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( Jan. 30th, 2016 08:13 pm)
 So, after being on the market for about a week, (We hadn't even had the Open House yet, just the Broker's open house (where the brokers are invited to look but can bring clients) and a few showings...)  we got two offers on our house. The higher one was above list, so we accepted. The inspection is Tuesday and, if all goes well with that, and they don't want too much taken off the price for  whatever they find, we might be closing soon. It's so quick and exciting. We went to look for a rental place today to bridge the gap to a new house. Yes, eventually there will be Buying a New House Trauma posts, but this is the Selling Trauma part of it first. We already know the inspection is going to object to the roof (which is about 20yrs old - we didnt' bother to replace it, since we knew we'd either sell or expand the house ourselves) and there are tree roots in the sewer pipe. But we'll see if they're really prepared for buying what amounts to the land and a shack. :)   

I'm just really eager to get out. Looking at the apartment complex it was nice to think about a place that I don't have to deal with my neighbor's hideous feral cat colony. look, I know a bunch of you are cat people, but an Actual Crazy Cat Lady is  not great to live next door to. Plus, the complex is new and has a pool, and it'll be a lovely change. The goal eventually is to move into a district with a good high school but that's a couple years away.

In other news, I am already 7K behind for Get Your Words Out, so I have plenty to do in February!  at least we get a Leap Day for the month! :DD

 Since we're getting out house ready to sell, today was the day the realtor was here to take pictures for the site. And since I've seen the Terrible Real Estate blog, I didn't want to appear on there, so we had to declutter and clean. I had someone who was supposed to come in to help, to do the cleaning part while I finished up boxing the excess crap and moving it to the garage.  Aaaaand... my helper was sick and didn't show.  :( 

Tuesday we have what's called 'the broker caravan" where other agents come visit the house as it officially goes ON SALE. and then... omg, nothing but showings and open houses and packing and... I just want to lie down and curl up in a ball just thinking about it. *whimper* 

I mean, yes, I want to get out of this house, but omg, all the OTHER STUFF. Moving in college was hard enough,and I/we have ever so much more STUFF now. 

Meanwhile my mom has pneumonia or something else going on with her lungs that's been lingering for more than a month, and that of course is worrying in a person hr age, so hopefully we can get that cleared up. always something, right? 

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( Dec. 31st, 2014 03:09 pm)
 Happy New Year!  I hope 2015 is better for you than 2014 was - even if it was good, it could always be better, and lord knows, a lot of people had an awful 2014 so hopefully it'll be a better one.   (though lol it's funny since I'm usually near the last in the world for the new year - this year not quite so bad pacific time, but Hawaii was always hilarious because Australia would be almost Jan 2 and yet, JUST DOWN THERE NOT TOO FAR to the west. lol) 

We've completed our usual New Year's Eve duty of getting the christmas tree out of the house before the New Year. It always seems so bare and lonely in the living room without it, for a few days. Though I can see the tv again, so there's that. It was kind of a bushy tree this year and blocked most of the screen - luckily there's been little I've cared about watching, so it doesn't matter anyway.  Later, we're eating dinner with my parents, tonight we'll do the Midnight thing, and then tomorrow it's to have potluck with the hubs' relatives. 

I think I kudo'd everything I read for the various fests. I'm just - like, unless I don't finish it because it's not for me - I decided why the hell not? I don't think they mean that I think the fic is perfect, just that I enjoyed it. (there's a perfectly good system of recs/bookmarks/comments after all) And no one else can see your collective kudos, only each individual story, so anyway-- That's my new 2015 philosophy, a few days early.  generosity ,not stinginess. *nods*

Tomorrow I'll post my 2014 fic wrap up and reveal of the two anon-fics I wrote for Yuletide and M&M (though tbh, I don't think the M&M fic is that hard to figure out which one's mine). 

Hope the new year treats you all well. :) 
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( Aug. 17th, 2014 10:39 pm)
Heading off for our annual vacation! Which probably will be no different as far as my presence, since I only manage to update once a week at best it seems, nowadays, but fandom-wise is a bit... inconvenient. The "rough drafts" (which means 80%-ish) of both my Big Bangs are due before I get back. Which is okay for one of them, since I'm pretty close right now, but the other, not so much. I did rewatch First Avenger at least, and since the fic's not a bizarro AU of the movie, I pretty much have the outline, it's a matter of just sitting down and scribbling it in. I even took screencaps, so I'd make sure I know what certain places look like. That is a hell of a fall there, Bucky. Also I got the timeline straight in my head again (and found one of the wiki timelines I used is actually wrong - that's annoying that no one fixed it, in YEARS).

The trouble is, as y'all know, I am terrible about writing anything while on vacation. Even when I am sitting in my mother-in-law's house with NOTHING to do, it's hard to get my brain in gear. Though it's been hard here, at home, so I should have no excuse not to do it there. I also have a five hour plane ride, if I can write fic while son and hubs are peering over my shoulder. It's funny, when it was BSG stuff I didn't care since kidlet didn't know anything about it (plus he wasn't as good a reader as he is now), but now he's seen Winter Soldier, so it's now fanfic he could actually read. Not that either of these are full of porn so he could read them, it just feels weird. Weirder to be fic, than if it was some other OrigFic somehow.

But as soon as vacation is over it's back to the normal grind, which is always kind of nice. Summer's tough because there's no routine, and as busy as school time is, at least it's regular. and then, that becomes a pain in the ass so there's really no winning, but I'm ready for summer to be over.

We are all packed, but for the phone/iPad getting charged. But tomorrow going to the airport comes early - and then I'll probably post again out of boredom. :)
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( Aug. 8th, 2014 11:37 pm)
So I was going to post Monday. Yep, that worked out perfectly.

I finished off Camp NaNowrimo with the Choose Your Own Goal of 25K for July. Which was achieved, split over four different fics. Two was necessary since one was the ficathon fic that had to be finished, but I'm not sure it was super wise to split over the other three. Okay, no, it was UtS that was stupid to do 5K on. Espectially as I've now realized that my two Big Bangs are basically supposed to be done their drafts at the same time. Norsebang is probably close enough but the other one isn't especially close yet (it's started at least but I need to crank out some words) but the problem is that I leave on the 18th for our family vacation and I am notoriously terrible about writing on vacation. But perhaps I'll be able to do words. I also really need to watch First Avenger again, because I've now seen lots of pieces of it again, thanks to it being on cable, but the order is now all messed up in my brain.

I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy, and I may not at all, since I'm really trying to keep that for a reward if I finish at least one of my projects. So far this isn't really workng as the lure I meant it as, since i basically wrote fucking nothing the last few days. ugh, WHY, SELF, WHY???

I did watch the preview first episode for Outlander, and liked it. I never read the books so that part doesn't matter to me, but it's beautifully filmed and I really like the actress playing Claire (and I've liked Tobias Menzies since ROME, so that's a plus). Definitely checking out more.

In more personal things that anger and upset me, our Little league field where my son plays, was terribly vandalized last weekend - gear stolen, things smashed, toilets stopped up, the whole thing tagged up. just, awful. thousands and thousands of dollars to replace and repair, just for a bunch of jerk thugs to have fun for an hour. SO INFURIATING. and sad that anyone would do this to a place kids play. humans suck. :(

however, animals are lovely, and we spent two delightful weeks taking care of the school's science lab guinea pig, the adorable Flash. Who is an Expert Begger of treats, as one can see from both his cutie pie whistles AND his round butt. But now I do miss having him around, cuz he was just adorb. Kiddo built a loop for him out of shoeboxes, so he could get some exercise (his traveling cage is much smaller than the pen he gets in the science lab, so he gets kind of bitchy about getting out, especially if it's not clean to his standards). yes, I'm afraid he was rather upset at both housekeeping AND the room service staff not jumping quite quickly enough. like, WHERE IS MY PARSLEY PEASANT?? very demanding rodent.
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( Jun. 18th, 2014 02:31 pm)
Kidlet is away at his first sleepaway camp, which you'd think would mean less busy - which honestly yes, I am, and yet I stacked stuff for this week and so it doesn't feel like it at all. So far all the pics coming from the camp show him at dinner. THAT'S MY BOY. lol

In our child-free-ness D and I went to see "Edge of Tomorrow" on Sunday and we're going to "Maleficent" later. I thought "Edge of Tomorrow" was quite fun - I love Groundhog Day-type stories. The sheer amusement value of seeing the different iterations play out in new ways is worth the price of admission alone for me. (and it was interesting also, watching Emily Blunt be a hardass warrior, considering she was originally up for Black Widow). I might, if I see it again on tv or something before Nov, do it for Yuletide. It's got some interesting corners to explore.

I've managed some good work on my Not Prime Time Ficathon fic. There's nothing like looking at the calendar and realizing we're almost done with June to get motivation.

Speaking of writing motivation, I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo. It's a Choose Your Own Wordcount challenge, so it's pretty handy for those Big Bang lengths... Anybody else doing it and wanna be cabin mates? username is lizardbeth

I've had two people request a sequel for Triad in the past week, which feels like sort of a sign so I think what I'm going to do is post the parts I wrote and just warn people it's been abandoned. I feel kind of bad about it, but clearly, I'm not going to do anything more with it. And at least people might as well get something out of what I've done than all those words sitting unread on my computer. On the plus side, I read through what I have and it doesn't start reading like a draft for at least 10K words, so there's a chunk of good stuff at least.

Back to writing!
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( Feb. 17th, 2013 08:05 pm)
It's a long weekend for us (Kid had Friday off as well) so we went to Disney California Adventure (the secondary park to Disneyland). We haven't been since they overhauled the park and especially since they put in Cars Land. It's much better designed and though the theme of California is still present, it's also better integrated with Disney stuff. The only interesting characters sighted was Duffy, the teddy bear that Disney is trying REALLY HARD to make happen here. DisneySea in Tokyo had Cruella deVil and Bernard and Bianca walking around, which was awesome, since I've never seen at Disneyland. CarsLand is pretty fun. We did the Racers ride, promptly the kid's favorite ever, and then later at lunchtime, a nice family gave us their FastPasses because they were leaving. Mind you, at this point, the ride was over 2 hrs wait without a pass, so there was no way we were going to do it again without fast passes, which were gone an hour into the park opening this morning. it's VERRY popular. So we were all excited that we'd be able to get on Racers again with a 15 min wait, or so.

Aaaand then the ride broke down. We decided that we'd wait for an hour but then we'd have to split (we had dinner reservations). We were close to the front so could watch everyone scurry around and move cars - they got a round of applause when the test car went all the way through. It's funny how when you're in the line and it's moving, however slowly, it's still very antisocial, but get into a line you know isn't going anywhere for awhile, and it starts to feel like you're all camping out for the midnight showing at the theater. Suddenly everyone's talking and the kids start to hang out and watch each other's games, etc.

Later we watched the World of Color show, which really is a pretty spectacular water and light show. WITH FIRE. did not expect the fire FX. (Bet Disney's kinda sorry John Carter didn't do better so they could've talked about the red sands of Barsoom in the show... As it is, it's weird that Pirates is the only live-action that appears in the show).

Kidlet actually only wanted one small Perry the Platypus, but because I'm a fangirl, I also bought the Minnie-as-Queen Amidala and Mickey as Anakin to go with the Mickey Luke and Minnie Leia I already have. Because, y'know, you gotta have the family. (although the Daisy-as-Asajj Ventress was most adorable)

So that was fun. We also stayed down there overnight, and then had a very leisurely morning of it to head home. Then today we went to the Harlem Globetrotters "game". The game was unfortunately sort of set up around the concept of the "4 point shot" which were these two spots back from the 3 point line and only one of the guys actually hit one. However we got swag - we were the row that was sponsored by Wonderful Pistachios, so we got bright green reusable shopping bags and towels and free bags of nuts. So that was lucky. :)
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( Dec. 9th, 2012 10:50 pm)
It was a good weekend for the kid, whose team won their semifinal on Sat and placed second in their AYSO region (they lost their final match Sunday, by a heartbreaking one goal), they get to advance to the multi-region championship round in January. Which, awesome for the kids, if less awesome for me, because soccer isn't ending after all. But it did take a bit of the sting out of their loss today because they fought so hard, poor guys.

We also went to the LA Clippers/Toronto basketball game and had a good laugh at the big poster in the hall advertising the NHL All-Star game they're supposed to host in the arena. er, nice try... But yes, two soccer games and one basketball game is quite enough cheering for awhile!

Saturday is THE HOBBIT. Can't wait to go back to Middle-Earth!

I'm still woefully behind on tv. My DVR is stuffed to the brim.
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( Sep. 17th, 2012 10:33 am)
On Sunday, about an hour after I'd said we should get a new hat for the kiddo because I was afraid he'd lose the Tokyo Disneyland hat he was wearing all the time... he lost it. *sigh* But he's such a great kid; he didn't pout or cry or anything. He was just sad that he'd put it down and then forgotten to pick it up again. I called around, but no one found it, so we figure someone took it. (and boo to you, whoever you are, taking a little boy's Disney hat and not turning it in to the store where you found it) :( Apparently the karma fairies were listening because not five minutes after I posted this, I got a call. hat found! He'll be so happy! I think we'll still get a new hat of less sentimental attachment though.

Watched DW: "A Town Called Mercy". NOT ENOUGH FRELLING BROWDER.

I also spent a ridiculous amount of time on facebook (where I haven't visited in, um, months, if not a year). But at least they got rid of the parts I hated before, like the constant game updates, so it's more functional. It's disappointing when the people you'd actually like to find out what the heck happened to them aren't there. But then you do find people and that's great. But then there's the one you find "omg you left in fifth grade and we were pen pals for awhile, but then you disappeared but maybe it's best not to click the friend request because that was thirty years ago..." Awkward.

An old classmate had posted our fourth grade class photo. OH MY GOD. MY CLOTHES. I would show you except I don't want your eyes to burn out of your head. *shudder*
Welcome new friends! I used the BSG love meme as an excuse to friend people I probably should've friended ages ago. I'm just lazy, I guess. BSG folks gotta stick together, even those like me who are still clinging by one hand.

School for kiddo started today - HOORAY - I feel like life can go back to normal now with a schedule again. That's one thing about summer with the schedules always changing, makes me feel scattered even when it's all very planned.

I totally missed the new Doctor Who - I thought the DVR was set to record new eps but apparently after it got flooded in spring with past eps that BBCA had marked as "new", I stopped it altogether. So I either have to acquire or just wait until BBCA replays on Sat. I've done fine avoiding too many spoilers (sorry, I've skipped everyone's reaction posts), so maybe I'll wait. It's not as if I don't have enough to catch up on after vacation already.

I did catch Jamie Bamber's ep of Perception yesterday kind of by accident. Life as the hot outsider of the triangle. Perhaps Trucco gave him tips? lol

Speaking of triangles, I was going to write on Black Sails while I was on vacation. Didn't. Partly because it was hot and the heat made me all tired, but also, inexplicably, the word-clone program on my tablet wouldn't save any changes to the file, acting like it was out of memory. It's a big file but it's not THAT big. So much for that plan. :/ I did a bit by hand, at least.

Off to give my parents their share of the vacation loot. Soon it will all be put away and then it really will be as if it never happened. :(
sorry friends, the rush of getting All the Things ready is keeping me busy.

- Got my hair cut shorter than I've had it for YEARS. As an unexpected bonus -- my travel size shampoo will probably last a month!
- cleaned like a fiend because we have friends staying in our house while we're gone.
- managed to get various things transferred to the tablet for the flight.
- signed up for avengersfest because I am ridiculous
- finished and uploaded kid!Avengers fic. Which like I said to Rose - I think I must be sad for my baby growing up or something because that's a lot of kid-fic lately (Princess in the Tower - tween girl; Leaf in the Stream, Kacey and Hera; and the one longer ago when Kara and Sam had a baby while living like Anne Frank on New Caprica.) What up brain?

- finish cleaning
- laundry
- make sure everything is charged up
- pack all the things
- tomorrow night, LEAVE ON A JET PLANE FOR JAPAN

I'm not sure yet how online I'll be able to be, hopefully at least email, but we'll see. Might do me some good to disconnect! :)
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( Aug. 14th, 2012 01:23 pm)
Less than a week before we leave for our trip to Japan. Looking forward to it - my MIL is going with us to take us to the ancient family stomping grounds (not kidding - the family mausoleum goes back at least the 17th c.) I was there years ago as a teenager, but didn't get far out of Tokyo, so this trip will be cool, especially the train through the mountains.

But I'll also be glad when we're back since it's been a constant overhanging thing about getting prepared for months now, between getting passports ready for everyone, new luggage, etc.

But that week means I'm trying to get some writing things done as well before leaving. I'm taking the tablet but not the laptop, so writing will be more of a pain and I don't know how much time/availability I'll have for it anyway. Plus I need to finish some 12c projects before going away. (it's silly because it's only two weeks, and only one in Japan, so it's not as if we're planning to go the moon), but still, it's a good deadline to work with.

So the draft of UtS-3 will be done. WILL BE. More damn trouble with this fic than I have EVER had before. But it's coming back together, I think, but still, 27 K has never been such a pain in the ass. it is Thanos interfering clearly. frakker.

REVIEW LINKS: My review of a fab ep of Alphas and the Season finale of Longmire
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( Jul. 8th, 2012 07:17 pm)
I forgot - during yesterday's trip to the observatory they did a short presentation in the Leonard Nimoy Theater. The presenter said "These are Mister Nimoy's chairs, not yours, so there's no eating or drinking or putting your shoes on them." It was kinda awesome.

So the presentation was about "how to make a comet", which was fun, and they played a little clip from the first Transformers movie. There's a scene I'd forgotten when Optimus Prime and some of the Autobots are on top of the Observatory (that's where I was, if you ever watched the movie). But the point is that the presenter asked the audience if the Transformers were alive, assuming they were real and not fictional. A shocking number of people said no. Well, hrm, now I know who the Sentient Robots will be attempting to kill in the Robot Apocalypse...

Tangentially related segue! We are doing a Round Robin Fest at [ profile] pyramidofdreams for all those little Kara/ Sam plotbunnies that you have and would like to release in the wild for other people to write and swap around and generally have fun, hopefully: Thataway

Tomorrow I plan to write and get back on the horse. I feel like I've basically accomplished nothing the last week (plus) writing-wise and it is time to get over myself and DO. IT. argh.
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( Jul. 7th, 2012 11:33 pm)
ugh. Allergies have turned into a lousy cold, producing mostly gross stuff and making me want to lie down and feel icky. Probably not helping that we've been running around doing vacation-y stuff this week, esp the Fourth and days after. So it's been extra activity.

Like today we went up to Griffith Park and Observatory, which was fun and luckily not super hot today. It made me think of my NaNo of 2010 (The Other Side - the urban fantasy one with Bridget of the LAPD and some immortals who may or may not vaguely resemble certain actors) because I set a big scene there. So I took some reference photos and told myself it was 'research'. yep. totally research. Pretty sure that would require me to edit it though. Which I should really, since I still like the book a lot, it just needs more work.
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( Jul. 5th, 2012 07:44 pm)
First, because [ profile] kleenexcow asked, Here is my picspam post for the source for the post's icon. Trucco. Boykissing. You're welcome. ;)

Icon meme beneath )

Fannishly, I signed up for Kink Bingo again, and my first porny idea has already transmuted itself into some kind of Loki character study. Self, we got all kinds of fic to do first, so cut it out.

Otherwise I have had a busy week with kiddo and hubby both on vacay this week, so even though we're not going away this week, it's been a whole parade of activity. Today we took the new Expo line light rail which is pretty awesome, made the trip so easy. It's so weird to think that we're basically restoring what used to exist in LA almost a hundred years ago. We saw the tent which will house the space shuttle (while the museum is under construction) when it comes this fall. That's gonna be so cool.
We went to the Dodger game yesterday for Father's Day. It was very cute that the players' kids got to throw out the first pitch of the game. All the little people in Dodger blue! awwww. There weren't a lot of hits, esp early on, but there was one spectacularly bad call (that took a run away!) that got the stadium up in arms so that was exciting. Also I was so happy that Capuano was pitching, because I'm friends with a guy with the same name so it's great fun to imagine him on the mound. Everytime they said his name or it went up on the board at a strikeout, I was all "Yay Chris!" Made it more fun.

I've written so many tv reviews lately and dealt with Kidlet finishing school for the year, I haven't been able to do much fic. Haven't even been to tumblr for a week (I am the worst mod in the history of fansite modding). But here's the links for anyone interested in my tv review stuff:

First, a very silly recap for [ profile] bsg_epics: Water- with macros . If any of you recognize portions of this recap give yourself a gold star. Seriously, I was through about half of it and suddenly realized: This has all happened before...

Also, my reviews for Fairly Legal - Finale (mostly negative) ETA: someone commented to call me out on being uncool for saying Ben's 'not all that and a bag of chips.' Sorry I'm not a hipster enough for you, random person!

Also my review for Longmire - Damn Shame (mostly positive). (I try not to get all carried away with the squee, but Katee does have some fun reactions in this one) And for them I'm watching Grimm, which I knew very little about except that it was on Fridays and seemed to be a knockoff of Supernatural, so Here's my review of the first four episodes with bonus Supernatural commentary .

My BSG rewatch post for CliqueClack: the miniseries .

I am soliciting opinions on that rewatch!

Which is, btw, superseding my own here since between that one and the Epics one, it seems silly to do a third post. My original intent was to do chronological rewatch. The format I have to use for the site doesn't lend itself to writing it up as piecemeal as I tried here. BUT I still want to watch Razor and The Plan earlier than S4, because it makes no sense to wait on a spoilery rewatch. So when do you think would be a good time to watch the movies? The Plan is bookended with LDYB, so I could watch it after LDYB2. Any other point you think might be better? And when's the best time to watch Razor in its entirety? (not worrying about spoilers, since everyone going into this should be familiar with the entire series)
Today I had to stay home in the afternoon for the telephone repair person and a plumber. The phone repair was luckily a matter of replacing something outside that apparently got wet in the storm a week ago (I had thought maybe it was that lightning strike, but it was just water apparently). That was taken care of by the phone company.

The plumbing issue won't be free. or cheap. *sigh* We were hoping it was just some tree roots blocking things up, but no. There's a hole and partial collapse in one of the pipes which has to be replaced. They're gonna have to dig a big hole in my front garden. We don't have to do it right now, but good lord that's a lot of money. I'm glad we have indoor plumbing and all, but it sure is expensive when it goes wrong.
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( Mar. 24th, 2012 11:03 pm)
- Kiddo made his first run of the year at baseball, woot!

- We also got a new bigger fish tank for our goldfish She's four inches long (she's taking after the koi side of the family lol) and going NUTS in the tank we have now. So now I get the fun of new decor and plants and stuff. And it's big enough we can get her some friends too.

- I most definitely underestimated the word count needed to finish Black Sails. Please try to contain your shock. WORDS! WORDS! MORE WORDS! Because "ridiculously long" is not long enough!

- in what I suspect is A SIGN the giant billboard for Ringer which has been at the end of the local mall since August has FINALLY been taken down.

- Tomorrow it's expected to rain. I foresee kiddo playing Angry Birds Space which he got today.
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( Mar. 10th, 2012 07:31 pm)
Today was opening day for Little League baseball. Which meant a game this morning, opening ceremonies, and then a second game for kiddo (unplanned, but they added another team and asked for volunteers to play against the new team). So I spent most of the day out at the field. Luckily it was very pretty today, but I feel like I'm covered in dust and weed pollen. And my back is killing me from sitting on that bench. Poor kidlet got whacked in the shin with a hard throw, poor guy - but he got to take the ball home for the game which (of course) made him feel better.

The time outside helped me think about my remix fic, though I couldn't actually write anything out there. I have a title which is highly unusual for me, though I've already changed my mind about which fic I'm remixing and how I'm remixing it, so the title may change too. I also could stand to do some rewatching, I think. It's been an embarrassingly long time since I've seen certain episodes.

Argh, I have so many partial and half-completed fics, and I've posted nothing in almost a month since that Boomer-Sam fic. boo.
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( Feb. 20th, 2012 08:01 pm)
*sigh* Finally this long, long weekend is over! Kiddo had off Friday AND Monday, so it w pretty much like spring break in February. We spent over four hours today at the science museum, which is a lot for me (we've been there many times), but kiddo loves it. I was amused to find the gift shop already has stuff for when the Endeavour arrives (which isn't until the end of next year afaik).

Saturday night kid went to his grandparents for a sleepover, so hubby and I had date night, which was lovely. We went out to dinner and then later went back out to have dessert and I had an Asian pear martini which was delicious. It had been AGES since we'd sat at the bar anywhere. It felt delightfully decadent and youthful, lol.

And somehow in all the fun and "fun" this weekend, no groceries were purchased, so I have grapes left in the crisper. They're nice grapes, but they make lousy salads all by themselves...


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