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( Dec. 13th, 2015 08:36 pm)
today was the kiddo's 12th birthday. HOLY MACKEREL. I can't be old enough to have almost a teenager! We gave him the BB-8 Sphero, which he adores. and it's the cutest little thing scooting around the floor.

Unfortunately into a happy birthday a shadow came. He had to go with his team to the Regional Championship for First Lego League (Robots), and their bot just... nothing worked. The program got more and more borked, and he was so frustrated, he cried and wanted to come home. Which we didn't let him. He recovered and they finished, but the team got no awards in any category. So, on the one hand, yay for getting to the championship but boo for a sad performance. We'll see if he tries the bot again for the Legoland competition in February, otherwise, it's better luck next year.  (on the plus side, our saturdays are now our own again, since he doesn't need to go to robotics practice)

Now to write some more on my gift-fics and attempt to avoid Star Wars spoilers until Saturday (aka not being on the internet, because you just know some douche is going to be at the premiere today and write a "review" that's going to spoil EVERY SINGLE SECOND. and I haven't been a star wars fan since I was six to be spoiled by some jerk on the internet who thinks he's cool by spoiling everybody else on the planet) NO really, I don't even look at the tv spots when they pop up on shows. (though the Fiat and Dodge ads are kind of hilarious - like, cars? really? I guess?) 

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( Mar. 17th, 2012 07:55 pm)
Happy St Patrick's Day! I'm embracing Guinness and my love for boiled potatoes tonight. There may be Bushmills later.

I'm also writing my [ profile] bsg_remix fic, which I hope reads better than I feel it does. Remix always makes me feel like I'm not doing justice to the original. bleh. Well, there's always editing to help make it better , as long as I finish in time.

Today it was mostly rainy, so kidlet stayed indoors and built the LEGO space shuttle he got for -+his birthday. It's the big one -- lego also makes a smaller version which we also have. This is the complex one with 1230 pieces. It's pretty frakking cool, I have to say -- there's a little satellite and arm that fits in the cargo bay, fuel tank, boosters, retractable landing gear, and fits two little astronaut minifigs in the cockpit.

The finished product )

cool, huh? He follows those picture directions so easily now with all that practice.
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( Nov. 7th, 2011 07:21 pm)
Kidlet's assignment today was write a little story relating to a cartoon turkey carrying a sign.

(spelling corrected for your understanding)

The Turkey Tale )

(We are approximately equal in word count for NaNo today. OOPS)
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( Aug. 3rd, 2011 09:06 pm)
the munchkin, as some of you know, is seven and definitely highly imaginative. He makes up his own vast and complicated imaginary land and writes/illustrates his own stories.

However the other day he started talking about what is, basically, his own fanfic. He's a big fan of Phineas and Ferb and their wacky hijinx, and so he started to talk about what might happen if Candace actually did bust her brothers, or Doofenschmirtz actually won...

And my thought? My KID IS PLANNING HIS OWN AU. LIKE ME. *proud momma moment*
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( Nov. 8th, 2010 01:38 pm)
A few days ago, Kidlet insisted on making a little stop-motion animation of some LEGO toys he'd made. He'd watched me make that little Wall-E vid I put up awhile back and we'd seen some things on t.v. about the making of Fantastic MrFox so he really, REALLY wanted to try it. So I helped set it up, but he took the pictures and made the little motions. I then put it in Movie Maker to make a "movie".

YouTube embed under the cut of my future-director son's First Work. He's like a junior Orson Welles! And I am not biased AT ALL. *g* )

Also in the fun imagery department, I uploaded our jack o lanterns from Halloween. An Alien, A Ghost and ... an airship walk into a bar....
Wait, an AIRSHIP? yep. )

Sad, when my six year old has a better pumpkin than I do. *G*
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( Oct. 28th, 2010 11:32 am)
I need a design for my pumpkin carving party this year. We're kind of known for cool pumpkins in the neighborhood now, and the pressure's ON. I'm thinking of doing the Alien Xenomorph, but I'll have to make my own pattern. It's not hard with the right photo. *hits up google*

By the way, Disney? Killing off PUMPKIN PATTERNS is especially low and pathetic, even for you. Alas, MrLiz is already salivating over Tron Legacy on IMAX, so at least you'll be able to continue paying your legal team well to go harass pumpkin carvers some more.

Tomorrow is "harvest festival" (aka Halloween carnival) at the school. The costume parade is always a hoot. Kiddo will be an astronaut. He utterly disdained every branded character, even ones he likes like Bumblebee or a Jedi. I'm sort of sad, because it would be cute for him to be my Padawan (since I have a Jedi costume), but an astronaut is cool and nerdy as well.
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( Oct. 26th, 2010 07:26 pm)
Kiddo just KICKED MY ASS at our 'Cars' game. I fail at junior-level strategy.

Kidlet has a pretend land where he's the president. so I asked him how he got to be president.

His answer? The top two candidates get together on a stage...

and play rock-paper-scissors.
I went to San Diego! I have now met and hung out with the lovely and talented [ profile] frolicndetour and [ profile] nicole_anell. Yay!

[ profile] nicole_anell was actually AT con and I'm sure will have many interesting things to say about what she saw in her report. But all I can tell you is:

a. It's crowded. Even on the outside.

b. Little kids look cute dressed up as anything. I should have taken a picture of the Wee!Thor (since it reminded me of someone else's Baby Thor.... *g* ).


or, not quite, but it was an awesome story. It made the paper and everything. Seat dispute gone wrong. (clearing between panels in the future? I think so, after this.)

But despite our half-hearted attempt at nerdery dork-dom geekery by not attending the con, I'm pretty sure [ profile] frolicndetour and I made up for it with fangirl discussions. I showed off my loot collection and we jointly decided that our guilt over our unfinished [ profile] help_haiti projects is destroying our souls, and we really should do something, asap.

I might have also overshared my kidlet-inspired animal knowledge when we went to the zoo. Random trivia on polar bears, I HAS IT! FYI: six year old humans and two-year-old gorillas are EXACTLY THE SAME. (and omg so cute)

Speaking of, she's also the only one of you fannish friends to have spent much time with the short person. yes, you can be jealous now. :)

And also, I had very bad Parking Karma. What did I DO, universe??
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( May. 9th, 2010 09:03 pm)
My dad has been doing some genealogy work on his family for a long time, and so occasionally, he'll get contacted by other branches of the family doing the same thing and they pool information. A cousin of his recently had some interesting tidbits, and my favorite is about my great-grandmother (who lived to be 91, though she died before I was born), and I quote:

"She smoked cigars, because they'd made snuff illegal."



Otherwise this weekend's been busy with family stuff. Saturday was children's Day festivities at the Japanese-American Museum. Rugrat made a lot of crafty things and got a lot of older grandmother types to call him handsome and cute and smart (they're such SUCKERS).

We also went to the MIXED exhibit there, which is a photography/multi-media project featuring children of mixed race.

Today obviously was mommy's day, and I had a lovely breakfast and flowers. And I got a stuffed seal from Rugrat -- which has already disappeared into his room so I'm not sure it's actually "mine". lol. But it was a nice day with my parents over for dinner.
Hee! So Rugrat brought home the leprechaun trap he made at school. It's a shoebox with green paper taped on it, with a hole cut in the top. And there's a sign he wrote and taped above the hole,it says (Lack of spelling included for your amusement):

"Hi leprchan bad leprechans gow her" (go here) and there's an arrow pointing to the hole.

The box is about an inch deep in gold glitter to LURE the leprechaun in, by the way. THE GLITTER IS EVERYWHERE
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( Feb. 24th, 2010 03:28 pm)
Why is it every day that I plan to go take pics for Action Figure Theater outside, IT RAINS? harumpf. WEATHER, YOU ARE NOT COOPERATING WITH MY CRACK.

Speaking of crack, I asked Diamond Select if they were EVER actually going to make that figure of Ba'al or not, now that they're not even bothering to pretend to have an Estimated Delivery date anymore. Sadly, no one has answered me yet. Not looking good, though. *cries*

I'll have to console myself with Leoben who's FINALLY on the way. \o/

In RL news, I got my hair cut today and it bothers kidlet that it's so short now. SO HE MADE ME PAPER EXTENSIONS and taped them into my hair. I ask you, who needs a hair salon when you can have a six-year-old cut and color some paper?
Earlier on t.v. we were watching some show on Discovery and one of the things on the program was showing off this guy's party trailer (it's this monstrous converted semi-trailer, tricked out like a limo, basically, that people rent). So Kidlet loved it because it's a truck. Then he drew his own and very proudly showed it to me.

He put a bar in the front with seats, a stairway down to a lower seating area (pretty much just like the show), and then ... I saw something most definitely NOT part of the trailer on the t.v. "Babybug, what's this ... it looks like a car in the back of the trailer?"

Says kidlet with the most "DUH" face: "It's a TANK."

Says me... "Oh. Ooookay. Um, it's a very nice tank in your party trailer..."

Says Mr liz: "Sometimes you gotta fight for your right to party."

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( Nov. 25th, 2009 05:32 pm)
I don't know why it happened today (though I'm suspicious of my new ass-toning shoes), but my abdominals just suddenly cramped up so hard I could hardly breathe. I thought I might be getting appendicitis, except it was pretty obvious it was muscular. It faded in about half an hour, but now I'm sore. OW. It was a bit weirdly unsettling - that's never happened before to me. Kiddo was very wonderfully solicitous, and brought his animals to me when I was stretched out on the floor.

Speaking of, he has now graduated to no training wheels on his bike. It was quite easy - except for getting on the bike, we're still working on. *sniff* he's getting so big.

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Americans. Try not to murder any family members!

(and if you are also writing BSG Mini-Nano-from-hell fics, good luck!)

No beach today, but the food obsession continued! We met with hubby's aunt at the big mall for lunch (mmm. haupia, which is sort of coconut jell-o) and passed various Obama landmarks from when he went to school in Hawaii. We also went to the Disney store and found the most adorable M-O (from Wall-E), who can actually clean! And okay, so it's basically a mini-carpet sweeper that can only pick up teeny bits of paper, but still! It has a little bin for debris even. (And I might be more in love with it than Kidlet, yes)

I also got new nice flip-flops, to replace the ones I've killed on the beach. Banana ice cream for dessert. yum. (and salad for dinner to try to make up for all the rest...) Beach yesterday but it was windy and rough, so we didn't get in the water much. But we were well equipped with sand toys which seemed to be enough to be entertaining.

Man, this chair in front of the computer is just hideous. It kills my back instantly and is seriously interfering with my writing. ow.

I got the news that my Ellen/Simon and Sam/Tory minis are being shipped to my house! That means I will have ALL THE CYLONS!! (I "made" a Sam before out of a Helo body, Lee head and somebody's brown hair, but the one with the tattoo is SO CUTE OMG).
Rugrat lost ANOTHER tooth today.

He also did his first demonstration for Tae Kwon Do and broke his first board. \o/

(the first two items are not causal!)

And in more fannish news, I, um, wrote accidental Sam/Kara porn! It's not quite finished yet, though. Tomorrow.
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( Jun. 3rd, 2009 03:51 pm)
The Tooth Fairy came to my house last night. She left a pretty dollar coin.

An actual thunderstorm today? Rain? *blinks* I think I woke up in an alternate universe this morning. Or perhaps it's the gods laughing at us because water restrictions got tighter yesterday.

I realized today the Very Important scene I'm working on for the Big Fic today has only OCs in it. The most "canon" character in the whole scene is my OC Tok'ra host for Malek. I'm writing fanfic again, why? *sigh*

Observations on the (multifandom) Porn Battle Prompts:
- eventually no one will bother with fanfic, because RPF will take over the universe
- any part of the universe not taken over by RPF, will be sucked into the anime black hole
- people are unclear on the concept of single word prompts and/or following directions
- there are, thankfully, no Presidential Porn prommpts this time (so far - I'm sure someone will prove me wrong)
Apparently inspired by our visit to JPL, the short person decided that for his future science fair project he was going to make GIANT MAGNETS to pull the Earth out of the way, if there was a big asteroid or something.

Use your powers for good, my son! bwah!

And in other news, I got my [ profile] scc_reloaded assignment. Which I forgot I signed up for in a fit of insanity. Well, there'll be no writing on that until Stargate-Summer is done, that's for sure.

*smacks self*
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( May. 3rd, 2009 07:36 pm)
This weekend was open house at JPL in Pasadena, so we spent the day there. It was lots of fun: Very crowded, and it got hot, but we saw some cool things, like the Mars Science Laboratory (launching 2011; cute name still to be determined) all in pieces in the assembly building. Lots of robots on display, including the full scale working demo of one of the Mars rovers.

I thought it'd be cool in the robotics display if they'd borrowed one of the T-800 endoskeletons for cross promotional purposes, but maybe that wouldn't have sent QUITE the right message...

We were trying to call the grandmother in Hawaii to tell her and the connection didn't go through, weirdly enough. (It does happen, but usually only in very high load times like Mother's Day) MrLiz and I decided that someone turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel under Diamond Head and moved the island.

Because we're both geeks, yes. :)
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( Apr. 9th, 2009 12:01 am)
before watching Lost, we watched two hours of the Mythbusters blowing shit up. They slammed a rocket sled into a car! The car vaporized. And afterward kidlet decided he was going to test his "myth" of (and I quote): a "tow truck, a two ton big rig, and an airplane, crashing into a box of black powder."

um, hello there, Police department. No, my son, doesn't actually possess explosives, we just watch a lot of Discovery Channel.... which I can prove by his drop-dead hilarious impression of the ShamWow guy. who's in jail, and I guess not really helping my case.

um, moving on.

So after watching things blow up and smash and otherwise get destroyed, we watched Lost.

spoilers for Dead is Dead )


and in personal news, kidlet's spring break has started. damn. I was kind of hoping to get more done before that happened.


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