlets for the Porn Battle:

Know Too Much , SCC, Derek/Cameron.

Not Him , Stargate SG-1, Jack/Jonas.

I have part of two others that outgrew the bounds and there's no way I can finish them tomorrow in time for the deadline anyway, so this is it. Neither of these are my "ships" but I always figure I should try new things for something like the Porn Battle, even if they're... out of the blue.

Check 'em out, if you want.
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( Jul. 29th, 2008 06:06 pm)
Most (all) of you know this but Porn Battle VI is open! And I have done porn. yes.

Two so far (and I'm sure you will NOT be surprised to find they're full of adult content):

Threesome , The Dark Knight, Bruce/Rachel

Slowly Forgetting , Battlestar Galactica, Anders/Athena.

But there's plenty more: gazillions of prompts for writer types and lots of ficlets for readers. Check back often-- there's sure to be more!

I really need to try a light-hearted prompt...
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sam/Kara
wordcount: 4600

Summary: The only thing that made the losses bearable for Sam was the promise of Earth. But the promise is a lie, and his sacrifices are for nothing.

A/N: Post 'Revelations' standalone. I envy all of you who've been able to write happy-fluffy fic about this ep, because I'm afraid my brain has not been able to even go there yet. Though this isn't all bleak and woe. The sensitive are warned that there may be glimmers of Sam/Kara/Leoben, because Leoben's being very pushy lately.

Thanks to [ profile] lucyparavel for ennabling me!

In a gray and hollow place, the ashes of our dreams )

leoben would really like his fic now, pushy bastard. WTF has happened to me?
Hiding Myself in Your Eyes

Pairing: Sam Anders/Leoben
Rating: ADULT
Spoilers: Through "Faith"

Summary: When you're alone, you grab onto the first promise of solace that comes your way.

Note: This was inspired by the fic I never finished for the [ profile] bsg_slashathon and the title and cut-text are from my prompt: "Before It's Too Late" by the Goo Goo Dolls.
Oh, and this is not related to my "Not All We Are"-verse, just in case people might think this is a follow on.

Also, I am possibly crazy (you did see the pairing, right? *sigh*) I can't be the only one who thinks this is hot like a burning thing, right?

Stand on the edge with me, hold back your fear and see -- nothing is real til it's gone )
Not all that we are
by Lizardbeth

Rating: PG
Wordcount: 16,000
Characters: Sam Anders, Ensemble
Spoilers: None. This is an AU of Season Two.
Summary: The day the Cylons came to Caprica, Sam knew he was one of them. That was the first revelation.

Disclaimer: A bit of the dialog in this is borrowed from "Downloaded" and "Lay Down Your Burdens 1 and 2". BSG is not my creation.

Author's Notes: Thanks so much to [ profile] sabaceanbabe for the beta but mostly for giving me the confidence that my crazy idea was a good crazy idea... Other authorly ruminations linked at the end if you're interested in how this Plot Kraken took over my brain and some hints about where I'm going next. Because this... is just the beginning. *whimper* I'm very proud of this story and I like it a lot - I hope you do too. :)

This was too long to fit in one post, so make sure you click the link to the continuation at the bottom. *g*

What is the most basic article of faith? This is not all that we are )

Continued in part 2 HERE

Title: A Moment's Respite
Author: Lizardbeth
Rating: ADULT
Pairing: Sarah and Derek

Summary: The ghost of Kyle hung between them but it wasn't what she wanted. Not right now.

Note: Happy Birthday, [ profile] sabaceanbabe!! A bit late but better than never, eh? And thank you for your mad beta skillz. (which she didn't employ for this ficlet, so it's all on me, I'm afraid)

This is for you, hon!

A Moment's Respite )
BSG Fic, Episode insert for "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?"
Characters: Sam Anders
Gen, PG, 2000 words
Summary: Eaten alive by guilt and self-doubt, Sam makes a choice.
Note: I'm playing with the possibilities here, inspired by some of the discussions around the Four and this episode. Oh, and for my flist -- this is NOT the infamous Plot Kraken Sam-fic - that one isn't ready yet.

To Think Oneself a Man )

Title: Saltpetre and Sulfur
Author: [ profile] lizardbeth_j
Character: Elizabeth Swann-Turner (with presumed Elizabeth/Will)
Rating: PG, Gen
Words: 1250
Summary: When you're bargaining with a goddess, it helps to have leverage.

Notes: Another failed comment!fic for the Because We're Awesome drabble-a-thon. This time, the prompt was "Elizabeth Swann, gunpowder".

She faced into the wind and shouted the name three times )


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