Since I keep getting emails from nanowrimo, it's a reminder that I'm going to have to decide what to do, if anything.  I bombed out last year, trying to write a whole bunch of (different) fics - it's just a hassle to keep track of, for one thing. Also, I really liked when I did an original draft, it felt like something useful to do for nano rather than, more of the same, basically. 

Also, fic-wise, Nano will fall in a lull this year -- my Marvel Bang posting date is right in the middle (nov 13) but it's already in a pretty full draft, so it'll be in revisions. Comes the Hurricane will be posting also, likewise in revisions. I can put Last Contract on hold. And Yuletide I can do in Dec. So in terms of a project that'll be in first draft stage, I won't be in the middle of one, at least.

But of course, that means I need a new (original) idea that I'm excited about enough to whip out 50K.

So possibilities:
- the ghost story/romance I thought about before (bad thing about this one is it's partly written as an AU, but I think I'd take the general idea and start over.) 
- port a different AU 
- I have a MG book idea
- or none of the above and I need something else

(and then I find out that Stephenie Meyer publishes a search-and-replace genderswap of Twilight and jfc why even bother? lol) 

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( Nov. 30th, 2012 07:07 pm)
Yay! I finally got all the words!

This is, admittedly split with 11K I wrote on "Comes the Hurricane"(because I have the attention span of a gnat on crack, and I got a really good idea for a couple scenes), but the rest of it is on my Avengers crossover Big Bang, "Holding the Light" which is not quite finished, but almost. Then it needs revision, but THEN it'll be about 40K of MCU/Person of Interest crossover goodness. ok, technically it's really only Reese - I thought there would at least be cameos from Carter and Fusco but it didn't turn out.

In other news, I totally fucked up my car today. We woke this morning to find all the windows of my car had spontaneously rolled themselves down. IN THE RAIN. It turns out that if you push the open button on the fob long enough the car does this for you. So somehow the button got pushed inside my purse which must have been just close enough to the car. *head desk* I mean, this couldn't have happened when it wasn't raining in the last two YEARS I've had this car?

I have a wee Lego!Loki keeychain -- I'm thinking he was pissed that I'm writing fic about the Avengers and not him, so he Loki'd my car. Maybe I should go back to my Aayla Secura keychain, instead...
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( Nov. 2nd, 2012 08:37 pm)
Got my assignment, which is both what I totally wanted, and yet now that it's in my hand, I wonder what the hell I was thinking? ACK! It seemed so easy when it was theoretical... now the issue of doing actual justice to the source rears its terrible head. (But good/bad news, I guess, [ profile] roeskva, I didn't get that particular match, so I have no questions for you. boo).

I'm working away on my NaNo, which is kind of odd for me to be writing fanfic. I honestly think it did not help having to turn in that outline/summary though - it tends to wear my enthusiasm to have to write it all out. But hey, it's not every day you can bring Shinobi Shaw into Avengers continuity (cuz you know that ain't ever happening in canon). I'm also trying to write in order which is crimping my style. I may have to give it up in order to produce words faster.

But back to it, must make today's minimum at least since tomorrow is going to be full of soccer.
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( Oct. 25th, 2012 12:47 pm)
Since it's that time a year again... ;) I'm lizardbeth at Nano for anybody signing up over there.

This may not be a terribly good idea but my plan this year is to do my big bang for Avengers Crossover the first two weeks (or until I finish it, whichever comes first), and then write original fic. There's a few ideas swimming around in my brain, but none very clearly so I need to think about it some more. What I really should do somehow is piggyback and repurpose this New Fannish Glee into something for Nano, like I repurposed AUs the lat two years.

It shouldn't be too hard. Let's just say it's not exactly a shock to me that I like the Asgardian stuff, what with my fanfic hobbyhorses being All About immortality, destiny, and identity. And especially the 'verse I created two years ago with The Other Side is a good fit for that, but sequel? separate story in the same verse? Something else all together? ACK so many vague and unplotted options!
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( Nov. 29th, 2011 04:30 pm)
50K achieved!

Not winning, just yet, as I still have to validate it, and I can't stand having this scene incomplete, BUT.


Tomorrow, I'll put up my pics, summary, and invite some alpha readers. :)
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( Nov. 27th, 2011 02:59 pm)
NaNo to do list: (5500 words)

- finish fight scene
- last two chapters
- prologue (which yes, I left to last in part because I can make it however long I need... )

Luckily MrLiz and Kidlet went off to the zoo today, leaving the house to me and my sniffles to write! Back to it, while I can! :D
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( Nov. 17th, 2011 08:26 pm)
Although is usually the home of "why didn't you write it MY way" type comments, sometimes you get a gem. I'm still holding in a tab a really lovely long note for Road to Tartarus and it just KILLS me that they didn't leave a reply link so I can't say how much I appreciate it. :( Such a wonderful comment and really something like that makes so much worthwhile.

In other NaNoWriMo news I'm a zillion words behind after getting a migraine yesterday and most of today. Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow. *sigh* It's not my NaNo this year, so far. But I'll keep plugging away. I can tell you that I'm stretching my word count with really explicit sex though. :)

I still haven't signed up for Yuletide, which makes me feel like a slacker! Which, I know it's open til Sunday, but I'm usually ready at opening bell.

Alan Dale on PoI later!
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( Nov. 15th, 2011 12:58 pm)
I need a place for my two love birds to make out/sexify in semi-public area, modern urban setting. Someplace a bit more cool than the back of a car, but which will be my fallback if nobody has any more awesome ideas.


moving onto a different scene while I await inspiration/someone else's more clever idea...
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( Nov. 8th, 2011 05:39 pm)
I'm not ahead, but at least I've caught up with the PURPLE LINE OF DOOM (which is far less DOOM-Y this year. I like it better as a bigger bolder more intimidating line, I think). Of course, I got caught up by writing the worst load of crap writing possibly ever, but NEVER MIND.

I er, also may have been working on Black Sails as I'm now in the bits where I'm stitching together a bunch of scenes I already wrote (I have mentioned I often write out of order) into one big chapter. So it's kind of like working on a second draft already at least for this part, since there's bits I have to move around and clip and redo.

But it's good I finally caught up on NaNo because I told myself I couldn't watch any of the shows I missed last week while I was away OR Psych this week if I wasn't caught up.


I was thinking of a discussion post, but is that silly? IDEK.
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( Nov. 2nd, 2011 06:06 pm)
I'm endlessly amused that so far not one person at Mark Watches has mentioned "WE'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!" which is honestly one of the things I remember the most about those first two eps of S4. Because that was a THING. Wasn't it? It was SO MUCH A THING at the time. lol

But it does raise a small point I thought about -- BSG spoilers? I guess if you still care? )

Things I think about while writing NaNo. yes. Speaking of NaNo, I definitely will need a beta. I mean, I will anyway, obv, but I have no idea if Julie is coming off as too much of a bitch right out of the gate. But it doesn't matter right now. ONWARD!

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( Nov. 1st, 2011 09:12 pm)
I'll do more tonight so I can get ahead. Kidlet and I have our three day adventure in NorCal coming up and I doubt I'm going to get in very many words this weekend! So, no slacking off! But still, at least I passed the day's minimum.

2345 / 50000 words. 5% done!
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( Oct. 31st, 2011 04:20 pm)
Since I don't have the right pics on this computer, you are spared my attempt at a cover page right now. But I do have a summary and Title of sorts.

My project will be a romantic thriller with scifi elements, called Promethean Flame.

Promethean Flame Summary )

If any of you are doing NaNo who I don't have buddied already, I'm lizardbeth over at I respond well to peer pressure/competition, so having more people kicking ass in word count is always welcome!
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( Oct. 17th, 2011 09:12 pm)
As I mentioned on my Twitter, I'm trying to think of new names for my two lead characters, and it's weirdly like naming a kid. Except here I want to avoid fandom associations. I mean, in my brain, at least to start with when the fandom connections are still fresh. So, for instance, I can't rename "Sam" into a "Bill" because that would be weird. (I'm tempted to name him David because of David Underhill, which is actually who he's based on, even more than Sam. but better not do that either)

So yes, what I'm saying is that it's occasionally VERY INCONVENIENT of Ron to have picked mostly English names rather than naming them all like Romo Lampkin (cuz that one? EASY TO AVOID)

Anyway, so there was that. There was also some idle Nikita/Person of Interest fanficcing going on today because there is nothing on Earth that will convince me that Reese was not in fact a Division agent. My ficlet has no plot and I don't even know if it's interesting to anyone but me, but I wanted to do it, so whatev.
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( Oct. 13th, 2011 10:11 am)
RIP Creamsicle, one of our three goldfish, this morning. Poor little dude - he's been fading for days. :(

Today I will work on Black Sails, and also try to lay out my plot for my NaNo project.

this was last year's poll with descriptions of my four ideas.

I think I've decided to do the modern romantic thriller idea with genre elements. The three fantasy ideas are more problematic: one is too large to deal with in NaNo (and possibly the Dragons in the East thing is too reminiscent of GoT these days. It wouldn't be the same, but still) One is part of a world I created with others which makes it legally un-doable and therefore pointless to rewrite. The third I have a draft for it that I'd completely replot and redo but I'm just not enthused about it enough.

But thrillers mean hardcore structure and plot. Which since I don't actually KNOW the whole plot, means I better get to figuring it out! I don't even know my female lead well enough since I kind of want her to do incompatible things.

And I'm also trying to decide whether writing it as a fanfic AU (which is what it started out as) or stripping that out from the beginning (i.e. changing the names) will make it quicker/easier to write.
Which means it's time to figure out what I'm going to write.

Last year I had the advantage of the shiny new plot landing in my lap basically a week before NaNo even started. (The Other Side -- I still love it quite a bit, by the way, even though it needs work) This year, not so much, at least not yet. So I think I'll go back to my original group of four ideas for last year and figure out which one I want to do most.
Going through my NaNo, I notice that apparently my use of the spacebar goes lacking when I type quickly. Darn it, I could've had even more words! (okay, not like I was short any, but still. That's a lot of spaces I missed) Though I probably make up for it with my use of 'almost'. gah.

I closed with 51,117 words, adding a bit yesterday since it was irking me not to have a bridge between two major scenes. But it's not finished, though most of what's missing are scenes I skipped, more than words that go after what I wrote. (I have the end, mostly, but am missing parts in the middle, IOW). Not to mention the thing reads more like a script than a novel and needs filling out. And maybe a subplot.

I do find it amusing that in spite of yWriter and/or Scrivener - I didn't use either, at all, once I got started. Nor did I research anything which is probably a RECORD for me. Okay, that's a lie, I did a little bit, like looking up the county coroner's office, but that doesn't count.

In news only slightly related to that, I got my [ profile] spn_hetexchange assignment, which luckily isn't due until late in Jan, so I probably won't even start it until after New Year's with all the crazy in Dec, but all the prompts are fun.

The Other Side

Once upon a time...

They walked among us openly, like us but eternal. They had many names all over the world, some loved as gods, and some feared as demons. But time passed, the world changed, and in the age of reason, their presence and their magic passed into myth.

Yet they are still here. For LAPD Detective Bridget Ferguson they are closer than she knows. When a brutal murder rips the veil of secrecy away, Bridget discovers there is a hidden world inside her own. Her own partner is not what he seems, or her best friend, or one of the city's most notorious gangsters.

And yet, Liam Avery is exactly what he seems: an ancient power hiding in the canyons, withdrawn into weary solitude. Only by working together can they bring a ruthless killer to justice and save all the magic from leaving Earth forever.
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( Nov. 28th, 2010 11:32 am)
YOUSE GUISE, Spike is having their usual Star Wars marathon today. And you know what that means, right? It means the overwhelming urge to write more on my BSG/SW mashup.

This causes the following conversation:

Good!liz: I have only 5K left on NaNo.
Bad!liz: But it's sooo shiny and alluring and fun, and no pressure...
Good!liz: I have only two days to finish this.
Bad!liz: But you know the prince's rescue is going to be hilarious, if you can get there.
Good!liz: The upcoming confrontation is very important. Climactic even. It's fun, too.
Bad!liz: More fun than trash compactor wacky hijinx?
Good!liz: Big revelations!
Bad!liz: Oh, the reveal of the convoluted plot? right, like that's not going to need a Villain Exposition Speech in order to explain what the fuck was really going on the whole time.
Good!liz: ...
You're just distracting me. If I do 5K today, I'll win and I'll get to write wacky SW hijinx with a clean conscience.
Bad!Liz: no, then you'll bitch about Yuletide.
Good!liz: *sigh* Good point. We need to write something. Anything. While we can. Right now.
Bad!Liz: Yes, yes, we do.
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( Nov. 27th, 2010 03:31 pm)
I think I had a child easier than this stupid NaNo. blerg.

but 6000 remaining. WOOT!

*goes back to it*
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( Nov. 26th, 2010 11:42 am)
I hope all who celebrated had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was quiet and nice. I feel like I haven't felt warm in days -- it's cool here, by no means cold compared to some, but two nights ago I felt like I was camping in our bedroom, it was so frakking chilly. I theoretically have a furnace, but there's only one vent for the house, so it's not the most useful thing. Maybe we need a space heater. (Not that I'm buying one this week, because that is CRAZY TALK).

We watched all of Punkin Chunkin competition and, of course, The Kid built a lego catapult when we got home. I hope he uses his power for good when he's a teenager!

Volcano on AMC today. My favoritest LA disaster movie. ever. You can't really get the awesome without knowing all the landmarks they're destroying, but watching the fiberglass mammoths at the tar pits MELT fills me with evil glee, I admit. :)

I am 11000 words off of NaNo, with only a few days left. eek But the boys are going to the auto show later, leaving me in peace to write, so I should have a couple hours free and clear. SO CLOSE


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