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( Sep. 10th, 2012 09:21 am)
Thank you for the birthday wishes! (and happy birthday to [ profile] centerspire today, if she's around! )

It wasn't the... um, best of birthdays, it turns out. There was a school picnic on that day and something I ate must have disagreed with me terribly either there or earlier, because I had to go home and just feel icky for awhile. So birthday dinner has been postponed. :(

But I did receive an awesome present from mrLiz and the kidlet:

photo under the cut of my Snowglobe of EVIL )

We saw it at the Disney store on our vacation and since I'm a Maleficient fan, MrLiz knew I'd love it. :) especially the Dragon part. Maleficient the Dragon is pretty much my most favorite part of any Disney movie ever and is the reason I usually claim Sleeping Beauty as my favorite Disney movie, even if it's probably not true overall.

And in the "Present to myself" department - I saw it was about to be sold out so I broke down and ordered the Hot Toys Loki. I already have the Black Widow on order (as part of a X-mas present "swap" with hubby, who wanted the Catwoman), so now all three will be able to make out stand next to each other and be awesome. (as if D will ever take the Catwoman out of the box.ha!)

y'know, it must be weird to have toys made of you that look so much like you. When the likenesses were terrible it was probably easier to shrug off, but now, some of these are so SPOT ON it must be a little odd. Seriously, that Black Widow looks like they miniaturized ScarJo through some kind of magic. D thought it was a placeholder photo still at first, not the prototype.
Dear Asgard Family Shenanigans story, you aren't supposed to be doing this. You were supposed to be a nice short sequel and then I could get back to badass spies, and instead you've become this heart-wrenching epic. Stupid families with your stupid faces.

In news not entirely unrelated I now possess (okay, kiddo possesses) the Quinjet Lego playset which comes with Thor, Loki, Ironman, and Black Widow! It is awesome. You know I have Avengers Fever when I didn't even notice that the lego store had LOTR legos until kiddo dragged me the second time through, and yet I'd already figured out that Loki is in three of the four playsets, but the Quinjet one was the only one with Natasha and Thor and therefore the one we would be getting, despite the tragic lack of Hawkeye. *sigh*

I should do Action Figure Theater again. heh.
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( Aug. 13th, 2010 02:05 pm)
Yes, I should be doing a million other things to get ready for the family vacation right now.

Instead I am making grabby hands at the R2-D2 version of the new Droid2 phone. There are pics now from Star Wars Celebration, and OMG, that is one geektastic phone.
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( Feb. 24th, 2010 03:28 pm)
Why is it every day that I plan to go take pics for Action Figure Theater outside, IT RAINS? harumpf. WEATHER, YOU ARE NOT COOPERATING WITH MY CRACK.

Speaking of crack, I asked Diamond Select if they were EVER actually going to make that figure of Ba'al or not, now that they're not even bothering to pretend to have an Estimated Delivery date anymore. Sadly, no one has answered me yet. Not looking good, though. *cries*

I'll have to console myself with Leoben who's FINALLY on the way. \o/

In RL news, I got my hair cut today and it bothers kidlet that it's so short now. SO HE MADE ME PAPER EXTENSIONS and taped them into my hair. I ask you, who needs a hair salon when you can have a six-year-old cut and color some paper?
[ profile] rhoboat is the winner of Action Figure Theater! But you should all be glad, since I'm pretty sure this is an auction that everyone wins! :D

super sekrit message to the winner )
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( Jan. 13th, 2010 08:31 pm)
I am offering Action Figure Theater in the [ profile] help_haiti Auction. (yes, inspired by [ profile] abyssinia4077 because good ideas are there to be stolen!)

Some of you may recall the halcyon days of Action Figure Theater in this LJ. I have, sadly, not done it lately. This was the last time. I think..

Fandoms are BSG and SG1. Both 6" and Minimates for BSG. If you have a particular crack desire, I actually have lots of other figures, including X-Men, Babylon 5, and lots of LotR, etc.

My thread is here for bidding
Some of you may have seen this already, but this is the front page of the little ad brochure that goes with the Mini-Vehicles for Minimates.

(I now have a Mini!Raider. IT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER OMG!)

Someone has a sense of humor at Diamond Select Toys )

What? Accuracy in Minimates is VERY IMPORTANT! *cough*
No beach today, but the food obsession continued! We met with hubby's aunt at the big mall for lunch (mmm. haupia, which is sort of coconut jell-o) and passed various Obama landmarks from when he went to school in Hawaii. We also went to the Disney store and found the most adorable M-O (from Wall-E), who can actually clean! And okay, so it's basically a mini-carpet sweeper that can only pick up teeny bits of paper, but still! It has a little bin for debris even. (And I might be more in love with it than Kidlet, yes)

I also got new nice flip-flops, to replace the ones I've killed on the beach. Banana ice cream for dessert. yum. (and salad for dinner to try to make up for all the rest...) Beach yesterday but it was windy and rough, so we didn't get in the water much. But we were well equipped with sand toys which seemed to be enough to be entertaining.

Man, this chair in front of the computer is just hideous. It kills my back instantly and is seriously interfering with my writing. ow.

I got the news that my Ellen/Simon and Sam/Tory minis are being shipped to my house! That means I will have ALL THE CYLONS!! (I "made" a Sam before out of a Helo body, Lee head and somebody's brown hair, but the one with the tattoo is SO CUTE OMG).
In fannish news,

For those of you who got the Best Buy version of BSG 4.0 because it came with half the Last Supper photo and you are DYING to have the other half of it (like me) --

Best Buy is doing the other half.

It appears to come with Bill Adama's dogtags this time, by the photo. Which doesn't excite me, but maybe the A/R shippers will appreciate it.

Now, if only money would fall from the sky so I could get the Blu-Ray complete series....

ETA: There's going to be a Sawyer/Juliet two-pack of action figures! DAMN IT I DO NOT NEED MOAR OF THESE....
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( Jul. 10th, 2009 09:07 pm)
HEE! My Toys R Us RULES, man.

I have Longshot, plus wee!Kara and Leoben and wee!Cavil (because, srsly, how can I not have an evil mastermind minimate?)

So check your local TRU. The minimates might be in the Marvel section, because (at least in my store) they shelved them with the Marvel/Wolverine minimates, not with the 7" figures.
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( Jul. 8th, 2009 02:58 pm)
My Wee!Doral and Stealth Cylon Minimate came. SO CUTE.

And also BBTS is hilarious - so I get one small package with two Minimates. The package is maybe the sze of two pieces of bread. The box it shipped in, is bigger than a shoebox with all kinds of bubble wrap.

The funny part?

The Minimate box was crushed all to hell.

I don't really care, since I take them out, except y'know I don't need to pay for all that shipping if you're just going to give me a crushed box. :/
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( Feb. 16th, 2009 11:39 pm)
Diamond Select Toys just announced their lineup for SG-1 series five:

Hammond, General Jack, Black Ops Sam, Horus guard and


In the outfit from the Quest. About time! (now if they'd put out a Continuum black leather variant...)

Picture of the prototype fig under the cut )


I can't wait to do AFT with this. Oh, if only they'd come out earlier than July (they claim. They also wildly overestimate.)
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( Sep. 24th, 2008 03:12 pm)
The chase figure from the next BSG action figure set will be?



Also there will be regular Adama, Roslin, President Leland Adama (which, no, will never stop being funny), and Cain.

Is it just me or is the concept of EJO the action figure just a little bit.... wrong? And yet, I really, really want a Roslin? hm.

I think they should do a Cylon box set with 7" Leoben, Cavil, Doral, and Simon, and pack them with another Centurion variant, so I can re-enact the Cylon civil war. Because yes, I'm a giant geek with a mad-on for Action Figure Theater.
On the occasion of [ profile] lyssie's birthday (though I'd probably have done it even without her b'day honestly) - I present:

Sam and Kara - a love story in Action Figures

Part One: Caprica!

Warning! THIS IS IMAGE INTENSIVE. (or, Liz went a bit crazy with her new toys and the camera!)

Kara goes back to Caprica to fetch the Arrow, stumbles across Helo, gets the Arrow, and along the way, they stop, pull out a map, and ... someone is watching them )

Hope you enjoyed it! I certainly enjoyed doing it.
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( Sep. 4th, 2008 10:17 am)
New TOYS!!

Pilot!Helo is made of awesome.

First, the likeness is SO much better. He actually looks related to Tahmoh, which FTW!

Second, his itty bitty medical kit OPENS! And he comes with a wee box of anti-rad meds that fits inside!

(ETA: I would be remiss if I didn't point out however that it's almost half an inch shorter than Sam, when they should be the same height; it's a retool of the Apollo body I think - not just a new head, though, because Helo's suit is unzipped)

And Kara (with Sam's Pyramid ball!!!!!!), and the Centurion who are also pretty frakking cool.

ahem, there may be ACTION FIGURE THEATER later on for a certain someone's birthday today!

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( Aug. 12th, 2008 09:44 pm)
Since so much of my flist seems to be afflicted with the blahs, I wanted to makes some crack to make people smile. So I thought of this project. You know how podfic is popular? Well, how about Action Figure Fic?

It's my Battlestar Galactica/ Stagate Atlantis crossover fic TWO TALL TREES , but with action figures. (and with even more added silliness... *g*)


Unfortunately, neither the 6" Kara nor the 6" Ronon are available yet (*kicks DST*) so I had to... make do. :)


Ronon awoke in a cell. But he was not alone. )

The end.

I hope all the people feeling down out there on Ye Olde Flist feel better!
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( Jun. 21st, 2008 10:17 pm)
Hot and sticky again today. But strangely more tolerable, maybe I'm getting used to it. Or I just wasn't out in it as much.

We went inland to a GI Joe/military toy con. Didn't stay long (it's not my thing, and it's not really hubby's but he enjoys the nostalgia of having the toys when he was a kid). I did see some interesting 12" LotR model kits/action figures that I'd never seen before. They were made in Hong Kong, apparently, by a company that usually does military-type figures (and some dolls for Infernal Affairs III, amusingly enough). The figures came with just the under-clothes (like Legolas' silvery shirt) on the body, and the rest of the clothing and accessories were packed separately for you to put on yourself. I was way too tempted to buy the Legolas just to complete my collection of 12" Legolas toys (I am such a sad completist) - BUT I REFUSED TO GIVE IN TO TEMPTATION.


(also the likeness was terrible, and the weapons were cheaply painted. But still, if it'd been cheaper I would've bought it, just to have one I could take out and put the clothes on. My Sideshow Premium Format fig I don't even want to get my fingerprints on the box. *am neurotic, I know*)


I got a new cellphone the other day, and I put the James Bond theme on it as my ringtone. I LOVE IT. It gives me great joy - even though I hate Verizon almost as much as I hate Time Warner Cable. Kidlet also likes it and wants me to play it all the time.
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( Apr. 16th, 2008 07:15 pm)
Just when I think my action figure days are... at a pause (until Kara comes out), I get the newsletter with this prototype in it.



*grabby hands*

'k, I'll stop spamming now.
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( Mar. 25th, 2008 03:56 pm)
Through a screwup I now am the proud possessor of two Jonas Quinn action figures. I don't need two.

If you'd like to buy it off me you can have it for cost ($16.00 (US)) plus whatever it costs me to forward the box to you.

As special bonus he comes with the Naquadriah bomb that killed Daniel, so you can re-enact Meridian! and also ONE transport ring.

Comment if you're interested. In two days I'm shipping his cute little ass back.

(oh, I have PayPal if the payment part worries you)
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( Feb. 15th, 2008 12:28 pm)
Indy trailer! I think I'm most excited about Marion -- I hope her role is fairly extensive. (and also, I think Cate Blanchett is beautiful and talented, but I'm sort of sick of her being in everything.)

last night's LOST: "The Economist"! Sayid! Desmond! Kate and Juliet being all awesome with guns! And hey, Jack being competent and snarky ('and twenty minutes later follow you anyway?" LOL) The end is a total mindfrak.

Lovely flowers from MrLiz! And really vile smelling bath stuff, but the thought counted. I know some people loathe V-day ("Singles Awareness Day"), but I like to think of it as a love day.

And a pink tulip with a little card that says "my first love" on it from Rugrat, courtesy of his school. awww...

BTW DO NOT use -- they called the husband at midnight on V-Day to tell him that his order wasn't available. *blinks* WTF? I live in a city with more than one florist within two miles of me and more past that. And they couldn't find ONE? I call b.s. They also managed to never process the order for my b-day flowers last year. They suck. He bought them from the street vendors that spring up like mushrooms instead. They're just as nice anyway, and I have perfectly good vases of my own.

ETA: and I forgot the other thing of win I was going to mention. I saw the sneak peek of the Batman:Gotham Knight animated movie. It's along the same lines as Animatrix with multiple stories (set in the Batman Begins 'verse, more or less) and different directors. It looks really cool.


Helo and Anders have finally come home to ME!!! The snails woke up from their partying and hauled their little slimy butts to my front door to deliver my boys at last. \o/

Action figure theater to come later. When I remember to recharge my camera. oops.


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