While the kid went out to a party and trick-or-treating, I stayed at home to be designated candy giver. A cute thing happened - I have fake crime scene tape as part of the decorations and I heard some kid on the driveway call back "it says we're not supposed to enter" -- so... they didn't. NO WAIT IT'S PRETEND COME BAAACK!  (no I didn't yell thatt, but it was hilarious that the kid took it so seriously)

The kiddo went as Baymax - inflatable costume and all, it's great. :)  (Oh, the red armored version of Baymax, I should add, not the squishy white balloon version)

Received my Yuletide assignment! YAY! :D  Now to familiarize with canon... 

Tomorrow NaNoWriMo starts, and I'm going to do it this year. I'm going to write my original novel and hopefully write the whole draft. (if you're doing it too and we're not buddies yet, I'm lizardbeth) 


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