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( Nov. 4th, 2015 11:05 pm)
 First few days of Nano I am on the word count, though  -- well - on a totally different project than I was planning. So. really I should not have signed up for any ficathons because I got one of my assignments and instead of some nice little pairing trope I could do in a thousand words, I got WHAMMED IN THE FACE by this plotbunny. and so I'm kind of hoping it will also lend itself after thefact to some serial-number-filing-off-ness just so I don't feel I'm wasting my time (as far as original fic go- because it's pretty non-canon. 

I got a spectacularly nice, long comment on Comes the Hurricane. Like, it is AMAZINGLY nice. so that makes me feel it's loved. :DDD

However my Nano word count is about to get screwed because i really need to finish up Ice Demon and Spider for Marvel Bang. I was kinda fluffing around not finishing it around Halloween like I should have, so now, of course, I need to get that thing done and out to beta. Because hello, it's ridiculously long. I'm tempted to just not give her or mark the scenes that I think are missing and see what she says, mayeb they're not needed?  I do feel like I'm failing fandom-kind because there's a whole lot of recovery- h/c that I could be going into a LOT more detail about. I know fandom loves that stuff, and hell, I love that stuff), but otoh, it's post climax so, it would be a Really Long Extended Epilogue that could drag the story.  *throws hands in air* 

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( Oct. 22nd, 2010 09:17 pm)
I've decided to do The Other Side as my NaNo project (it's shiny! -- I told you I have a problem with that before, but if I have to write like the wind it's better to grab that shiny, I figure).

Anyway under the cut is some pondering about the setting.

thinking aloud )

So any thoughts, those of you who read the summary?
For [ profile] tafkarfanfic's meme (which is kind of like the other fake!tv show meme, except backwards), [ profile] lyssie gave me:
Michael Trucco
JR Bourne
Grace Park
Daniel Dae Kim
Kristen Cloke
Cliff Simon
Mira Furlan

I suppose plotless soft-core porn on Starz AfterDark is out of the question? yes? So instead, how about my far-too-hot cast be actually ... inhuman?

The Other Side

Detective Bridget Ferguson (Kristen Cloke) thinks it's a homicide like any other. But there's a strange shadow around the corpse that only Bridget can see. As she probes deeper into the victim's life and death, she uncovers a world inside her own, where the deathless play with the mortal and ancient magic hides in the city lights.

Once they learn your name, there's no going back )

So here's The Deal:

You post a comment on this entry. In return, I will give you a list of seven actors. (I may look at your profile for a refresher on your fandoms, so consider this a perfect time to update your Interests section!) Then YOU will go back to your LJ and do a quickie show bible. The show bible includes:

* A one-paragraph blurb on what the show is about (like you get in TV Guide)
* What character each actor is playing (you don't need character names, but you do need a description
* For extra credit, a sketch of a plot arc or two OR a couple of two-sentence teasers for first-season episodes.

If you choose to cast a few more "roles" in your write-up, all the more awesome!

Then you post The Deal at the end of your entry, and for anyone who comments on your post and wants to play, give them a list of seven actors.
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( Oct. 9th, 2010 07:47 pm)
Now that I'm a walking cliche (SOCCER MOM!!), my Saturdays are even MORE shot than they were before. Especially when the game is so late in the morning. gah. But since my life is so freakishly dull, let's move on to something more fun.

Supernatural -- Dean/Lisa FTW! Show, I'm loving them. I love her, I love Dean, I love them together. Please, please, don't fuck it up.

Supernatural - my current favorite gif - and spoilers )

In other non-news:
I'm pondering NaNo this year. I've never actually done NaNo, but I've been feeling some um, shall we say, pressure on the homefront to do something more productive with my writing than fanfic. And since I write novels anyway, I might as well try to write for publication than fannish ones, right? NaNo might be just the kick I need to get it off the ground.


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