This is more for me, so I can find it later, since I'm sure anyone who's interested has probably already seen it, but

Coldplay's "Paradise" video is just about the most perfect example of hilarious and touching and beautiful thing ever.

(and meanwhile kidlet, who saw it, is humming the song....)
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( Jul. 6th, 2011 10:10 am)
I don't normally post music stuff, but I do love it when artists do covers that aren't their thing normally.

Like this one: Linkin Park covering "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele.

And considering this was their encore (when I'm amazed Chester has any voice left at all), thumbs up, dude.

embed behind the cut )
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( May. 4th, 2011 02:26 pm)
- I'm still a bit grumpy that anberlin is playing with 30 Seconds to Mars in every (most) concert except the one I saw. (reminded because shuffle just tossed Neon Trees at me, who opened for them last year). Why did we have someone sucky? :(

- Speaking of, I am voting in a silly poll - 30STM vs linkin park -- and now all I can think of is how awesome it would be to have Chester and Jared swap vocals on, say, The Kill and What I've Done. Internet gods, get on that!

- Yay Cylons for Round 4 of [ profile] twelvecolonies!!! Wow, what a nail-biter. And a clever crazy last-second sneak attack from behind! :D

- Tonite! The season finale of Justified. HOLY MACKEREL SOME STUFF HAPPENING TONITE. Hard to believe the season's over so soon. It's been quite a ride.

- and also, yay, for a well-timed comment on an oldish story! always feels so nice. :)
First of all, the best parts might actually have been when Jared Leto has fun screwing with people's brains. My favorite bit? There's this part where he goes out in the audience each time, with guitar to play a couple of songs alone. This time, he goes out there and says: "Since this is a hometown crowd we're going to try out a new song with you guys." *cue wild screaming* "Yeah, new song. Hope you guys like it." *more wild yelling* A few people, like me, who are wise to his tricks, wait. Jared plays the opening chords of THE KILL. I LOL'd SO HARD

At home listening to my recording, it gets a bit awkward because Jared uses fuck a LOT. like, a lot, with my seven-year-old right there because I've totally brainwashed him into being a fan. But then it gets AWKWARD because he starts joking about the Hurricane video and now kiddo wants to see it. Um, no actually, kidlet, you may not see the video even though you know the song.

I will be nice and cut my ridiculous fannish glee flailing about Jared Leto and how he cracks me the hell up )

In sum, I have no idea what Jared Leto is like in real life, but his persona is fantastically entertaining in addition to the music. well worth seeing live.

I haven't even watched TVD or Nikita and it almost doesn't even matter.

THERE WAS HOT OMG-AM-I-SEEING-THAT? on Fairly Legal. GODS. HOW is Michael Trucco so frakking hot? I bow down in Sardo's general direction for giving me that.


I got a Best Tweet Ever RT from one of the show's writers for my excessively flaily comment! LOL

And ALSO I bought tickets for 30 Seconds to Mars, when they come back here! Yes, I went already, but we got fucked over in the show because the venue was outdoors and so the playlist was short to accommodate the residents nearby. And also Jared was sick last time. So I AM GOING AGAIN. ECHELON REPRESENT!
erm, I should stop researching B5 for fic. it's very distracting-- it is not my Yuletide fandom! This is very bad! But you know how it is when you vaguely remember something -- "I think it takes a few days to get there from Earth, right? and I remember there was that Clark weasel who wasn't Welles, what the hell was his name?" That sort of thing. I have a tab permanently opened to the wiki. Y'know, thank goodness for B5 being one of the earliest fandoms to go all out on the wiki-type sites. Lurker's Guide was my writing savior I can't tell you how many times.

I really have no idea why this long-dormant crack fic crossover of mine has suddenly become my new obsession. very strange. And inconvenient. *glares balefully at tab*

TV stuff tomorrow, as I had kiddo pretending to be Jason Derulo for the first half of Vampire Diaries tonight. It was very cute, but bedtime was a bit of a... struggle. But what I saw of that and Nikita was very much yay!

Speaking of music, I have listened to 30 STM do 'Bad Romance' a few too many times. *dies* Cuz what that song needed was MORE theatricality, Jared. <3 <3 <3
So impatient for Yuletide assignment omg! So I am randomly stalking Dear Yulegoat letters for later Madness treats (I see at least two I'd love to do, but didn't offer properly to match). Also, I love that I am not the only crazy person to request a bad Syfy movie! Some people request War and Peace, others request Sharktopus. That's the beauty of Yuletide. lol

Found via Yulegoat Letters:

the hilariously censored version of Maroon 5's 'Misery'. (the original depicts what I'd term an abusive relationship, though it's also quite a bit over-the-top. But, this version? LOLWHUT?)

censored, BONKERS, and yet still possibly NSFW )
a unicorn? Candy? WTF?

The day after Thanksgiving sales that start at midnight or 4 am or any other crazy times? I don't want to shop that badly. I think for Thanksgiving I will be grateful I don't work retail anymore...
In the list of videos I will never make -- Katherine to "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi. y/y?

Um, yes, I'll just take my Product of the 80's Self over there. Where I'll be watching the original video. THAT HAIR, omg.

No work yesterday so MrLiz and I moved all the books/DVDs and put together the new shelves. It looks much nicer, but ... ow. Large art books are unkind to the back. I also found one of my "My TV Boyfriend is in this awful movie, so I MUST have a copy" DVDs behind the old shelves.... We'll just pretend that copy of Ginger Snaps 3 (the first one's a decent flick - the third one, not so much), appeared in our house. By magic.
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( Oct. 11th, 2010 08:13 pm)
Someone on the Ellen Show's Facebook posted a link to the Facing Kate/Fairly Legal Promo I put on YouTube. The hits, they have ASPLODED. (relatively. y'know. For me.)

Otherwise, as I vaguely promised last week at some point, here's the wrap up on my [ profile] twelvecolonies challenge stuff:

- one photo image blend

- three song parodies called "Kara's Favorite Things", "Cylon Number Six", and "The Ballad of Anders"


My artistic skillzzz - the image blend )

Three song parodies )

And yes, that last one is really long. I got just a tiny bit carried away.
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( Sep. 21st, 2010 09:07 pm)
Shamelessly stealing [ profile] ivanolix's idea of putting out a fanmix/playlist for my [ profile] bsg_bigbang as a teaser...

Under a Shadowed Sky

the playlist and links )

Sensing a theme? ;)
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( Sep. 17th, 2010 09:55 am)
Since [ profile] grav_ity mentioned the Hawaii Five-0 theme song, and I had just seen this played on our local news channel...

Here's Grace Park, DDK, and the USC Marching Band doing a cute video to the Hawaii Five-0 theme song.

(USC played Hawaii while I was there, in football, I presume that's when this was filmed)
I was ridiculously excited last night to discover the subcollection for Yuletide 2010 already exists in A03. Nothing else is there, it's an empty folder basically, but still - EEEEEE! YULETIDE IS COMING! \o/

I uploaded the most recent Nellis-verse BSG fic to AO3 - Feather Dusting - and discovered the series totals 10,000 words. Which strikes me as a lot for nothing but Porn Battle PWPs.

You know how people discover cool vids at YouTube? I discovered something Un-cool. Namely THREE thumbs down on my wee Planetside Caprica video at YT. :( :( :( You suck, mystery people! I know I didn't GO anywhere with the whole project, but picking on my little baby is mean. uncool, H8RZ

*sniff* In consolation, I'm going to listen to "Feel Good Drag" and imagine the Stefan/Katherine video I want to make to that.

Finally, I discovered that the new Linkin Park has gone off the reservation for me. Mike, I love you man, I'm glad you're trying something different, but... no. You want to do weird concept things, stick to your art. (I wanted the whole album to be like "The Catalyst" but it's not. at all.)
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( Aug. 1st, 2010 06:43 pm)
okay, so Cats and Dogs was fine. Cats and dogs being spies, with lots of various tidbits stuck in there for the parents.

HOWEVER, the song they play over the opening credits, with an utterly perfect James Bond style?
Is this one (it's a cover, I'll give you a hint). It's SPLENDIDLY AWESOME.

(this is the cover version's official video. Now imagine silhouettes of cats and dogs chasing balls, and dancing hydrants. LOLOLOLOL)
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( Jul. 28th, 2010 11:31 am)
ok, that's strange. I happened to catch the video for Snow Patrol's Just Say Yes and so I was going to play it and then, looking at my computer discovered that their album "Eyes Open" wasn't there. um, I had it. Where did it go? *looks* oh, crap. I forgot this was from my Rhapsody phase -- and now I can't play any of those I bought. *sigh*

So would someone take pity on me and upload it? I did purchase it originally. bah. And this would be why I now buy from Amazon who doesn't protect their mp3s.

And if you happen to know a way to break a protected .rax file, please share with the class, since I've now discovered I have other "missing" albums.

"out of sight, out of mind" -- it's not just for the cans in the pantry!
It's a sad, sad thing to realize "Wipeout" is where LOST used to be. It's like the klutzy, humiliation-whore version of Ninja Warrior.

Speaking of LOST, we caught a bit of The Dark Knight last night. It's always amused me that Nestor Carbonell is the mayor, so I used to claim to MrLiz that was Richard moonlighting as the mayor. But last night, I realized it now actually could work in canon. No wonder the mayor's pretty unfazed by the Joker, when he's spent 150 years on a magical Island. One lunatic really isn't so much compared with immortality and murderous black smoke.

*snickers* yes, this is my brain.

Are there groups you like but actually have a very low tolerance for the singer's voice? 4Ex, I think the White Stripes are very talented but I can't listen to Jack White more than one song in a row. I like the songs, but his voice just GRATES on my ears. Less grating if kinda boring, Kidlet is a big fan of Jack Johnson (thanks to him being on HEAVY rotation when we last visited Hawaii). So I got the new CD for him. This is the first 'grown-up' I've bought for him. I'm sure it won't be the last...

That Guatemala City sinkhole is just unreal. It looks like it should be the result of a superhero fight or aliens or something, not something natural. wow.

And in personal news my Adorable Germ Sponge appears to have given me his cold. ick.
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( May. 16th, 2010 06:02 pm)
Last night, we went to their concert, with openers Shiny Toy Guns and Neon Trees.


pics, vids, commentary,and other stuff under here )

and, FYI, amazon has 30 Second to Mars -- 'This is War', on download for $5. It's frakking epic.
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( Jul. 19th, 2009 10:22 pm)
Highlight of the weekend was definitely the concert (the rest was typical and dull running about in the warmth.)

Coldplay - Viva La Vida in concert )

Anyway, long story short, it was great fun. Except for trying to get out of there, because man, traffic was crazy.

We're going to hold off on our nice anniversary dinner until next weekend.
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( Apr. 12th, 2007 11:35 am)
The rugrat's room used to be my office, a few years ago. When we cleared out all my crap (which included my LotR collection -- you think I'm nuts with my SG-1 figure collection, my LotR one put that to shame *g*), my CDs mostly got packed up into boxes and put in the garage. I had some of it on the computer and figured, when I had some time, I'd upload the rest.

Time. Right. HA!

Then I lost the CD box for awhile (there are many, many boxes in the garage full of pre-baby grown-up stuff and baby stuff that rugrat no longer needs). But I found it today! And I very nearly took out everything to put on my computer. Oh, that one! Oh that has that song on it! Oh yeah, I forgot I had that!. It was my personal music store, awesome! I have twelve CDs on my desk to rip and those are just the ones that have been preying on my brain.

So I'm going to share a random, yet representative of my tastes, group of songs. I'll call it the "Liz Found Her Stuff" Mix! *g*

The Mix )

Now, I really have to work on my ficathon assignment. Enough procrastination!


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