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( Dec. 26th, 2014 08:22 pm)
 I have been totally blessed this year with fantabulous fic goodies!

From Yuletide I got three presents :

  1. Funeral Music - Only Lovers Left Alive. Adam and Eve and omg so tragic.
  2. Found - Edge of Tomorrow. Rita after the war.
  3. Elegance with a Side of Evil - the Jaguar "British Villains" commercials. (OMG HILARIOUS)

And Mischief and Mistletoe!

  1. A scandalous proposal , Loki/Sif Regency AU

For Christmas, I got the Annual Winter Plague, which wasn't terrible this year, except for Christmas Eve. And even then it wasn't the cold, it was the cold medicine that was the worst. I guess I reacted badly to the "time release" part of the cold capsule because that fucking piill was like drinking a case of Red Bull -- I did not sleep at all Christmas Eve night. SO WIRED. ugh, that was awful. Well, I know not to do THAT again. All-nighters if you have to are one thing, all-nighters right before Christmas, suck. 

Other than that, I got some lovely presents, and had Christmas dinner with my parents, SIL and her family, and my MIL all together. Which probably sounds like a recipe for disaster, but everyone gets along really well (my Bro-in-Law and my mom developed this running joke that they're siblings which sounds weird, but in practice was pretty hilarious). Single-handedly I convinced everyone at the table that Idris Elba would be perfect as James Bond, so that was awesome when they were all skeptical-- more because they'd only seen him in Pacific Rim and that's not exactly the best example, than racial, I think, but my enthusiasm brought them all 'round.  (not that it's going to happen - the leaked email was actually dismissing the possibility, so people are kind of overboard about it, but it was considered at all is pretty cool)

Kind of bummed the two fics I wrote aren't doing better, but at least my Christmas interlude for 'Ice Demon and Hydra' is appreciated by the readers of that one, so that's a plus. 
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( Oct. 19th, 2014 09:27 pm)

So I'm joining the Yuletide Placeholder Club because I haven't written a letter yet. Because that would require me to have all my requests, which I don't. And yet I still want to sign up, so I need a post to link to. My life is such drama, I tell you.

I'm also trying to figure out offers. Wow there are a lot of fandoms I know nothing. it's pretty fun to take the txt file of the the fandoms and delete, delete, delete all the ones I can't/won't offer off that Super Long list to end up with something far more manageable.

woohoo Yuletide.

(though holy shit i need to finish my pumpkin ficlet. I sort of put it aside while I was prepping Crocus in the Snow, and oops, it's due this week. though apparently that's also true for my gifter, so at least I don't feel bad about being slow on the draw...)
I received two fics for Yuletide and one for Mischief and Mistletoe! WOOT!

I know I hit the pinch-hit list a second time so I don't know whether both were totally last minute, or what, but still, that's freaking amazing.

1. For CJ Cherryh's Foreigner for my prompt of Bren/Tabini. I love Bren/Jago as much as the next person but I got that one last year so I was looking for something different and this was totally exactly right. Tabini is just perfect, musing (with not a little possessiveness) over his new toy, which you know he totally would, if we were ever in his head, and they ever actually got together like this.

( Learner )

2. For my favorite music videos of the day - the M83 Trilogy with the Special Kids. Great videos, and now I have a wonderful fic to go with them.

( The Whole of It )

3. And for Mischief and Mistletoe, the Loki/Sif exchange, I got a wonderfully sweet pre-canon winter tale.

( Moment of Accord )

I wrote only two fics this year, one for each exchange. One of them I got a bit carried away (technically I was still editing after it opened, oops). They were both great fun and I can't wait to reveal them in a week! :)
Two days with a hellish migraine kind of spoiled the holiday for me, and it was all I could do to try not spoil the day for kidlet too. So we put off Christmas dinner til today when I can actually eat again.

I got some fun loot, though the main thing was we bought a Wii-U for the family (at which kiddo is already ensconced today).

I got two wonderful fic presents for Yuletide as well:

Making Our Escape (3820 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Paradise - Coldplay (Music Video)
Summary: Clara, an elephant, dreams of escaping the Zoo. But she can't do it alone.

Which is for my crack choice of the year and does what I love best in such situations -- make it totally real. (because taking crack seriously is my catnip) So read and love it for me, so my author isn't bummed that I'm the only one who read it. :(

Are You On My Side (6033 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Characters: Oliver Queen, Thea Queen
Summary: Thea discovers Ollie's secret. Sidekicking ensues.

And then this one which is an awesome take on Thea becoming Speedy - great Thea voice, sibling shenanigans, and a lot of fun.

I wrote two Yuletide fics for small fandoms, which I'm sure no one will figure out, but they were quite fun to write. I intended to write at least one more, but it looks as if it'll have to be a stocking fic.
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( Dec. 19th, 2012 10:00 pm)
Because there's nothing like a little procrastination for yuletide season - here's a meme. [community profile] yuletide.

My Yuletide history )

2012. coming soon. :)
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( Nov. 2nd, 2012 08:37 pm)
Got my assignment, which is both what I totally wanted, and yet now that it's in my hand, I wonder what the hell I was thinking? ACK! It seemed so easy when it was theoretical... now the issue of doing actual justice to the source rears its terrible head. (But good/bad news, I guess, [ profile] roeskva, I didn't get that particular match, so I have no questions for you. boo).

I'm working away on my NaNo, which is kind of odd for me to be writing fanfic. I honestly think it did not help having to turn in that outline/summary though - it tends to wear my enthusiasm to have to write it all out. But hey, it's not every day you can bring Shinobi Shaw into Avengers continuity (cuz you know that ain't ever happening in canon). I'm also trying to write in order which is crimping my style. I may have to give it up in order to produce words faster.

But back to it, must make today's minimum at least since tomorrow is going to be full of soccer.
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( Oct. 15th, 2012 01:01 pm)
I may have a problem when my first thoughts on hearing the Coulson news were (a) damn it. JOSSED AGAIN. shoulda fucking known. (that sound you hear would be my avengersfest fic needing a rewrite. or maybe whimpering.); (b) I hope it was a LMD and Loki knew, because that would be hilarious if Thor is judgy on Asgard about the death and Loki's all "Dude, he was a puppet, what's your problem?" "... Say whaaat?" Alas I didn't know it for Poison Rain, so now I have to play it that neither of them knew in any follow-up. But that would be spectacular.

YULETIDE AHOY. (Small fandoms, giving out treats, it is my most favoritest time of the fannish year!) I have my sign-up in, but it's still a bit tentative both in requests and offers. Well, actually more on the request side which is unusual for me - I might add a fandom or two to offers, but they're pretty much set. But only one of my requests is set. I'm much more excited about writing other people's prompts this year for whatever reason. Now I can start the tradition of refreshing the summary to see what other people have requested. It's so pretty and colorful! But I think I know fewer fandoms every year...

And here's an introduction to how Yuletide matching works.

Yuletide characters: or, why too many is not always good )

Yuletide is great fun! But it's also ginormous and therefore has to be a bit less flexible that your average "let's arrange the matches on the floor"-type of exchange.
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( Oct. 14th, 2012 06:42 pm)
My fandoms: Arrow, Alphas, and Paradise - Coldplay (video)

Three requests )
Ugh. I need to sit down and write. I've had a lousy couple of days where I haven't done any at all.

I think part of it is that I enjoyed writing Poison Rain so much. Other fic seems sort of ... dull and pedestrian by comparison. I didn't even use anything overly Shakespearean, but it's still a more formalized style than I use most of the time and I got to use language like "fell influence" (one of the best phrases in English!). And where every character in it uses words like weapons. It was challenging, but really fun and different. But I can't just roll around in it forever, I have to get to work and write some other stuff!

I put in my nominations for yuletide, filling in some characters for Alphas, Arrow, and then the video for Paradise (coldplay), because my crack request this year is someone write me a story about that elephant. Such a cute (and beautiful) video. That's one thing about that video and watching Strike Back that's also filmed in South Africa - SO GORGEOUS. And if I play my cards right it'll be a story kidlet can read too, since he also loves that video. That's my hope, anyway.
Thanks to the unfinished fic thing I did, I've been re-reading some of my old (really old) fragments. Damn, there's some good stuff in there. Shame I never finished it. Quite a lot of it is comics based from the days I actually used to read the books, but there are little bits from other things. Heck, I once wrote wildstorm fanfic! Damn, I should've finished that fic where Majestic and Zealot spank the Authority. (and I used to like them, but wowza did they need someone to rein them in)

Reminded with the current Superman/WW hookup and rumors of a young WW liveaction show on the way, there was a time when I shipped Diana and Bruce (early JLA run, IIRC, ten years ago ish?). I even wrote fic. Where the hell did that snippet go? *rummages through HD* damn, must be on the old laptop.

Speaking of comics, I found signed Michael Turner Witchblade art today in our garage storage room. I'd forgotten we even owned it. RIP Mr Turner There was also a sketch signed by Marc Silvestri from my Darkness phase. Why, yes, hubby and I did attend Comic-Con back in the day. lol Gonna get them both framed for the house.

In other news, yuletide has posted the nominations brainstorm list, meaning that's starting to gear up. eeeeeeeeee. This means I need to think of fandoms to nominate. I feel very unprepared this year... hm.

Now, I shall go watch DINOSAURS!!! On a SPACESHIP!!!
And it fell out of the wrapping paper and now I know what fandom I'm getting. So I'm both excited and yet sorta sad that I blew the surprise for myself. *River voice* SPOILERS!

Hint from me to you: if you are the only requestor in any of your fandoms and you know your present is uploaded already, DO NOT look at the fandoms list. Because if there is a story in that fandom it's almost certainly yours.
Dear Yuletide Writer for ME:

I often have a theme each Yuletide-- last year it was crack; this year's appears to be television. And mostly new tv too.

extra words and information and general blather here )

Thank you for writing one of these for me! All things above are intended as ideas only, not as demands; you are welcome to use or not use whatever you like!

Happy Holidays!
Yuletide fandom nominations are open! This year you can add three fandoms to the pool from which all requests can be drawn.

Over here.

Fandom noms stay open until Monday, and then requests open!!!!

And go to my YuletideMadness Treat. RFN.

I knew it would be awesome, because it was so totally out of the blue, and IT IS. I originally made a comment on someone's Dear Yulegoat Letter, who had requested Hippos Go Beserk fic lamenting that I hadn't chosen it, because that's my favorite baby board book.

And so SOMEONE saw that comment and wrote me a treat. WITH ILLUSTRATIONS. (some of the pics are from Hippos Go Beserk and some I think are Hippos from elsewhere by Boynton, but at least a few of them I think are original to the Anonymous benefactor)

Hippo Party A to Z

Go forth, leave more love!
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( Dec. 25th, 2010 08:25 pm)
First, my [ profile] yuletide gift is so fantabulous! It's long and awesome!

Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam
Jeremiah -- Markus through the years.

I haven't had time to read anything else, and really I need to read that one again (it's 13000 words!) but that's more than enough to flail about. eeeeee!

This is the static page of all the fandoms for browsing purposes while the archive's getting hammered:

I'm intrigued by the fic that's in the short-fic (Yuletide Madness) collection, which is still open for people to write things. This gift-fic doesn't appear to be any of my fandoms (at least not the four from this year), according to the list, so I'm VERY CURIOUS what it is... it's like MYSTERY WRAPPING PAPER and a weird shape that doesn't make any sense! very exciting. *g*

I have a few lovely comments on the ones I wrote. Nothing that's gonna set Yuletide on fire or anything, but that's okay. I hope my official recipient likes hers, since I haven't heard from her yet, but the treats people seemed to enjoy theirs. So, that's all I hope for. (though I'm not sure what it says about me that my best received fic ever has been one about a serial killer!)

For other loot -- my primary gift was a new phone (samsung fascinate). Acc to MrLiz, the guy at Verizon LAUGHED (quietly) when he saw the record of what my last phone is -- "She has... a purple... razr? Still?") The new one wouldn't activate properly, so I have to go into the store. Still, it's very cool. I also got the complete Farscape, some gift certificates, and a new Maleficient ornament to add to my little collection of Maleficient stuff.

I'm also BURIED in Legos. OMG. Kiddo even got a LEGO hand-crank lantern - I guess that's so you can still have light to do Legos by, even during a power failure.
hrmf. I have missed all the pinch hits I've tried to grab for YT.

I know I don't have Meteor Storm fic (though that was always vanishingly unlikely anyway, with only one offer), but my pressie can still be any one of the others, since they all have stories! *flail* Two of them aren't mine, but STILL. There is fic in Crossfire, Fallen, and Jeremiah already! WOOOOOO, And also there is Jeremiah fic I DIDN'T WRITE. Extra WOOOO!

And also I'm very excited to find the new "Kudos" button at AO3 - which functions like a LIKE button. I think it may help ease the pain of a zillion hits and no comments. *sigh*
Oh look, more ficlets for the Vampire Diaries Comment fic Fest.

Missing , Caroline/Stefan (Elena/Stefan), PG

Take what you want and pay for it, Stefan/Katherine.

Undertow , Stefan/Klaus, Mature.

So between these two and the ones I posted before... Yes, um, trend. DAMN IT. This is my thing, I know. I only start writing for a fandom if I glom onto a character, and the moment I know that has happened, is when I can start Little Black Dress-ing that character with everybody else.

However, I did also write a Yuletide treat which is ever so much better than my regular fic already. plz halp. ETA: My YT author did not default! WHEE!! I CAN HAZ STORY NAO? (most likely option is 'Crossfire' since that had by far the most potential authors, but I've been surprised before)

I'd do the fandom meme, but what's the point? I'm still lingering in BSG you can peel my fandom from my cold dead fingers. BTW, closed canon doesn't mean no fandom - there's still fandom for Pride and Prejudice, after all! You can leave it, but that doesn't mean it's not still there. It just changes form. ALSO, IT MAKES ME SAD PANDA when people leave.... :(

I'm sort of into Vampire Diaries fandom, but sort of not, since it's basically a clone of BSG fandom, complete with batshit shippers.
So impatient for Yuletide assignment omg! So I am randomly stalking Dear Yulegoat letters for later Madness treats (I see at least two I'd love to do, but didn't offer properly to match). Also, I love that I am not the only crazy person to request a bad Syfy movie! Some people request War and Peace, others request Sharktopus. That's the beauty of Yuletide. lol

Found via Yulegoat Letters:

the hilariously censored version of Maroon 5's 'Misery'. (the original depicts what I'd term an abusive relationship, though it's also quite a bit over-the-top. But, this version? LOLWHUT?)

censored, BONKERS, and yet still possibly NSFW )
a unicorn? Candy? WTF?

The day after Thanksgiving sales that start at midnight or 4 am or any other crazy times? I don't want to shop that badly. I think for Thanksgiving I will be grateful I don't work retail anymore...
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( Nov. 15th, 2010 11:24 am)
Dear Yulegoat letter over here. Stalking through the spreadsheet and various Yulegoat letters, my offers match on basically nothing so far. So we shall see. Part of that is because of a common 'mistake' I'm seeing: requesting a lot of characters. Remember, if you request 4 characters, the only offers who will match you must have offered ALL FOUR (or Any). This starts to get less and less likely, especially this year when people can't do multiple offers for a fandom with many characters. If you really want all four, go for it, but just know it gets harder to match that fandom. I'm sad the summary doesn't work yet, though, since seeing the overall balance of requests to offers is always entertaining.

NaNo and Cosplay!
Note the new icon for my NaNo project! hee. I try, peeps, I try. :)

The Mercedes Lackey NaNo Pep Talk is all about how writing fanfiction is awesome. YOU ROCK, LADY.

Speaking of NaNo, I am amused that in the story Liam's mother has decided to show up. She's... Galadriel, if Galadriel were telling all the elves to leave Middle Earth after the fall of Numenor. I love it when characters decide they need to exist, and then you realize that, yes, you are in fact writing a story about families so it's important to show where the Others come from, too.

Once again I'm behind, but for a good cause. This weekend, I had to help make Kidlet's costume for his Thanksgiving/Native American project thingy. It turns out one thing cosplay is very good for -- an ability to cut up leather and fabric and glue it together. (I don't sew, but I am mighty with a glue gun!) It's very cute, if not remotely authentic. I'll try to remember to post a picture. (it's always nice when my darling spouse discovers real-world value in my fannish pursuits though)

Srsbzns requests? Not for me this year.

my four requests )

Take my ramblings for what they're worth and go to town, have fun. That's the important part.


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