You guys, I am so sad about the [profile] f_march_madness BSG bracket. Not for any reason you might think, though -- For awhile there were absolutely NO votes for the Blood&Chrome people (not counting Bill I suppose), even though B&C got BSG in the bracket at all. IT WAS PERFECT. now it's ruined. WOE. Otherwise, it's a boring poll, because it's pretty much exactly the same percentages as last year. Actually almost all the character races are boring, tbh. Hopefully the game gets more interesting when the matchups begin because so far it's mostly a snoozefest.

I was going to mention the Tricia Helfer new pilot - Killer Women, now with Michael Trucco! I had been thinking Trucco had to have an offer of some kind, because he didn't seem to be hitting pilot season very hard, which he theoretically should be otherwise, with FairlyLegal done and clearly he's not going back to Revenge. (lol. no.) Actually now that I think about it, maybe he has a holding deal at ABC (or whoever), since the Killer Women thing seemed to be a bit last minute, as if he was runner up for someone who didn't work out. I am however bummed that they're shooting in TX and not NM, since Longmire just started filming S2 and I still desperately want him to have a guest role on that show and it seems a bit more likely if he was around. Anyway, I know better than to get too excited about pilots since so many fall through, but at least there's another try for both of them!

Though LOL siblings. Is this the new interation of the love triangle curse? Now, instead of getting to frak the girl but not keep her, now he's HER BROTHER? FU show. Hopefully they have some tragic backstory of being young orphans and being separated most of their lives. And he married her BFF because her BFF is bi, and enjoys their 'cesty threesomes. THERE SHOW. FIXED IT.
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( Nov. 1st, 2012 05:51 pm)
Now that Fairly Legal is officially dead, please feel free to cast Michael Trucco as a dashing SHIELD agent. He would look good with Ming-Na, which I knew years ago. Thankyou.

(it's sort of possible at least? Trucco's definitely Whedon-adjacent at this point - mostly since he's BFFs with Fillion - and I WOULD DIE OF THE AWESOME.)
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( Jul. 5th, 2012 07:44 pm)
First, because [ profile] kleenexcow asked, Here is my picspam post for the source for the post's icon. Trucco. Boykissing. You're welcome. ;)

Icon meme beneath )

Fannishly, I signed up for Kink Bingo again, and my first porny idea has already transmuted itself into some kind of Loki character study. Self, we got all kinds of fic to do first, so cut it out.

Otherwise I have had a busy week with kiddo and hubby both on vacay this week, so even though we're not going away this week, it's been a whole parade of activity. Today we took the new Expo line light rail which is pretty awesome, made the trip so easy. It's so weird to think that we're basically restoring what used to exist in LA almost a hundred years ago. We saw the tent which will house the space shuttle (while the museum is under construction) when it comes this fall. That's gonna be so cool.
First, my BSG rewatch post for 33/Water/Bastille Day is OVER HERE. And don't be shy about commenting either.

Also because it's Michael Trucco's birthday today I have made silly graphics. (ONOES)

The medieval AU... )

I'm also posting pics at the tumblr today ( which point out that certain themes and images appear OVER AND OVER in his career. I think it's pretty funny.
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( Mar. 27th, 2012 07:16 pm)
Tahmoh Penikett's episode of Fairly Legal (Bait and Switch) airs this Friday, so if you want an extra dose of tall hot menfolk, I'm letting you know in advance. :D

Humorously, the FairlyLegal official twitter asked what Tahmoh and Trucco have in common (BSG obvs). So I told them Eliza Dushku. Try to play Six Degrees with me, will ya? HA.

Because 30 votes make me sad. You guys, the TODDLER from Modern Family, who's only said like three words (okay, one of 'em was fuck, but still), has 70 votes. She was played by an actual DOLL half the time in previous seasons. HOW IS THIS RIGHT?? *heaves a big sad sigh for the STATE OF HUMANITY*

and in the meantime Trucco continues to be adorkable on Twitter on his second day. I'm fairly sure he resisted so long because he knew it would out him as being so DAMN ENTERTAINING. I knew he'd be adorb with Sandra, and they are. But also JR Bourne called him his best friend and said MT gave him his bike for his B-day, and I about died from the strength of their BFF-ery.

Twitter: there to get you overinvested in the lives of strangers. So weird, when you think about it, and yet delightful.

Anyway, in other FMM thoughts )

Going back to Twitter. can't stop. won't stop.
Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture you guys.


I'm kind of annoyed that my crosspost from FYMTrucco tumblr to the twitter account doesn't give me the caption anymore. BOOOOO. Now twitter subscribers can't tell what the picture is anymore, that's stupid.

But new pics have gotten me back to tumblr now that I have stuff to post again, at least a few things.
In case anyone is as all excited about this as I am. Look, it's been a BILLIONTY YEARS since that Trucco HIMYM guest appearance and knowing that Fairly Legal isn't until FREAKING APRIL is just a big fat mean tease.



I'm hoping I can see at least some of it live (I do get the East Coast feed of USA at least!), but my family members often get between me and my TV Boyfriend, so we'll see. I'll join as soon as I can.

In the meantime have a poll:
[Poll #1793771]

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( Nov. 8th, 2011 05:39 pm)
I'm not ahead, but at least I've caught up with the PURPLE LINE OF DOOM (which is far less DOOM-Y this year. I like it better as a bigger bolder more intimidating line, I think). Of course, I got caught up by writing the worst load of crap writing possibly ever, but NEVER MIND.

I er, also may have been working on Black Sails as I'm now in the bits where I'm stitching together a bunch of scenes I already wrote (I have mentioned I often write out of order) into one big chapter. So it's kind of like working on a second draft already at least for this part, since there's bits I have to move around and clip and redo.

But it's good I finally caught up on NaNo because I told myself I couldn't watch any of the shows I missed last week while I was away OR Psych this week if I wasn't caught up.


I was thinking of a discussion post, but is that silly? IDEK.
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( Nov. 2nd, 2011 11:56 pm)
(I'm sorry to put this up so late, but since I'm leaving on travel tomorrow and have no idea what my net access will be like - and it was too frakking good NOT to share... so I hope people don't miss it!)

video clip embed )

plus episode stills )



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( Oct. 17th, 2011 10:59 am)
To celebrate that I actually purchased Meteor Storm on DVD, despite having a perfectly adequate downloaded copy (I know, I know), I MADE A GIF.

Yes, My very first gif ever! Honestly, these two? MICHAEL TRUCCO AND KARI MATCHETT MAKE THE MOVIE SO WORTHWHILE.

I am not biased at all. nope. *shifty eyes*

which I will put behind a cut, because it's a bit large... )

The movie is utterly ridiculous, but WHATEVER. The hotness and adorableness are worth every second!

(and speaking of Trucco, don't forget that [ profile] pyramidofdreams is still posting fic! Lots of Kara/Sam goodies to read!)
Trucco, TV, and music. And fanfic, I suppose makes four. :)

I've been making a Black Sails fanmix. Like it's that close to done. Which it's not (though it is closer, so that's a yay). But I can tell you, you know your fic is deep in your brain when you wake up with "Helter Skelter" stuck in it, even when you haven't heard the song in months. Well, OOOOKAY THEN BRAIN. (but you couldn't have chosen a track that's already on my machine? hrmpf)

Not news, but Michael Trucco remains hot.

here, have another Trucco photo from PSYCH  )

I have this unshakeable belief that he and JR Bourne get together weekly to drink and mock the hell out of Teen Wolf.

Haven't watched 'Covert Affairs' this season, but I'm in for the Auggie backstory ep tonight.

Also, I'm enjoying 'Falling Skies' quite a bit. it's unspinning the mythology at a lovely pace and I'm liking the characters more and more. I think I see a bit of Verheiden's hand in last week's when Anne admitted she didn't have anything to put on the wall -- I'm sure it occurred to him during Bsg that not everyone would have something to put up the memorial wall. It would hurt a lot to know you have nothing left (especially when you have to watch someone else get something else back). Poor Anne - she killed that scene.
I have finally now officially caught up on all Eleventh Doctor eps. I had tried to watch Cold Blood when I DVR'd it from a marathon on BBCA a few weeks back but something happened in the broadcast/recording so the picture kept downgrading and pixelating into unwatchability. So I had to find it another way. ahem.

DW - some thoughts  )

And in far less serious business stuff, it's Michael Trucco's Birthday today.

41 fabulous years of ever-increasing handsomeness and wonderfulness.

(I mean, seriously, I've never heard a bad word. He gets along with everybody, is unfailingly awesome at cons, funny as hell, still madly in love with his wife, and gets better-looking. HOW IS HE REAL? )

Here, have a gif and picspam from my Fuckyeahmichaeltrucco spam posts today.


May there be many many more!
First, Trucco will be on Psych this fall, YAY. As a baseball player who I'm sure will be the killer (cuz - yeah. ALWAYS) but that should be fun. It makes me think of what other USA channel shows he can cross-pollinate. Number one choice is Covert Affairs as a mysterious old flame in Joan's past, of course, but so many options!

So for my fuckyeahmichaeltrucco tumblr I wanted to do something fun to celebrate follower milestones, so I have the Now-and-Then project. Which is Wee!Trucco compared to modern ... IT IS SO FUNNY.

This has all happened before... )

ok, I think it's funny. I am however easily amused. :)
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( May. 21st, 2011 12:08 am)
organizational fail...
I know I wrote a short AU fic in which Kara watches as Sam gets airlocked. I posted it. It is not in my index (which I'm trying to update which is why I'm looking), I did not tag it. gah!!!
Where is it????


oh, crap. I shouldn't have mentioned the special project for the 100th follower celebration for Fuck Yeah Michael Trucco because followers have abruptly come out of the woodwork. I haven't actually done it yet. And I have no time this weekend. erm. It will be delayed. a bit. This one will be pics, but I'm going to make a vid for some later milestone, I think. That'll be fun.

I'm also writing Justin-is-John-May. Although it's kind of the same scene I did in Determined Spirits- Kate discovers her bf is actually an alien. hell, their names are even the same. So maybe it's kind of lame,but heck, if I didn't rewrite my own themes how would you know it was me? :)
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( May. 2nd, 2011 02:14 pm)
Crush is listed for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER tonight!

Hopefully we will get more questionable fashion sense.

ETA: OR NOT. Bah. That means his second ep is still to come.
Michael Trucco will be on How I Met Your Mother tonight, 8 pm, as Robin's Object of Lustful Thoughts. (um, me, too, Robin! Let's party together!)

So, between that, and the many adorkable faces he made during the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race on Saturday, I FEEL A PICSPAM COMING ON.

But just FYI - HE PLACED SECOND. (in the celeb category, and third overall). You go and be your fast, bad self Trucco. UNF.

I only belatedly realized that he and Brian Austin Green were actually in the same episodes back in their 90210 days. hee. I wonder if they talked about it, or even remembered since it was awhile ago and Trucco was only around for a few eps. Speaking of Brian, I thought Megan didn't attend, since I saw no photos of her while trawling the net, but apparently she was but avoided the cameras somehow. Brian came up eighth, this year, after the handicap of having to start in the back.

In the category of "Lawyers Spoil the Fun" -- After posting the fasted time despite rolling his car in the preliminary race on Fri, Stephen Moyer had to withdraw from the race overnight. I'm guessing insurance refused to cover his absence from the show if he was injured, and so HBO said... "Uh. Stephen. NO." He looks a bit bumm ed in some of his pics with Anna, watching the race.

But I've seen a couple of interviews with him, and man, he is SO ... I don't know. So UNLIKE Bill, just lively and fun and witty. And better looking in RL, too (their makeup for him on TB is esp unkind).

And in other vampire news, I am putting together a theory about the season finale for Vampire Diaries.

And also taxes. oops. :(
Each year, as part of the Long Beach Grand Prix (one of the few car races in the US done on the city streets), Toyota runs the Pro/Celebrity race for charity. Last year, Brian Austin Green won, which was cool. And I certainly paid more attention to his race than I have before, with other celebs I'm not as much a fan of. (like, I vaguely knew when Keanu Reeves won a few years back but it wasn't as interesting)

However. This year? I'm scheming to actually attend, even though I know NOTHING about car racing. Because Michael Trucco's in the race. :D :D

some pics and blathering )

Next thing you know I'll be getting a motorcycle thanks to all my celeb crushes... :)
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( Mar. 24th, 2011 01:50 pm)
Ok, LJ ate my first attempt and since then I've found out information that makes this a bit less squeeworthy.


Michael Trucco's going to be on HIMYM as Robin's boyfriend/love interest. There is, at least in rumor, a potential for it to be recurring, but at least for now he's scheduled only for April 18. E!Kristin's now not only repeating the TVGuide spec as fact, she doesn't even get the one fact straight that he appears in April, not May. *rolls eyes*

LOL I'm pretty sure it says "specializes in triangles and instigating ship wars" on his resume, by now.

ETA (because LJ STILL rejecting my posts that have anything to do with 17th P) --
This clears the way for him to join the 17th Precinct cast reunion for an ep, because that would be FABULOOOS. And he can have a hot fling with Morgana, because, JFC, I have wanted that since those first spoilers of a CapricaSix hook up with "someone unexpected".
So, Baron Vaughn insists that really was Trucco on Twitter last week. I had come to the conclusion that it was actually Baron himself playing a prank, after USA said it was an imposter, because the Twitter stream between them was odd. That was one of the reasons I bought into it at first, because it wasn't Random Imposter just getting on Twitter and @'d at BV. There had been some communication between them first, in which I presumed BV had verified it. He's apparently the go-to guy for Twitter, since now Virginia Williams is, really, truly on there now, after sitting with him at lunchtime. So. If it wasn't a practical joke (I'd think Baron would cop to that when talking to a VP of his own network, or at least not insist it was real). That means one of two things: one, that was a GOOD fake with enough knowledge to still be fooling BV. Or two, it really was him (and Sandra) and possibly the rest of us scared him off. :(

It's a bit funny since the guy I thought would NEVER give in (Paul Wesley) apparently bowed to pressure from everyone else and possibly as a means to stop all the damn fakes from popping up like weeds and has now joined up.

I now have more followers on my Trucco Photo Tumblr (fuckyeahmichaeltrucco) than I do on my own Twitter (lizatLAX).

I love Helo too, but c'mon. Which one ended on Earth with his loving wife and daughter, and which one got shot, put in a coma and thrown into the sun?


please? please?


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