Today poor kiddo had to play soccer and it was over 90 degrees at 10 a.m. HOT. ugh. I don't have a/c because we live not far from the water, so we don't usually need it. But today? I NEEDS IT PRECIOUS. So we took the car and went to the mall and then various other errands, just to mooch off their a/c. Later we're going out to dinner, because I don't want to even walk into the kitchen.

Plus it makes me all sleepy being hot in my house, and uninspired to do anything. (though I think I'll somehow manage to watch DW later. Cuz not ALL fandom can be denied even when it's hot *g*)
At [ profile] bsg_checkin we were talking about in-progress, unfinished fics, so I'm gonna list mine in the hopes it'll prompt me to, y'know, actually DO IT. And then maybe I could strike them out when I finish a draft. ooooh, rewards!

cutting the list )

and also tv and other Important Tasks to catch up on.
(edit: Princess in the Tower has become my second biggest story on AO3. it's a KID POV. future fic of an implausible future at best. I am confuzzled by fandom sometimes)
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( Jul. 24th, 2012 11:55 pm)
Seen a few of those video spammer things, and it's always bizarre to me how they FIND the posts. Some sort of random link generator? Because they certainly don't seem to care if it's a comm that's dead or not. I got one at [ profile] facing_kate (the comm that's the precursor to [ profile] fairlylegal) and while I've now insured it can't happen again by closing comments to members only, I'm still puzzled on how they found the post at all.

Not that this matters when there is 24 hours to NPT FICATHON DEADLINE. OMG. DEAD. NOT DONE. MUST WORK. Why does this suck so hard?

and also find a title.
After watching my AO3 hit count neurotically this weekend, Understanding the Storm has now taken over for my first place fic. yay for wandering fans of Asgard Family Drama! But heh I can be in the world's largest fandom ever and I still manage to find the corners. Hardly anybody knows Frigga exists, so yeah, OF COURSE I wrote it. also I like to try to describe all the faces Hiddleston makes. I am not sorry about this.

You would think all this excitement would be spurring me to write, but it just makes me think of all the things I don't have done. *sigh* Maybe I should assign thirty minutes to one fic and rotate. Some kind of disciplined effort at clearing the decks.

In the meantime, I did write a fun review for Longmire: The mystery of Il Lupo . It's mostly "Katee is sassy" lol.

Eta: and the link to my comments on eps 5-8 of GRIMM.

list of WIPS and approximate state of completion )

And as I mentioned on twitter, but I did end up using a bracket to choose haiku for 12C. It was easier to choose between two many times than look at a field of 66 and pick three.
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( Nov. 26th, 2010 11:42 am)
I hope all who celebrated had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was quiet and nice. I feel like I haven't felt warm in days -- it's cool here, by no means cold compared to some, but two nights ago I felt like I was camping in our bedroom, it was so frakking chilly. I theoretically have a furnace, but there's only one vent for the house, so it's not the most useful thing. Maybe we need a space heater. (Not that I'm buying one this week, because that is CRAZY TALK).

We watched all of Punkin Chunkin competition and, of course, The Kid built a lego catapult when we got home. I hope he uses his power for good when he's a teenager!

Volcano on AMC today. My favoritest LA disaster movie. ever. You can't really get the awesome without knowing all the landmarks they're destroying, but watching the fiberglass mammoths at the tar pits MELT fills me with evil glee, I admit. :)

I am 11000 words off of NaNo, with only a few days left. eek But the boys are going to the auto show later, leaving me in peace to write, so I should have a couple hours free and clear. SO CLOSE
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( Oct. 19th, 2010 06:02 pm)
If you've been waiting with bated breath for the announcement, I finished uploading Under a Shadowed Sky to AO3, if you'd like a way to dl the whole file at once in pdf and various other formats.

Under a Shadowed Sky at Ao3.

cut for me, whining about writing )

Fic/fake!show meme later. I'm almost done!
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( Sep. 20th, 2010 09:52 am)
So yesterday as part of my fun stats I tried to count how many times I wrote Kara and Sam. I did this by replacing the word with the same word, since the program counts how many times it's replaced. Kara works fine since it doesn't form any other words.

'Sam' not so much, if CERTAIN MORONS forget to check the box to only look for the capital. So now I have words like 'same' that have become "Same". arrrgh.

ETA: Since this is ALSO a *head desk* moment, I'll just add it.

Dear Brain, writing a BSG parody version of the LONGEST FRAKKING SONG IN THE HISTORY OF EVER was not your smartest move. Especially when you have edits to be doing.

no love, me.
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( Sep. 13th, 2010 08:43 pm)
Good ZOMG!
For those not at [ profile] facing_kate, I posted a HAWT behind-the-scenes pic of Trucco. Don't say I don't do anything for you. :)

The Big Bang is ridiculously long. I mean, srsly, this started as CRACKFIC. It wasn't ever supposed to be more than 20K (minimum for the 12C challenge). Where did I go wrong? *whimper*

Speaking of [ profile] twelve_colonies and crack, I need to stop thinking of songs to hijack for the song challenge and actually write one. *snicker*
[ profile] bsg_bigbang has now put up the drop-out post. Rough drafts are due in a week, and final drafts are due in Sept. 6.

hrmpf. And this is where my distraction-by-shiny has not served well. I have the minimum words but nowhere near the whole story. Not to mention I would have to finish the full draft by mid Aug since I'm going away on vacation, and while I can probably re-edit there, I'm not likely to be able to really write much. Plus beta time.

Which looks very bleak, but I do have things written in other files. I should probably put it all together and then see where I'm really at.


In other news, not only do I have a broken hinge, my G key is wonky. It seems okay right now, but sometimes it just stops working. dumb thing.

And there was Lost-flavored K/S fic yesterday, if you missed it.
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( Jul. 28th, 2010 11:31 am)
ok, that's strange. I happened to catch the video for Snow Patrol's Just Say Yes and so I was going to play it and then, looking at my computer discovered that their album "Eyes Open" wasn't there. um, I had it. Where did it go? *looks* oh, crap. I forgot this was from my Rhapsody phase -- and now I can't play any of those I bought. *sigh*

So would someone take pity on me and upload it? I did purchase it originally. bah. And this would be why I now buy from Amazon who doesn't protect their mp3s.

And if you happen to know a way to break a protected .rax file, please share with the class, since I've now discovered I have other "missing" albums.

"out of sight, out of mind" -- it's not just for the cans in the pantry!
I managed to flood the laundry room and part of the kitchen yesterday. Even better, it happened because I was being stupid, not because the wash machine broke or anything accidental like that. BRAIN, PLEASE COME BACK! It's all cleaned up now, but I think I might have damaged the under-floor. All for something that didn't even need to be washed in the first place! (and if it should've been, I shouldn't have tried to do it at home. *head desk*

And in unconnected, but equally iffy news, I snapped the hinge on my laptop lid.

But it's raining a little, which is always a pleasant surprise, especially at the end of May!
So, now with my [ profile] bsg_remix fic finished, it's time to turn my attention to [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. The one with the complete first draft due May 1.

The one I haven't worked on AT ALL. ACK ACK ACK.

Choice A: Write like the wind and finish something. I can do 20K pretty quickly when I have to. The problem is trimming my story idea to 20K, since it's currently a bit too much on the epic side.

Choice B: Punt it like a football.

Choice B feels uncomfortably close to my [ profile] chaos_thon punting though. *sigh* And at least I'm now done with spring break distractions, so I'll have some time.

First I have to finish my taxes. (because I sort of punted on those, too. Oops.)
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( Nov. 18th, 2009 04:22 pm)
The good news is the not-so-crackish crack!fic has now crossed 10K words. The bad news is that it's not even halfway, for the terms of the challenge. *sigh* However it is progressing nicely. So there's that. Also, I suck at writing cracky, fluffy crack. But we knew that.

I wanna post my long fic. /whine

I grabbed my Super Epic of Doom Distorted Reflections for AO3. It formatted pretty well, except I still have to go into each chapter and manually fix the chapter titles, and take out all my blather at each chapter that's a relic from posting it chapter by chapter. Not so bad, over all, though.

I got another comment for Road to Tartarus. YAY. (for yes, they are precious like gold and myrrh).
Self, your crackfic was going to be short and cute and fluffy.


*head desk*
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( Oct. 7th, 2009 07:03 pm)
So, I'm in that stage in my BSG Big Bang fic where I have all the balls in the air, I know where they fall (I've written most of it already), and yet ... man, so many threads to keep track of. I wrote a whole page of notes today just trying to make sure I know exactly when everyone knows certain important facts and I don't screw it up.

I can also tell you that planting clues without making them anvils is not as easy as it looks! I want the eventual reaction to the resolution to be "of course! that's awesome!" not "ZOMGWTF?", so I need to lay the groundwork, and yet, of course, I don't want to give it all away.

IZ HARD. *sniff*

Anyway, it's a different process to writing Road to Tartarus, because that one was complete in itself, whereas Ariadne is ... the middle. There'll be another part covering "Season 4"-ish with the resolution, so I can't really resolve anything. It's making my inner structuralist very twitchy.

I suppose I should write, rather than bitching about it.

(and also I have claimed a prompt for [ profile] sg_rarepairings. Because I don't have enough to do this fall!)

ETA: okay, why did I not know until just now that anberlin covered "True Faith"? It's kind of weirding me out, yet I keep replaying it.
I do not understand this thing about people leaving their icons out for only a couple of days and then flocking them. WTF is that all about? It SEEMS like a naked, ego-centric attempt at increasing one's 'friend of' list. *rolls eyes* LAAAAAME

I was planning to try a vid for the [ profile] twelvecolonies challenge, but I still don't know which song I'd pick. I have a few I'd like to attempt, but the best one is too short, and the rest are all long. GAH. Bah, not that I can finish by Monday anyway - weekends are always impossible.

We heard the sonic boom of the shuttle landing earlier yesterday. That's always cool. (my window to post has been open two days, gah)

Today we went to the farmer's market and they had four different kinds of eggplant including the most adorable tiny ones. This afternoon we're off to meet friends and go gallery hopping. I need more coffee before art, I think.
Figures that when I finally get a chance to upload Road to Tartarus to after being gone for two weeks, the uploader's not working. *frowny face* All the maintainers must be at D*C.

Ariadne, my BSG Big Bang, has now crossed the 38,000 threshold and counting. You might notice that was originally going to come out before Big Bang, and then I was going to use the fourth and final story in the sequence as my Big Bang entry. I might - emphasis on MIGHT- be able to swing both, since they're both in various states of draft and fully plotted. But then again, I have kidlet until school starts next week. So, yeah, I dunno. Probably not if I'm honest.

In other news, it's 85 degrees inside my house. yuck. We're off to find some cool place somewhere.
I am... working on my Epic. So I am scarce still, for the next week or thereabouts. *big panic eyes* *gulp*

The hole toward the end I thought would be "short" turned out to be... not so much. Yeah. Dear Self, you KNOW when your note says something like "BIG FUCKING SPACE BATTLE AND SNARKY GOA'ULD" you might want to reconsider thinking it's going to be only a couple thousand words. So after chopping a good 10K words out of the draft, I'm putting them all back in. In a different place, but still. *sigh*


(and then I get a good laugh at the [ profile] bsg_bigbang status report posts. Thank goodness I have a big chunk of that already done. Not that it's helped Tartarus appreciably, but, at least I can pretend.)
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( Dec. 8th, 2008 08:22 am)
Kidlet had an "all about me" photo poster project for today, and so yesterday I grabbed a picture of Lightning McQueen to put on the poster as one of his favorite things. I downloaded it into my "My Downloads" folder, cuz that's where I keep all the stuff that isn't family pictures (those go in the My Pictures folder). Then I wanted to print it of course, so I opened it in the Gallery to use the printing wizard and it asked me if I wanted to import it into the Gallery. I said yes.

AND IT IMPORTED EVERYTHING in the folder: all my fannish pictures, my gazillion screencaps, and all my icons. Which is bad enough that the gallery is now unnecessarily cluttered with that stuff when it was all nicely organized in the other folder. But WORSE - it also imported all the TAGS. Pro photos can have a dozen tags imbedded... So I got new tags with exciting and useful organizational things like color, standing, one-shot, retouch, horizontal, hospital, boxing gloves, etc. Not to mention each collection (for the gazillion of Photo Bank pics) got its own tag.


So I started stripping the useless tags last night and decided I might as well start tagging them with useful tags (the imported tags didn't include the names of the people in the image which boggles my mind -- NBC tags by "color" and not by "Katee Sackhoff"? duh). Most weren't tagged at all though). OMG SO TEDIOUS.

But since they got mixed up with Rugrat as a baby, I got to AWWWW a lot. :)
Weekends are too busy. Relatives and birthday parties and driving all over the city - plus I had a headache. So all in all, not very fun.

I missed seeing one of our local gang members tag a wall by only two minutes. I went in to pick up the kid and when I came back out, the wall had a tag on it. And that is the joy of living in the big city. I think I saw the guys who did it too. Lucky me.

Last night, after doing nothing on the computer cuz I was just too tired, while I was going to bed, I figured out a way to finish this one scene. It had perfect dialogue, the whole package. OF COURSE I didn't write it down. And now all I remember is that it once existed. damn. I hate it when that happens!


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