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([personal profile] lizardbeth Nov. 4th, 2015 11:05 pm)
 First few days of Nano I am on the word count, though  -- well - on a totally different project than I was planning. So. really I should not have signed up for any ficathons because I got one of my assignments and instead of some nice little pairing trope I could do in a thousand words, I got WHAMMED IN THE FACE by this plotbunny. and so I'm kind of hoping it will also lend itself after thefact to some serial-number-filing-off-ness just so I don't feel I'm wasting my time (as far as original fic go- because it's pretty non-canon. 

I got a spectacularly nice, long comment on Comes the Hurricane. Like, it is AMAZINGLY nice. so that makes me feel it's loved. :DDD

However my Nano word count is about to get screwed because i really need to finish up Ice Demon and Spider for Marvel Bang. I was kinda fluffing around not finishing it around Halloween like I should have, so now, of course, I need to get that thing done and out to beta. Because hello, it's ridiculously long. I'm tempted to just not give her or mark the scenes that I think are missing and see what she says, mayeb they're not needed?  I do feel like I'm failing fandom-kind because there's a whole lot of recovery- h/c that I could be going into a LOT more detail about. I know fandom loves that stuff, and hell, I love that stuff), but otoh, it's post climax so, it would be a Really Long Extended Epilogue that could drag the story.  *throws hands in air* 

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