Oh, um, so I had this post for TVD yesterday and I didn't quite finish it, and then it got lost in a firefox crash. :(

So here, have some short roundup notes for various shows of the last day three days...

TVD- Finale )

NIKITA GOT RENEWED. WOOT. All my comments on the episode are over here because woot, I am now a reviewer! So check it out! :D

I don't have much to say about Person of Interest, except that a stray comment on Tumblr has made me start writing AVENGERS/POI fic. Because John Reese needs to join SHIELD. And have a fling with Natasha. yes I realize Batman is not Marvel, but hush, it'll work. I'm already writing this fic. Because clearly the world is in NEED.

This is not even counting the Asgardian Family Shenanigans Part 2 I am writing.

you guys, I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS. AT ALL. I've been rather lukewarm to the other Marvel films as a general rule (that's why I didn't even see Thor when it was first out). Iron Man and Captain America were fine, serviceable films, but they didn't really make me feel fannish at all. I've never been into the Avengers as a comic, so this is ... really out of the fucking blue that I'm into it like this at all.

So, I'm sorry my BSG rewatch has been derailed (at the second episode! lol, wow I suck) into OMG!AVENGERS but, um, well, I caught the fever, I guess. :D
There's a whole lot of killin' goin' on 'round here.

TVD: Murder of One )

(and then there was a long pause in which I had to do other stuff. So moving on.)

Person of Interest - Identity Crisis )

I've also been watching Caviezel's movie Outlander, which is like a Skiffy Saturday night movie, but with a bigger budget. It went straight to video because the premise is ridiculous, but so far it's been better than I expected. I'm only halfway through it, so it may end badly, but so far it's watchable fun.
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( Mar. 26th, 2012 08:36 pm)
Finally caught up to Vampire Diaries )

I liked OUAT "Hat Trick" much better.

Go ask Alice )

Justified tomorrow, as it winds down the season; GoT starting. Fun trailers for DW... PoI returns Thurs after a zillion years of March Madness... Nikita is great fun; SPN was awesome.

Dang, there's a lot of tv I like right now/to come. And we haven't even sat down to watch Mad Men yet.
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( Mar. 16th, 2012 12:55 pm)
FMM is all over, Leslie won! My bracket was a DISASTER. Why you gotta go be all unpredictable, fandom? *shakes fist*

TVD was back last night!

1912 )

And no new Person of Interest as they take a break for March Madness basketball. *sniff*

New Nikita tonight though! yay!

and Fairly Legal is returning with more shirtless Trucco. DAY IS MADE.
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( Feb. 18th, 2012 10:59 pm)
Heh, I have a couple of comments welcoming me 'back to BSG' after I posted "Path of Most Resistance" over to ff.net. Er, no, folks, I didn't leave the fandom, I just don't post the sex there! (and also I forget it exists for months at a time, but that's a different problem)

I meant to double team my TVD comment with my PofI comments and then ran out of time, but now most of my thoughts are gone. just a few notes and my cabbage theory )

In news perhaps related to the above tonight I had an Asian Pear martini -- IT WAS DELICIOUS.
By which I mean Vampire Diaries and Person of Interest, not those half hour things. Because OMG they were both quite funny last night.

TVD: the one with the ball. oh wait, that doesn't narrow it down )

Person of Interest - the ONE WITH ROBIN )

*squishes her shows*
Ridiculously long new fic progressing. Full of 60% ridiculous timey-wimeyness. Also, the Doctor talks a lot (while reading about DW TIME THEORY, I read that Matt Smith read for John Watson, and my head kind of exploded. I knew he'd read for something, but I guess I had thought it was for Sherlock, because that makes sense. I am woefully ignorant of those things, I know.)

Anyway, I'll definitely need a beta to make sure his rambling is in-character rambling. If anyone is interested in Anders and Eleven, mostly gen with a bit of Sam/Kara toward the end. It's not done yet and it'll probably end up at 10K. (TIMEY WIMEY IS WORDY SORRY)

Also ridic? THOSE NEW TVD EW COVERS AND PICS. And Paul Wesley wanting a version with Trevino and Davis on either side of McQueen. LOLOL. Keep trolling, Paul. (it'll take about five seconds for them to plaster his trailer with those covers, I am sure, so he's starting on offense, hee).
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( Jan. 13th, 2012 12:52 am)
You guys, when did Thursday become a big night of t.v.? Oh that's right, it's ALWAYS been a big night for tv.

TVD Our Town )

Also, wow, the music has seemed particularly poorly balanced these last two eps, really trampling the spoken dialogue.
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( Jan. 11th, 2012 11:45 am)
I liked this episode a lot more than I thought I would, actually, having read some spoilers for it before I actually saw it.

I don't have much new to add to what people already have, but here's some extra bonus thoughts on Elena and Stefan (separately).

Vampire Diaries )

Well, better get this up before tomorrow.
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( Oct. 21st, 2011 03:45 pm)
ok, take 2....

Vampire Diaries )

Person of Interest )

And I watched the pilot for Once Upon a TIme which is streaming on IMDB before it premieres on Sunday.  It was better and more fun than I expected, actually, so I'll stick with it at least a few more and see how it goes.
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( Oct. 14th, 2011 01:05 pm)
Day 2 of attempting fic and plotting new stories. I discovered I'm incapable of plotting on the computer. I can outline and write down something after I've figured it out, but I can't brainstorm that way. But pencil to paper? So much better.

Is anyone else as ridiculously in love with the Geico guinea pig commercial as I am? "It's such a simple word. 'row'." TEEEEEE HEEEEE.

Vampire Diaries: the Reckoning )
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( Sep. 30th, 2011 01:30 pm)
I'm still kind of still trying to process The End of the Affair.

Random Thoughts )

I feel like there's so much more to say about this, but that's enough for now.
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( Sep. 23rd, 2011 01:54 pm)
Goodness, there's suddenly TOO MUCH TV. there already weren't enough hours in the day, and now there are even fewer.

So, two I wanted to blabber about -- TVD- The Hybrid and Person of Interest.

First, Person of Interest.


ONTO Vampire Diaries for more darkly humorous proceedings:


and now I will finish formatting part 4 of the fic.
so this morning I watched Secret Circle. Now mind you, I was not intending to watch the show at all because I already knew just from the previews that the magic would be ridiculous, And that poorly structured, unlimited magik just irritates me, as it does frequently on TVD. (I like Bonnie fine, but her use as a deus ex magica is argh)

However, I realized that the show films in Vancouver, and I'm a sucker for Bingo. (yes, I did just tell you that I checked out a show just because I can play 'spot the actor' with it.) Since I liked Britt Robertson and Thomas Dekker well enough, I started to watch. a few comments and minor spoilers )

But really, I have to laugh at myself. The girl, I don't even know her character's name, but the one that talked the least with the curly hair. I totally recognized her as the alien chick who was spying on John May's son in V. I have perhaps, watched that episode a FEW too many times to remember her from that, Vancouver Bingo or not.

I still like the pilot of 'Homeland' best of the ones I've seen so far. I'll continue with both Ringer (in the hopes that they figure out what show they're actually in), and Secret Circle, at least for now.

And in returning shows: Vampire Diaries: the Stefan Crazy Train )

tonight, I was depressed to realize it's not Nikita coming back, though. I thought because of TVD, it would come back too. BUT NO, I have to wait for more sexybadasstiem til next week. woe.
My brain is somehow convinced that I need to make a Stefan vid to Foo Fighters "Rope". But since my brain is also convinced I need S.3, it conveniently puts off the making of said phantom vid. Yeah, I don't know.

Anyway it got me thinking about Stefan and S.3 And, like many of us, I'm of two minds: I don't knooooooow )

In other tv news,

Instead of watching "Ringer" last night I watched the pilot of "Homeland", the upcoming Showtime series with Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, about a soldier who returns from 8 years as a prisoner in Iraq and the CIA analyst who believes that he was turned in captivity and may be part of a terrorist plot. It's something like "Sleeper Cell", for those who saw that, and anchored by the two leads, who are both awesome - (Morena Baccarin is also good as his wife). Spy shenanigans of the modern, real variety, not James Bond. Check it out streaming for free in various places before it starts on Showtime in October. Definitely made me want to see more!
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( Jul. 29th, 2011 09:18 am)
After thoughtful consideration (my brain: "this doesn't exist, it must exist, therefore I will make it! at once!") I created

[community profile] elena_stefan

All Dreamwidth fans of Elena, Stefan, and Elena/Stefan from The Vampire Diaries are welcome!

And now we will have an alternate clubhouse JUST IN CASE.

All written for:

(and not one of them is happy fluff. :( sorry, all)

Conflagration, Elena/Stefan, pg
Everybody fights Klaus.

Until we meet once more , Elena/Stefan, pg
Elena's phone rings.

Existence is a coffin , Stefan (Stefan/Klaus, Stefan/Elena), R
Stefan escapes Klaus. Briefly.
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( May. 15th, 2011 07:30 pm)

My entry:
light a candle , Elena/Stefan. pg.

(click on banner for other prompts/fic. There are lots. S2 finale spoilers.)
So I'll take this lunch to scribble down some things on both the TVD and Nikita finales.

As I Lay Dying )

I... just blew all the thinky thought above, so I don't have any left for Nikita. But this show just keeps shaking things up amazingly. More later, maybe.
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( Apr. 29th, 2011 07:50 pm)


I did not freak out, I didn't even talk to him, (he probably didn't even know I recognized him).
It was however definitely him, despite his attempt to go "incognito" -- because he said his name while he was on the phone making dinner reservations.

my one Stealthy Phone pic )

I was either giving him his space or I was a big chicken. I'm not sure. :)

Belated SQUEEE. *G*

(My comments for last night's ep are in the previous post, fyi)


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