In celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the first airing of Battlestar Galactica, I'm excited to launch:

Not All That We Are IV: Black Sails at Dawn

Pairing: Sam/Kara, Sam/Six (also ref: Agathons, other canon pairings)
Characters: Kara, Sam, Six (Thea, Caprica, Natalie), Boomer, Ellen, Leoben, Adama, Roslin, Lee, everybody in the freaking ensemble...

Rating: PG

Summary: The two fleets have found the Eye of Jupiter, and are now on course for their final confrontation. Yet both sides face division and it may be that the only winner will be death.

Notes: A long time ago, I started "Not All That We Are" which was then a pretty short AU fic with the premise of 'what if Sam found out he was a Cylon earlier during the attacks?" This then spawned a huge AU 'verse that basically is a parallel canon to the show, heavy on mythology, destiny, and the gods.

Previous installments: (if you read them when they were first put on the net, the prologue will serve as a reminder)
Not All That We Are LJ | AO3 |
Part 2: At the Labyrinth Gates LJ | AO3 |
Part 3: The Thread of Ariadne LJ | AO3 |

Many thanks to [personal profile] sabaceanbabe who has been there from the beginning, and to [personal profile] rirenec for giving me this great cover image.

Prologue )
Pairing: Kara/Sam
Rating: PG
Words: 2K
Summary: After the boxing match, things... are different.

Note: I'm pretty sure this sprang out of a prompt from either Epics or 13th tribe a while back, but I didn't write it down and so I don't remember anymore, but this is a short, not happy look at post-"Unfinished Business" and Sam's time on the Salpica.

Falling Apart )
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( Jan. 14th, 2013 03:00 pm)
On the plus side I haven't written so much BSG in a while, so there's that...

13 ficlets, ten ships. Of a range of 'shippiness'.

Index of comments in which I take my Little Black Dress of Fandom for a ride... )

In other news, I had a revelation for how to make the climax for Comes the Hurricane work. Very excited!

I'm still not sure what to do with Coulson yet, though, now that it's confirmed SHIELD the series isn't a prequel. So do I have Coulson alive and deal with it, and fudge the 'how' (until it leaks and I can put it in)? Or do I just pretend he's still dead? It's perfectly set up in the story for either, at the moment -- Thor believes he's dead, but Loki was somewhat dubious but now believes it because Thor confirmed it.
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( Jan. 10th, 2013 06:23 pm)
[community profile] bsg_epics is doing Ship War again! My take for Day 1. (none of these are porny - Porn Battle is on the horizon!)

A New Dawn

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( Oct. 20th, 2012 10:30 pm)
Found a stocking stuffer for MrLiz today. Now the trick is to hide it AND remember it in December...

By a narrow margin, I resisted buying the Legolas-Tauriel Hobbit two-pack action figure while looking for a bday present. Haters gonna hate, but I know I'm gonna love her, and I'm already glad he's in it. (and if I love them A LOT, I might actually finish that long-abandoned WIP when Legolas takes the ring and shock a lot of people at

I always feel a little bad in signups when there are Yuletide requests with no offers that I can almost offer, but I just don't know it well enough. Like, Case Histories, I remember thinking Jason Isaacs was quite good and he was wearing jeans, but that's about it.

I actually wrote bsg for [ profile] bsg_kink - One Night , Sam/Lee. y'all may fall down in shock. But that's the last I get to write of it for awhile as I have to finish my fest fic and get more of the draft for big bang done.

And then, omg, NaNo. I think I'm going to have to use my big bang for NaNo. Plus side: I want to write it anyway, deadlines are great motivators, and I don't have an original fic idea anyway. Negative: Pouting that I haven't come up with an original idea I like better. :(
links to my reviews of Longmire: Horses Guns and Indians and Alphas - Alpha Dogs .

Also there was reveals for Not PrimeTime Ficathon and I really unsurprisingly wrote:
A Leaf in the Stream
Kara/Sam. PG
In which they are stranded on New Caprica during the Exodus and have to find their own way out of there.

Raise your hand if you're surprised by this reveal? yeah, I didn't think so.

eta: I totally won the ficathon wordcount olympics. Gold medal for plotty wordiness to me! ;)

Talking about the fic )

ETA: Okay that was weird, while I was trying to crosspost, I got in the mod queue for both POD and BSGfics. That has never happened before. I was signed in. And now I'm not even sure it was for them - did I select the wrong comm name? You can't check anything once it's pending... SO WEIRD.
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( Aug. 4th, 2012 04:03 pm)
Pairing: Anders/Ellen
Rating: ADULT
Warning: BDSM themes, breathplay
Written for [ profile] bsg_kink, New Caprica prompt.

( Let go )
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( Jul. 20th, 2012 07:34 pm)
Characters: William "Husker" Adama and Sam Anders
Rating: PG
Summary: Husker finds something else in the Cylon base.
Written for the [ profile] twelvecolonies. AU to the Razor flashbacks of the young Bill Adama.

the lulzy pic I made )

The fic )
well, okey-dokey, I've written three random BSG ficlets the last two days. Apparently not being sick IS actually a boon for writing, who knew?

Roundup: (all short and all PG)
The Unforgiven . Kara/Sam, kinda dark.

Untitled , Helo/Jean Barolay. LOOK THERE IS CUTE FLUFF.

Untitled II, Helo/Natalie. um, not fluff?

These were not really intended to be written, but something is better than nothing, right? And now hopefully I can get back on the train and settle into my writing projects that need doing.
Fic: The Unforgiven
Pairing: Kara/Sam
Rating: PG
W/C: 1Kish

Summary: Kara promises to come back for him on Caprica, but it doesn't go as well this time.

Note: written for [ profile] 13th_tribe Fanon Reversals for [ profile] rirenec who said "Sam usually forgives Kara for everything." So after some thought about what horrifically depressing thing Sam wouldn't forgive her for, at least not right away, this is my attempt at the prompt. Totally unbeta'd. Title and cut text by Metallica.

How can I blame you when it's me I can't forgive )
Pairing: Sam Anders/Lee Adama
Rating: Adult
Genre: PWP/AU
WC: 2k
Summary: Sometimes the best times are the unplanned ones.

Notes: I'm pretty sure I started this for some [ profile] bsg_kink prompt a while back. This was not what I intended to finish, but at least it's something. Part of my vague Presidential AU where Lee's the president and married to Sam, who's a Viper pilot.

AO3 version

Stolen Moments )
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( Jun. 20th, 2012 08:29 pm)
I managed to do one ficlet for [ profile] bsg_epics yesterday (even though I got lots of awesome prompts!): Sam and Lee, gen, Caprica, AUish . But I have so much unfinished stuff that's just LOOMING over me, I feel bad doing other things. :(

My Understanding the Storm prequel fic, Prelude is sort of poking along quietly this time, but the main fic is poised to become my number one fic on AO3 which I never thought would happen. I mean, not that that one was some massive hit machine either, but UtS had slowed down a lot so I thought it was pretty well done. (and then I lost my hit counts yesterday for several hours of neurotic refreshing.)

I wrote haiku for [ profile] twelvecolonies and so did a lot of other people. SO MANY HAIKU. how can I pick three? yikes. I feel like I should put them into some kind of March Madness bracket system. (actually that would be kinda awesome way to do it

No writing tonight though, I need to finish Bastille Day and then write it up for my rewatch post.
Title: I know where the dead ends are
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam Anders, Sarah Connor, Kara Thrace, John Connor
Pairing: some Kara/Sam (way future/AU)
Summary: Professor Anders has visitors to his lab.

Notes: Written for the [ profile] 13th_tribe end of the world crossover challenge. This is set on Earth, at some timey-wimey point after T2. Title/cut-text from Redlight King "Comeback"

Been down this road before )
First, since [ profile] bsg_remix is now all over I can claim mine:

( Fate Averted )
a remix of [ profile] lostinapapercup Things to do on Galactica When You're Dead
main: Kara, Sam, Boomer, Gaeta, Laura (with some Bill, Caprica, Tigh, etc)
(Kara/Sam, Boomer/Tyrol, and Laura/Bill)

Summary: Five small changes, five lives altered

(Note: [ profile] lostinapapercup's fic is really lovely and sad, taking on all those canon deaths. And while we all know I eat up angst with a spoon, I realized that a way to remix it was to take the same situations and show how they all might have lived if Ron weren't also into deadly angst with one small change. Or, IOW, a Five Things Fix-It.)

And Now Rewatch Day 2: all the other stuff around the Fall of the Colonies. That includes the Razor Flashbacks, Downloaded flashback sequence of Caprica Six, and that part of The Plan.

Meanwhile, back on the Caprica ranch... )

Okay that's about enough for today, tomorrow "33".
Feel free to join in. :)
Characters: Sam Anders
Pairings: none. gen.
Ratings: PG
Summary: A few years before the Fall, it's a glamourous life. Mostly.

Author's Note: For [ profile] sabaceanbabe for her birthday! She asked for pyramid star Sam and I intended a ficlet, but of course, I got carried away. This story develops some of the backstory I made up for Sam for "Not All That We Are", so if you've read that, this is a prequel of sorts. But it stands on its own. Also this story uses the info on Virgon from the "Beyond Caprica" book and is influenced by "Moneyball".

Another Stop on the Way to the Fall )
Pairings/characters: gen. featuring Boomer, Anders, Barolay, the Caprica Resistance
Rating: PG
words: 5000ish
Summary: When the movement fails, Sharon takes a different path.

Note: So this started because of a Sam/Boomer prompt for Porn Battle, and it turned out to be neither Sam/Boomer nor is it porny. But it did kind of seize my brain, so I hope you enjoy it! There could be more, if people want, but I wanted to have something new for [ profile] bsg_epics charity drive. (and sorry for mistakes, I was in a hurry)

The Path of Most Resistance  )
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( Feb. 5th, 2012 02:20 pm)
Collection of various ficlets written mostly for [ profile] bsg_kink. They fit into my rapidly growing Magic AU which will eventually be collected and made into one big story.

Sam Anders/Lee Adama

By chronology:
1. First Meeting . PG.
2. Swordplay . R
3. Costume . R/M.

4. Bathtime )

5. Sex Magic )

The ficlet which started it all, but is really the end of the story:
Summoning (dark themes)


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