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( Jan. 30th, 2016 08:13 pm)
 So, after being on the market for about a week, (We hadn't even had the Open House yet, just the Broker's open house (where the brokers are invited to look but can bring clients) and a few showings...)  we got two offers on our house. The higher one was above list, so we accepted. The inspection is Tuesday and, if all goes well with that, and they don't want too much taken off the price for  whatever they find, we might be closing soon. It's so quick and exciting. We went to look for a rental place today to bridge the gap to a new house. Yes, eventually there will be Buying a New House Trauma posts, but this is the Selling Trauma part of it first. We already know the inspection is going to object to the roof (which is about 20yrs old - we didnt' bother to replace it, since we knew we'd either sell or expand the house ourselves) and there are tree roots in the sewer pipe. But we'll see if they're really prepared for buying what amounts to the land and a shack. :)   

I'm just really eager to get out. Looking at the apartment complex it was nice to think about a place that I don't have to deal with my neighbor's hideous feral cat colony. look, I know a bunch of you are cat people, but an Actual Crazy Cat Lady is  not great to live next door to. Plus, the complex is new and has a pool, and it'll be a lovely change. The goal eventually is to move into a district with a good high school but that's a couple years away.

In other news, I am already 7K behind for Get Your Words Out, so I have plenty to do in February!  at least we get a Leap Day for the month! :DD

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( Oct. 28th, 2015 07:16 pm)
 While I wait for Yuletide matching, I'm trying to figure out what I should do for NaNo (yes, I probably should figure this out sooner!).  Basically it comes down to a Supernatural Romance, or a YA Fantasy (with a bit of romance) and I have no idea which I should go with. The Romance one is more plotted, because I've actually written some of it already, and it's an AU with the serial numbers filed off so the characters are a bit easier. And it's a romance, so I know how it ends. :)  the Fantasy one ties into the same 'verse as a previous NaNo project, but I don't actually know how that ends. Because, I guess, I don't know the story. So I should figure that out. *sigh*  Or just fuck both ideas and do the Mer vs human fantasy that's sitting with 5K in my drafts folder. I DUNNOOOOOO.

I suppose, to be ruthlessly practical, I should do the romance first, because that can be an e-book more easily. And that could serve as  a gateway to others. So maybe that's how I should approach it.

I've also written some Crimson Peak fic, which is either going to be my recipient's story if the Yulegoat is kind or I'll find some requestor to give it to for a treat, because, yes. how could I not? That movie is like FIC CITY  I suppose it proves the adage that imperfect things draw fic more than perfect things, but it's certainly true in this case. Things sketched broadly long to be filled in and things that are tragic want to be fixed, that's kind of a given of fandom/fanfic imo.

A lovely stranger actually said that I should change Last Contract into a non-fanfic story. And granted it's not that close already - if I changed the names I'm not sure anyone would guess (and they'd probably guess the wrong canon anyway, since "Loki" isn't even brothers with "Thor" in this 'verse).  The real "issue" and it's not really one I guess would be to change it from a thinly-disguised Norway to a more-disguised Norway probably. 

One of these days I will have to talk about tv.

All this dithering brought to you by Yuletide, Nano and BEARS.
While poking around in my LJ for something else, I found a couple more ficlets that I never crossposted to AO3 (I've never moved all the drabbles, but anything that's a couple hundred words I figure I might as well). So a couple of them were Kara/Sam and so I do what I've done a bunch, and I type in "Sam" in the Relationship field so it'll bring up the autocompletes that have "Sam" in them. Sam/Kara is usually on the top because it's the biggest that has him in it.

Except it's not there. At all. Like, Sam/EVERYBODY ELSE is in the list. there's Sam/Kara/otherpeople ot3. But Kara/Sam by itself isn't in the list. IT WAS THERE. WHERE THE FUCK DID IT GO??

(I mean, yes, it's just the autocomplete, it's not like the ship doesn't show up at all, I just don't get how it can disappear out of the list or at least doesn't come back when I put in new fics). I sent a message to support, so hopefully they can fix it, or whatever.

Anyway so that made me grumpy. :/

Fiddling with that (and reading old LJ entries - back when I actually made them!) was sorta distracting away from my plan of the week, which was supposed to be put up another chapter of Last Contract, which didn't happen. and get ready for Comes the Hurricane, which sort of happened. I still want to at least start it in Sept since (a) I promised, and (b) it doesn't do any good to wait longer, probably.

However the main thing that happened was that I suddenly realized that the Maximoffs needed to show up in my Marvel Bang so I was busy writing on all that instead. Or really they decided they needed to show up, which is probably a good choice, I just wish I'd thought of it earlier, so I have less to rewrite/figure out again.
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( Sep. 19th, 2015 04:23 pm)
It’s 101 Days of Smiles and it’s time to talk yourself up, writers! Appreciate yourself and your writing. Enjoy it and don’t be afraid to tag your fic. This is all about self love–ahem….not that kind–so have fun with it.

I have been tagged by gaslightgallows

(I tend to answer these types of meme with an mcu fic and one with other fandoms, because I have a lot of fic and I’ll spread the love that way)

Ten Questions and Answers )
Taking a writing break since I finally finished my norsebang draft, A Crocus in the Snow. 50K words. This is not what I wanted! Yet it kept growing and growing, and seriously it could probably easily take expansion of another 10K except NO. I have to start posting on October 15, and Marvel Bang is going to post right after that at some point and that's got at least one major section completely blank.


So let's talk tv.

Capsule comments ahoy, minor spoilers I guess for Gotham, Forever, Selfie, OAUT, SHIELD, Person of Interest

Fall tv )

- um. I feel like there was more. I watched more. I do feel a little sad that I have no eagerness for Vampire Diaries returning and no intention of watching it.

otoh, I am eager for Arrow's return, because OLICITY. <3 and just Felicity and Oliver in general, but everybody else too. shoooooow.

ooh, Hugh Laurie and Hiddleston are going to do a BBC show based on a John LeCarre novel together. THAT WILL BE EXCELLENT. can't wait! (they haven' started it yet, but ironically it might air before any of Hiddles movies probably, since Crimson Peak isn't out for another year, and High-Rise has no distributor yet, so god only knows when that'll come out.

and now I've sat on this post long enough to find out that my Marvel Bang fic, The Ice Demon and the Hydra will post on November 13. So that pretty much kicks NaNo in the ass, because no way am I going to be able to do 2K per day AND edit that thing into something resembling readability in the same two weeks.
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( Sep. 4th, 2014 10:18 pm)
First of all, I am SUPER RIDICULOUSLY behind on tv, thanks to travel (and this the doldrums of August!) I've only seen the first ep of Outlander and most of the second, I think it was, but anyway, not all of it. I've not seen any of Twelve yet. I'm trying to figure out what we did watch in Hawaii and coming up with not much. Community reruns and baseball I think. It was quite a bit more stressful "vacation" than any of us had planned, with police and lawyers. Not quite an episode of H50 but not quite fun either. Though it was a tiny bit fun when D managed to forget to transfer his pocket knife to the checked luggage on the way home: good news, TSA found it in his carryon. Bad news, TSA found it in his carryon. oops.

Today was meant to be a catch-up, because kiddo went back to school finally, but I ended up doing about 5K of Crocus, so that was a good trade-off. I still have two major scenes to fill in, but I finally wrote the conclusion. Plus my Marvel_Bang fic was art claimed, so \o/-- Ice Demon 3 is a go. So back to work on that tomorrow.

Aaand tomorrow/later I will FINALLY post Ice Demon 2. Because I wrote it for Mother's day and I'm just that timely!
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( Aug. 17th, 2014 10:39 pm)
Heading off for our annual vacation! Which probably will be no different as far as my presence, since I only manage to update once a week at best it seems, nowadays, but fandom-wise is a bit... inconvenient. The "rough drafts" (which means 80%-ish) of both my Big Bangs are due before I get back. Which is okay for one of them, since I'm pretty close right now, but the other, not so much. I did rewatch First Avenger at least, and since the fic's not a bizarro AU of the movie, I pretty much have the outline, it's a matter of just sitting down and scribbling it in. I even took screencaps, so I'd make sure I know what certain places look like. That is a hell of a fall there, Bucky. Also I got the timeline straight in my head again (and found one of the wiki timelines I used is actually wrong - that's annoying that no one fixed it, in YEARS).

The trouble is, as y'all know, I am terrible about writing anything while on vacation. Even when I am sitting in my mother-in-law's house with NOTHING to do, it's hard to get my brain in gear. Though it's been hard here, at home, so I should have no excuse not to do it there. I also have a five hour plane ride, if I can write fic while son and hubs are peering over my shoulder. It's funny, when it was BSG stuff I didn't care since kidlet didn't know anything about it (plus he wasn't as good a reader as he is now), but now he's seen Winter Soldier, so it's now fanfic he could actually read. Not that either of these are full of porn so he could read them, it just feels weird. Weirder to be fic, than if it was some other OrigFic somehow.

But as soon as vacation is over it's back to the normal grind, which is always kind of nice. Summer's tough because there's no routine, and as busy as school time is, at least it's regular. and then, that becomes a pain in the ass so there's really no winning, but I'm ready for summer to be over.

We are all packed, but for the phone/iPad getting charged. But tomorrow going to the airport comes early - and then I'll probably post again out of boredom. :)
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( Aug. 8th, 2014 11:37 pm)
So I was going to post Monday. Yep, that worked out perfectly.

I finished off Camp NaNowrimo with the Choose Your Own Goal of 25K for July. Which was achieved, split over four different fics. Two was necessary since one was the ficathon fic that had to be finished, but I'm not sure it was super wise to split over the other three. Okay, no, it was UtS that was stupid to do 5K on. Espectially as I've now realized that my two Big Bangs are basically supposed to be done their drafts at the same time. Norsebang is probably close enough but the other one isn't especially close yet (it's started at least but I need to crank out some words) but the problem is that I leave on the 18th for our family vacation and I am notoriously terrible about writing on vacation. But perhaps I'll be able to do words. I also really need to watch First Avenger again, because I've now seen lots of pieces of it again, thanks to it being on cable, but the order is now all messed up in my brain.

I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy, and I may not at all, since I'm really trying to keep that for a reward if I finish at least one of my projects. So far this isn't really workng as the lure I meant it as, since i basically wrote fucking nothing the last few days. ugh, WHY, SELF, WHY???

I did watch the preview first episode for Outlander, and liked it. I never read the books so that part doesn't matter to me, but it's beautifully filmed and I really like the actress playing Claire (and I've liked Tobias Menzies since ROME, so that's a plus). Definitely checking out more.

In more personal things that anger and upset me, our Little league field where my son plays, was terribly vandalized last weekend - gear stolen, things smashed, toilets stopped up, the whole thing tagged up. just, awful. thousands and thousands of dollars to replace and repair, just for a bunch of jerk thugs to have fun for an hour. SO INFURIATING. and sad that anyone would do this to a place kids play. humans suck. :(

however, animals are lovely, and we spent two delightful weeks taking care of the school's science lab guinea pig, the adorable Flash. Who is an Expert Begger of treats, as one can see from both his cutie pie whistles AND his round butt. But now I do miss having him around, cuz he was just adorb. Kiddo built a loop for him out of shoeboxes, so he could get some exercise (his traveling cage is much smaller than the pen he gets in the science lab, so he gets kind of bitchy about getting out, especially if it's not clean to his standards). yes, I'm afraid he was rather upset at both housekeeping AND the room service staff not jumping quite quickly enough. like, WHERE IS MY PARSLEY PEASANT?? very demanding rodent.
I finished the fic that I started on Friday. It's a pretty fluffy AU which I suspect was basically a reaction to my over-thinking the other fics into the ground. It's been awhile since I've started and finished something in only a few days, so that was fun. (For my BSG peeps, this is my new version of the Nellis 'verse - a happy 'verse with banging) Though we'll have to see if it spawns any other fics. (I do wonder whether it would be pretty easy to transform into an original romance, tbh. I'll have to think about it)

Amusingly enough for not finishing much of anything so far this year (*sad face*), this one, the Ice Demon/Snow Queen Sequel, and my NPT ficathon fic will all finish pretty close together. So there was little, and now there'll be several things all at once.

Speaking of Ice Demon/Snow Queen, I don't know if it's just a testament to Frozen fandom being continually enormous that the fic keeps finding new people, or I got on some rec list I don't know about, but it's pretty astonishing how well that one continues to draw readers. Like, it was tied at one point with my Winter Soldier fic, First Spring, for kudos, but now First Spring is totally dead - it fell off the first few search pages obviously and no one can find it -- but Ice Demon continues to gain readers consistently. And has become my fifth-most-kudo'd fic on AO3, moving in on Hail of Shadows, which is pretty fucking amazing for something I sort of figured would be ignored, since 90% of that particular crossover fandom is Loki and Elsa banging, not as father/daughter.

(though lol, just when I start to feel "aw yeah! awesome!" I always stumble on some fic with fifty thousand hits and five hundred kudos and feel very small again... I am a tiny fish in a great big ocean)

Hopefully I can finish another story by the end of the week, though with all the End of School Shenanigans, we'll have to see.
OMG the (old) Yuletide Archive is actually moving to AO3!!! Finally. At long last.

(I'm fairly sure this is a sign of impending apocalypse, so beware of zombies Real Soon Now.)

I only have three little fics left there that need transfer, since I imported the longer ones already, but it'll be interesting to see how it works. I find it pretty funny that the old archive still has the old date of 2010 as when they were hoping to move it. Also, wow, that also makes me realize how long AO3's been around. I think they should probably take AO3 out of "beta", heh. (also hm, my AmerPsycho fic for Yuletide 09 which was, IIRC, the first year it was hosted at AO3, was, for a long time, my most hit fic at AO3, but has been left in the dust. Though it's still fourth for comments).

Speaking of old fics, I was poking through my WIP file and found about 5K of an old SPN fic of Dean, Lisa, and Ben on a road trip running from angels. It was actually really fun to read and now I'm disappointed I didn't write more of it. If it weren't basically 'Legion' it'd make a good candidate for serial-number-scrubbing (since LOL, who's going to look at that and say "oh yeah, that's totes SPN") , but maybe if I change the bad guys after them and make some other tweaks... I just really like my Lisa-voice in the fic. Anyway, shall stick it into my - 'this needs something to happen to it" folder.

Got a mournful "you writing Comes the Hurricane Nao plz?" today. I really need to sit down and fix it - the timing is all fucked up. I think it's time to pull out actual index cards and lay it out. This is what happens when people on three different planets need to do stuff. ACK BRAIN ASPLODE.

So that's tomorrow/today's project... in addition to posting new parts of the fics. At least there's no baseball today (though I've been playing 2048 instead. I hate when you know you screwed up a move and it's all downhill from there....)
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( Mar. 17th, 2014 10:27 pm)
In the list of things that amuse me, Hiddleston fandom has lifted even my Virgilia fic (w/o Martius) into more kudos than the 60K+ words of Black Sails... (I laugh so I don't cry, but it's kinda funny that a Coriolanus fic, esp one that has no slash, has any readers at all, outside of, say, yuletide)

Finished [profile] f_march_madness with a decent bracket, with my complex algorithm of fandom size, shininess of fandom, and points of attack, was fairly successful, but even so, I underestimated Brooklyn-9-9. Apparently the Golden Globes were just ahead of their time, lol. I'm sure my success rate there will still be higher than NCAA's though, where I've been known to pick winners based on which would win if the school mascot animals/whatever got in a cage fight (this doesn't work too well - I know you're shocked by this news).

Writing is kind of... messed up, at the moment. I'm at that stage where I have too many bits in my head and I can't settle on just one. It would help if I stop compulsively editing Snow Queen and Ice Demon, granted, but yeah, I have projects yo.

big bang project blathering )

It'll probably help now that all this stuff with my dad's been sorted. As soon they find a blood pressure med that'll stop his feet from swelling up horribly, he'll be okay. Cardiologist told him today though that with the size of the blockage they dug out of him, another two months later he'd probably have died of a heart attack, so... you know, that was actually really good timing. Makes a week in the hospital a lot less awful that's for sure.

So now I can hpefully be less stressed about it all and write a stupid limerick for twelvecolonies. FYI NOTHING RHYMES WITH ORANGE.
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( Jan. 2nd, 2013 02:25 pm)
I want to write little holiday/new year fic gifts for flisters, like for [community profile] fandom_stocking but I'm totally failing at ideas. So I thought I'd cheat and ask for more specific prompts.

If there's a missing scene or continuation you'd like to read from something I've written, that's probably the most likely thing to get written. But if there's something else you'd like to read from me, let me know. I mean, no promises, because, even ideas don't translate to fic all the time, but least ideas are a place to start.

Prompt me! :D
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( Dec. 18th, 2012 06:41 pm)
Uploaded Yuletide fic. whew. I hope my recipient doesn't shake the presents too hard, because it's going to be really obvious what fandom it is. Of course, I shake presents that aren't even mine-- I'm very excited to see stories in the fandoms I offered appear already. Stories I'll probably like, and didn't have to write! \o/

I have one more secret santa fic due for the 20th, which is done too, but since it's one of those I can't fiddle with once it's gone, I'm going to hold it to edit it again. I swear typos breed when you're not looking.

I'm working on a few fandom stocking things and one short story set in the past of the Understanding the Storm 'verse, just cuz I want to write something happy for it, before diving into Hell That Happeneth.

I would like to write a treat for Yuletide, but I need to trawl the requests a bit more to find one I can do quickly! And the meme, yikes.
Thanksgiving was busy, and the busy doesn't stop really as the holidays get going, plus soccer won't end until kiddo's team gets kicked out of the playoffs so practice and games are still sucking up a lot of the free time. but they finished the season in second place in their division!

My avengersfest fic posted, though I'll have to link to it when it's not anon anymore. My recip seemed to like it, so that's good.

Plugging away on my Avengers/crossover big bang- got 10K left for NaNo which should finish the story. Then ... revision, because good heavens this thing. Not that it's especially terrible since I think the plot is decent, but it needs some work. (like, if you have someone who can walk through walls - he probably doesn't need a door, right? argh. stupid mutants.) But heh, Nick Fury swears a lot more in my fic than he does in the movies. It's Sam Jackson, I just can't not hear it.

Next up: Yuletide and the Clint/Natasha exchange. I haven't started either, but at least I know what the Yuletide fic will be since US Weekly handed me the perfect inspiration for it. heh.
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( Oct. 20th, 2012 10:30 pm)
Found a stocking stuffer for MrLiz today. Now the trick is to hide it AND remember it in December...

By a narrow margin, I resisted buying the Legolas-Tauriel Hobbit two-pack action figure while looking for a bday present. Haters gonna hate, but I know I'm gonna love her, and I'm already glad he's in it. (and if I love them A LOT, I might actually finish that long-abandoned WIP when Legolas takes the ring and shock a lot of people at

I always feel a little bad in signups when there are Yuletide requests with no offers that I can almost offer, but I just don't know it well enough. Like, Case Histories, I remember thinking Jason Isaacs was quite good and he was wearing jeans, but that's about it.

I actually wrote bsg for [ profile] bsg_kink - One Night , Sam/Lee. y'all may fall down in shock. But that's the last I get to write of it for awhile as I have to finish my fest fic and get more of the draft for big bang done.

And then, omg, NaNo. I think I'm going to have to use my big bang for NaNo. Plus side: I want to write it anyway, deadlines are great motivators, and I don't have an original fic idea anyway. Negative: Pouting that I haven't come up with an original idea I like better. :(
Ugh. I need to sit down and write. I've had a lousy couple of days where I haven't done any at all.

I think part of it is that I enjoyed writing Poison Rain so much. Other fic seems sort of ... dull and pedestrian by comparison. I didn't even use anything overly Shakespearean, but it's still a more formalized style than I use most of the time and I got to use language like "fell influence" (one of the best phrases in English!). And where every character in it uses words like weapons. It was challenging, but really fun and different. But I can't just roll around in it forever, I have to get to work and write some other stuff!

I put in my nominations for yuletide, filling in some characters for Alphas, Arrow, and then the video for Paradise (coldplay), because my crack request this year is someone write me a story about that elephant. Such a cute (and beautiful) video. That's one thing about that video and watching Strike Back that's also filmed in South Africa - SO GORGEOUS. And if I play my cards right it'll be a story kidlet can read too, since he also loves that video. That's my hope, anyway.
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( Oct. 2nd, 2012 02:08 pm)
So here's a question I had today,inspired obviously by current fic, but something I've struggled with before. For a long fic posted in installments, reader comments are obvs fantastic, especially when they make guesses about what's going to happen. Now when they're right, it can be both a little bit 'oops guess that was more predictable than I hoped' or 'yay people are getting it' depending. Anyway it's fairly easy to know how to respond.

Most wrong guesses just elicit evil chortling. But sometimes, someone comes up with something very exciting that is not at all going to happen. This reader is probably going to be very disappointed that zombies aren't going to attack (usually it's something less out of left field, but still, not something even close). Now obviously if I wrote tv or something, that person would have to take their lumps; they expected something that didn't happen, bummer. But this is fanfic - it's also very easy for me to PM this person and tell them, no, sorry, there are no ninjas, and manage their expectations a bit.

Anyone have any thoughts on this, as reader or writer?
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( Sep. 14th, 2012 11:27 am)
Anyone available and want to beta my Loki, Frigga, generally Asgardian family shenanigans fic? It comes with the caveat that it follows directly on Understanding the Storm, so you have to have read that already and also this one is much longer.

But this means I'm done with the draft! Understanding the Storm 3: Poison Rain is ready for the next step. 35,000 words of messed up family dyamics, talking, and a mom being pretty fucking awesome (though Thor is pretty useful this time, too).

Posted via

At [ profile] bsg_checkin we were talking about in-progress, unfinished fics, so I'm gonna list mine in the hopes it'll prompt me to, y'know, actually DO IT. And then maybe I could strike them out when I finish a draft. ooooh, rewards!

cutting the list )

and also tv and other Important Tasks to catch up on.
(edit: Princess in the Tower has become my second biggest story on AO3. it's a KID POV. future fic of an implausible future at best. I am confuzzled by fandom sometimes)
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( Aug. 14th, 2012 01:23 pm)
Less than a week before we leave for our trip to Japan. Looking forward to it - my MIL is going with us to take us to the ancient family stomping grounds (not kidding - the family mausoleum goes back at least the 17th c.) I was there years ago as a teenager, but didn't get far out of Tokyo, so this trip will be cool, especially the train through the mountains.

But I'll also be glad when we're back since it's been a constant overhanging thing about getting prepared for months now, between getting passports ready for everyone, new luggage, etc.

But that week means I'm trying to get some writing things done as well before leaving. I'm taking the tablet but not the laptop, so writing will be more of a pain and I don't know how much time/availability I'll have for it anyway. Plus I need to finish some 12c projects before going away. (it's silly because it's only two weeks, and only one in Japan, so it's not as if we're planning to go the moon), but still, it's a good deadline to work with.

So the draft of UtS-3 will be done. WILL BE. More damn trouble with this fic than I have EVER had before. But it's coming back together, I think, but still, 27 K has never been such a pain in the ass. it is Thanos interfering clearly. frakker.

REVIEW LINKS: My review of a fab ep of Alphas and the Season finale of Longmire


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