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( Apr. 23rd, 2012 05:12 pm)
First of all, [ profile] rose_griffes wrote a lovely POI fic for me, for [ profile] wegetcarter, Three Sides, over here . You should go read it. And also I need to write mine.

I didn't write it today because I was too busy writing a rebuttal. Look, I usually control my urges to write rebuttals of everything in sight, but sometimes it gets away from me.

So over at [ profile] bsg_epics there was a characterization activity today wherein someone slotted Sam into insecure and I decided I needed to challenge it. Because it touched on that doormat fanon that I can't stand. (probably didn't help that Trucco went and was adorably perfect on Twitter again)

my Anders manifesto - or something )

And in other topics, as I mentioned on Twitter, I have this really overpowering urge to reach into my t.v. and rescue Arya. I just can't. It's hard. Sansa's situation is awful, but Arya's really makes me want to bring her here to live so I can take care of her and keep her safe. :(
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( Nov. 29th, 2011 12:58 pm)
in which I wonder whether fandom is hurting fandom and why Tumblr is taking over everything )

But I think we here can help this process not be quite so quick or permanent by remembering to post and crosspost things we make in other places. Post that fic that didn't make the Big Bang wordcount or deadline. Support the comms you want to stay active and to draw new people. Activity breeds enthusiasm, which breeds involvement. Nobody wants to feel like a fandom of one, right?
In the wake of Flashforward's finale and some more bemoaning about Answers and Lack Thereof, I was thinking about LOST.

Now, I'm the first person to admit that the main draw for it to me was the puzzle aspect of it. So you'd think I'd be one of the main people all ragey because I didn't get all the pieces to the puzzle. But I'm not.

(some vague references to the LOST finale, no specific spoilers, and some BSG mentions as well)

thoughts, I has them: on puzzles, writing serial works, and television )

So apparently all these shows ending have made me very nostalgic for the Days of Yore when teal deer were more commonly spotted in this corner of the LJ woods. heh.
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( Mar. 2nd, 2010 02:00 pm)
Yay! It's FANDOM MARCH MADNESS time! GO FORTH AND VOTE . It's the preliminaries which means you can vote for your favorite characters and try to get them into the first round.

I has thoughts )

Also if it's Dean vs Barney again in the finals I will throw things. COME ON, FANDOM, PROVE ME WRONG.

One of these days, I really need to post about RL....
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( Dec. 21st, 2009 09:56 pm)
I wrote my Yuletide fic meta and put it under lock til the New Year. I feel better for writing it, at least. At least I know what I TRIED to do...

Since I'm in a meta mood, here's your chance to ask me something for that DVD Commentary meme. I was thinking about it earlier when it made the rounds, and then figured I might as well hold it until after Ariadne, if that brought up questions. But this is open to anything. That paragraph from that fic two years ago that you never did understand what the frak I was thinking? Or that time I skipped that part you really really wanted to read about? Or... yeah, now's your chance. :)

If you're curious about something I wrote -- a passage or character or story, or whatever, I'm game.

Stories are at the Fic index post at the top of my journal, if you need a refresher.
Once upon a time, I had math in school. I also moonlighted as a graduate student in history.

I have brought both to bear on this. So BE AFRAID. :)

No spoilers I can think of. A whole lot of speculation, however.

A long time ago, in the Galactica-verse... )

Note that this does NOT get into any of my Cylon/spiritual spec because that's a bit more spoilery.

But I do think that EoJ/Rapture should be taken as the canon point of departure for the 13th tribe. That's when RDM was setting up the Five, and is presumably the date which everything written afterward is going to use.
More Final Cylon spec, this time looking at the MODEL NUMBERS...

And yes, this is an even MORE useless exercise in pure speculation than rambling about how Zarek is the Final Cylon ZOMG!. *g*

possibly spoilerish, just because I know some and it's hard to speculate wildly without thinking about them now that I know them... )

Bored at lunchtime? What? *g*
*turns in genre fan card for the day*

Yes, we watched Criminal Minds last night instead of Katee. (and boy, is that an hour of battling programs or what? -- no wonder NBC promoted the hell out of BW) But, I figured, I have a million ways to catch up to BW and probably none to watch how Mandy Patinkin gets written out of Criminal Minds, so, it was a pretty easy choice really. It doesn't sound like I missed a whole lot.

however a few people are taking criticism to new lows )

And now I really have to do SOMETHING on my [ profile] reel_sg1 fic. I just can't get into it, or any other writing this week, at all.
Ok, so I'm obviously on a Sam-fic writing frenzy lately, and I've thought of a few questions for y'all.

Because this is spoilery...

the rest goes under the cut )
random: "plethora" is an awesome word.

PTB are being very kind to my AU obsession lately, three in CANON in the last week alone. I think I might expire from the squee.

SG-1, Heroes, and Supernatural, whee! But they're all different. Though I note that in ten years, SG-1 has done all of these types at least once. Go Stargate! *g*

This is kind of me just thinking about the mechanics of the different 'verses, with reference to several SG-1 episodes, not so much the episodes themselves, though they are all cool in their own ways.

Spoilers abound! )

Speaking of SG-1, I received my next group of figs, making the DHD. *snerk* And Jonas is available for preorder. WHOO HOO! I didn't know they were doing Jonas. But God, I hope he's better than the Mitchell, which alas, looks NOTHING like Ben. *smacks St.Jean studios* Everyone else is pretty good, why is the Mitchell likeness so lousy?

But still, I have Sam/Cam! Hee! Pics later when I have more time.

Must work on fic, now that the parents have gone and I'm not helping them house-hunt. Gods, what a pain in the mik'ta.
First, *snuggles her ROME finale, gives it kisses and tears*. Goodbye, sociopath Octavian. Goodbye, Atia of the Julii, who started out a soap opera diva and became a woman I wish I could know. Goodbye, Marc Antony, you hot hunk of a man, even if you're a crazed barbarian. Goodbye, Octavia, who was everybody's victim and rose above it anyway.

Goodbye, Vorenus.
Goodbye, Titus Pullo.

Goodbye, show. Despite historical inaccuracies aplenty and the lack of any battles or famous oratory, you were my home for two years and I will miss you.

However, the Rome finale ran long, so I missed the first ten minutes of BSG.

Crossroads Spoilers )
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( Mar. 23rd, 2007 11:04 am)
Feeling normal is really under-rated, y'know? I'm still coughing, but it's a lot better. And everything else is back to working (like, for instance, THE BRAIN. Which was off in foggy land for awhile there).

Teryl was on Supernatural last night! Too bad she wasn't in more of it. Most exciting part of the episode for me, I must say. Can we just get to Darkside!Sammy already, please?

Some Meta on Fanfic and my place in it )

Really, is there any other fandom that examines itself as much as media fandom does? Do other fans of sit around and navel-gaze about why they like the Lakers so much? I don't think so. *shakes head* But I'm glad we do, cuz it's nifty.

(Also, I am highly amused that the lj spellchecker doesn't like "fandom" and "fanfic".)
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( Mar. 18th, 2007 10:06 pm)
Commentary while watching )

in sum, I like the set up for part 2.
OMG, I love this show. I do, I just want to squish its adorable little head!


On the thing which was spoiled back in December, but for those who still need protection:

Maelstrom )
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( Mar. 4th, 2007 11:02 pm)
ARRRGH! My sucky ass cable company could NOT get a decent feed. This whole episode was chopped up and pixelated and just GRRRRR. The whole sitting-under-Viper convo? I heard maybe every other word.


Needless to say I need to find a copy that isn't totally frakked up.




I should however thank the gods that my migraine passed in time for me to watch it at all, so maybe I shouldn't bitch about the terrible picture quality. eep.
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( Feb. 16th, 2007 02:42 pm)
Between last night's Supernatural and today's lunchtime watching of SG-1 "Bad Guys", I think my tummy is sore from laughing too much.

I'll do separate cuts, with "Tall Tales" at the bottom, so you can avoid the SG-1 stuff if you want.

But first a bit on SG-1: Bounty )
Bad Guys )

Supernatural: Tall Tales )
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( Feb. 6th, 2007 03:20 pm)
Some BSG pseudo-meta caused by bemoaning how my precious "Anders for President!" fanon is well on its way to getting jossed...

Non-Anders fans - y'all can move along, nothing to see here...

spoilers and wild speculation for S.3 and into S.4, because yes, there's no point in speculating small, is there? )
Was I supposed to be working on fic today? Why yes, I was. But I did this instead.

Some of these thoughts have been percolating in my head for a long time. I caught a comment by [ profile] raincitygirl that prompted me to write this down. She's not wrong, by the way, -- I agree that the Sam we've seen is both calmer and seemingly less ego-driven than a player of his apparent elite professional sports player status would suggest. But following is an elaboration of my explanaton (read: fanwanking) for the difference, and some more general thoughts on Pyramid. And much gratuitous talk about basketball.

And please, if you have something to add or you disagree, feel free. That's what I meta for -- discussion. I'm hardly pontificating, y'know? It's a t.v. show, and God knows, we all see a different show, and I'm not so attached to what I'm saying here that I won't change my mind.

That said, if you think Anders is Teh Suck, this is probably not for you.

meta posts are never short )


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