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( Mar. 8th, 2014 05:06 pm)
First of all, TWELVE COLONIES!!! The BSG Landcomm is BACK for games and bad art and friendly competition!! (ok, some people do good art things; I'm not one of them)!! it's fun. We play battleship. IT IS AWESOME.


GO here to sign up and tell 'em I sent you

This has all happened before and it will happen again...

So I had a whole thing about the Oscars on Monday and didn't post it, and now it feels irrelevant. So. moving on. (except how i find it hilarious that Jared Leto couldn't even get his statue out of the freaking building without damaging it. dude, were you drunk already? lol)

I'm blacklisting all Cap2 stuff at this point - I remember how many clips Disney/Marvel released for IM3 and TDW and I am wise to them and their spoilerrific ways as we get closer to release. I think I know all I need to already. *frowny face*

Today was Little League opening day, as well as the first game of the season. And it was sunny and warm, and quite lovely though I got a bit sunburned on my cheeks. Kiddo got one of the few hits for his team (because pitching is terrible so almost everyone gets walked). Spouse got lured into being scorekeeper which is some kind of karma for something, heh.
Project for [ profile] twelvecolonies to photoshop BSG characters into another show.

Since I was thinking about robots and people named Sam --

Kara and Sam pose while wary for another Decepticon attack )
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( Jul. 23rd, 2012 03:29 pm)
My rewatch post of BSG: Six Degrees through Hand of God

Longmire review, ep 8 "Henry goes a-tracking"

Saw TDKR on Saturday. Catwoman is awesome. Bruce is awesome. Actually all the characters get great moments. Me and hubby now really want to see the IMAX version.

Otherwise, fannishly, I've been trying very hard to work on this NPT Ficathon draft due Wed. It is still eluding me to some extent, but I think I have some of it going finally.

Just read that Sally Ride passed away. So sad. She came to UCSD when I was there, and she was one of my roommate's professors, but sadly I never met her. :(

ETA: Attention Team Basestar, we have a date for Battleship! I almost missed it in my flist, so just trying to spread the word, since it's coming up very quickly on us!
[ profile] twelvecolonies is doing a superhero challenge. I did try [ profile] lyssie's idea of Apollo and Midnighter with Apollo and Sam, because it would be awesome, I am not nearly talented enough to add those suits to them without it looking really terrible. So instead I did something a bit easier with a photo source and it turned out okay. I'm fond of it actually because of the crackiness. ;)

BSG/Watchmen )

nope haven't written a thing in two days, in case you can't tell. hee
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( May. 2nd, 2012 10:02 am)
The Battlestar Galactica "land" comm NEEDS YOU. Or actually TEAM BASESTAR needs you! We are underscribed and while Cylons are superstrong and work well in a team, we work best with OVERWHELMING NUMBERS.

or at least even ones.

Twelve Colonies is a "land" comm, based on [ profile] whedonland and its ilk - it's a game community with games and puzzles, challenges, fic writing, graphic making for points, and at the end of the round we play Battleship for victory! You don't have to be particularly talented at anything (trust me, I submitted a header made in Paint last year!), since it's mostly participation that matters.

Team Basestar needs you. SIGN UP HERE

(If you've played before, you still need to sign up. We started from scratch. And say I sent you. *g*)

It's super fun! Feel free to ask me questions if you're interested.
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( May. 4th, 2011 02:26 pm)
- I'm still a bit grumpy that anberlin is playing with 30 Seconds to Mars in every (most) concert except the one I saw. (reminded because shuffle just tossed Neon Trees at me, who opened for them last year). Why did we have someone sucky? :(

- Speaking of, I am voting in a silly poll - 30STM vs linkin park -- and now all I can think of is how awesome it would be to have Chester and Jared swap vocals on, say, The Kill and What I've Done. Internet gods, get on that!

- Yay Cylons for Round 4 of [ profile] twelvecolonies!!! Wow, what a nail-biter. And a clever crazy last-second sneak attack from behind! :D

- Tonite! The season finale of Justified. HOLY MACKEREL SOME STUFF HAPPENING TONITE. Hard to believe the season's over so soon. It's been quite a ride.

- and also, yay, for a well-timed comment on an oldish story! always feels so nice. :)
Kara/Sam and Eleventh Doctor
Set in the middle of BSG Taking a Break and S.6 Doctor Who
Sam and Kara encounter the Doctor.
600 words
Written quickly for [ profile] twelvecolonies promptathon.

(Um, so, my first DW fic? Hopefully it's not too awful)

Encounter )
So, Baron Vaughn insists that really was Trucco on Twitter last week. I had come to the conclusion that it was actually Baron himself playing a prank, after USA said it was an imposter, because the Twitter stream between them was odd. That was one of the reasons I bought into it at first, because it wasn't Random Imposter just getting on Twitter and @'d at BV. There had been some communication between them first, in which I presumed BV had verified it. He's apparently the go-to guy for Twitter, since now Virginia Williams is, really, truly on there now, after sitting with him at lunchtime. So. If it wasn't a practical joke (I'd think Baron would cop to that when talking to a VP of his own network, or at least not insist it was real). That means one of two things: one, that was a GOOD fake with enough knowledge to still be fooling BV. Or two, it really was him (and Sandra) and possibly the rest of us scared him off. :(

It's a bit funny since the guy I thought would NEVER give in (Paul Wesley) apparently bowed to pressure from everyone else and possibly as a means to stop all the damn fakes from popping up like weeds and has now joined up.

I now have more followers on my Trucco Photo Tumblr (fuckyeahmichaeltrucco) than I do on my own Twitter (lizatLAX).

I love Helo too, but c'mon. Which one ended on Earth with his loving wife and daughter, and which one got shot, put in a coma and thrown into the sun?


please? please?
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( Oct. 11th, 2010 08:13 pm)
Someone on the Ellen Show's Facebook posted a link to the Facing Kate/Fairly Legal Promo I put on YouTube. The hits, they have ASPLODED. (relatively. y'know. For me.)

Otherwise, as I vaguely promised last week at some point, here's the wrap up on my [ profile] twelvecolonies challenge stuff:

- one photo image blend

- three song parodies called "Kara's Favorite Things", "Cylon Number Six", and "The Ballad of Anders"


My artistic skillzzz - the image blend )

Three song parodies )

And yes, that last one is really long. I got just a tiny bit carried away.
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( Oct. 5th, 2010 09:32 am)
CYLON DANCE PARTY! Cylons won the [ profile] twelvecolonies round 3!


I need to collect all the ridiculousnes I did for the final battle stuff.

In other ridiculousess, Hawaii 5-0 continues to be shiny and pretty and lulzy.

(On a serious note, I'm glad they're bringing out the point that there are intra-Asian divisions on Hawaii. And really, I'm pretty impressed overall with their handling of cultural matters. Someone's got their eye on the ball there.)

HOWEVER, back to the Lulz.




(okay, back to Big Bang)
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( Sep. 30th, 2010 01:30 pm)
argh! How am I supposed to sing the [ profile] twelvecolonies song for our epic battle when I can't find the microphone for my computer? Perhaps we should've thought about this BEFORE the last minute, Liz? What secret, dark cubby did I put it in that I can't find it now?

I don't think I've seen it since the LAST 12C parody song-fest, so it could be anywhere. damn. I don't have time to look for it much more either, since I'm away this weekend. bah. I have a mic in my camera attached to the laptop, but I think it's pretty crappy. mm, decisions...

Don't forget the Epic Battle Cylon brothers and sisters!
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( Aug. 31st, 2010 08:28 pm)
First, Happy Birthday to [ profile] greycoupon! Yes, it's still the right day, at least here! :)

Second, I did a picspam for [ profile] twelve_colonies over at [ profile] picspammy:

Ten Favorite Things from BSG and Stargate SG-1, Side by Side
Mine is here.
And [ profile] iwishiwerekerry (my partner-in-crime for this challenge)'s is here.

Third, this is my last night here. BOOOOO for the end of vacation!
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( Aug. 26th, 2010 10:36 pm)
We have returned from four days (sans internet, ONOES!) on the Big Island of Hawaii. It's been beautiful and sunny with occasional political campaigning (the primary election is very soon and there are signs EVERYWHERE).

Oh, and the car accident. It was actually kind of hilarious, since no one was hurt. We stayed with relatives over there, and one of them managed to back into our rental car. In their own driveway. OOPS.

And yesterday, while walking on the recent but cold lava field in the south, where there is nothing but black rock for five hundred meters in every direction, kiddo picked up a chunk and threw it. It landed PERFECTLY on top of hubby's head. I saw it coming down and couldn't believe it was going to hit him. So we decided to leave that island before someone landed in the hospital.. hee.

Alas, no hot lava sighting this trip, but I do have some cool pics of other stuff to share once I get home to upload them.

Fannishly speaking, I scribbled on my Big Bang and THANK THE LORDS OF KOBOL the deadline has been extended because the last part was going to be a load of hasty crap. I also keep getting slightly confused with Black Sails, since I've reached the part in the plot(s) where they run parallel to each other, but the character mix is different ('wait, D'Anna's where again??').

I also need to work on my picspam for Twelve Colonies in the next day or two -- I have the pics but I need to do something a bit more interesting than shove them into a table. bah.
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( Mar. 13th, 2010 12:25 am)
I finished my mix covers for [ profile] twelve_colonies. I always like them, until I see what other people do. *sigh* But at least it'll be an entry. Otherwise, I wrote some Viper flirting.

In rather humorous RL news, I transferred the Family Goldfish into her new bigger tank. She flopped out of the net onto the kitchen counter, and for an instant I thought she might flop her way to the edge and fall to the floor. But I managed to scoop her up in both hands and put her in, seemingly none the worse for wear. After a few minutes of FISH FREAKOUT, she settled down and seemed to enjoy her spacious new digs. As much as a goldfish can be said to enjoy anything I guess.
Phew! I finally cracked the dreaded 25K for my mininano. YAY.

Now to put it in some sort of readable fashion before the deadline tomorrow. (a.ka. add more words since I have part of the ending taking up some of that minimum, and not the middle.)

It is not, shall we say, a masterwork of literature. :)
Yep, so the crackfic is now over 4K words by some weird urge in my brain, so now I'm thinking it might work for the [ profile] twelve_colonies Mini-Nano. This was not exactly the story I intended to write for that, but it's going and the other is not, so I might as well go with it.

I fail at short, yes.
For any Paramore fans: amazon is selling the MP3 download of Paramore's Brand New Eyes album for 3.99 !!

I'm waiting the results of the [ profile] twelve_colonies. HOW MUCH FUN WAS THAT???? Also, I am a bad Cylon for completely frakking up on two of the games there at the end -- writing ones at that. SORRY TEAM. MASSIVE FAIL.

Tee VEE time!

FlashForward and Forgotten and other shows beginning with F )

Ok, I'm sorry, I find it utterly hilarious that Woody Allen is calling for Roman Polanski's release.
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( Jul. 16th, 2009 08:58 pm)
You want to join the Basestar? SURE YOU DO.
(or you could join the Galactica Team or the Colonial Team, if you want. Three teams. Challenges. FUN SILLY STUFF. Just like [ profile] whedonland or Abramsville or WTH that one's called.)

Go to [ profile] twelvecolonies and join in the game. SIGN UP

just in case you haven't been spammed by this enough yet

I should have some other content to make up for the pimpage you've probably all really sick of.


It was hot today.

There's a new show in the Science Channel called "Draining the Ocean" about what the ocean floor would look like if there was no water. It looks cool.

Trader Joe's has squeezable applesauce.

Emmy Nominations: I love that "Dirty Jobs" got a nom. I'm glad Michael Emerson was nominated for LOST, and that at least "the Incident" was able to break Mad Men's hilarious stranglehold on the writing category (even though I don't think it was the best written of the season's episodes). But I'm actually more interested in the Tubey results.


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