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( Jun. 4th, 2010 01:01 pm)
At least the local news have stopped hovering over the hospital, waiting for John Wooden to die so they could run the obituaries they'd already cued up. He's STILL ALIVE, you vultures. ugh.

Two best things about Burn Notice last night? Fi on a bike. For such a tiny woman, she sure can look fierce. And Robert Wisdom! Though calling him Vaughn AND making him Robert Wisdom is rolling all my fannishness into a weird tangled ball in my head. I have no idea what that Michael Ironside cameo was about. He must have owed Matt Nix a favor or something. (Dude, if you want to do cameos - I'm sure V could use you as another resistance fighter!)

Sadly they played no teaser for 'Facing Kate' like I had half-hoped. That suggests they won't promo it at all until at least the July shows premiere, since USA is busy promoting those first. Bummer. Though it's not as if I need yet another crossover in my head right now, so maybe it's for the best.

ETA: someone has gone through LOST S.6 and edited out all the Sideways scenes. I... I don't see how that changes anything, and it certainly doesn't give him any new answers. But, okay, if it makes him feel better.

I'm waiting for the fan-edit that puts everything in chronological order. Because that'd be awesome.
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( May. 29th, 2010 10:18 pm)
We just happened to be flipping channels and stopped to watch THAT scene in the Lost finale replay. *sigh* I've seen it now ... um, too many times thanks to youtube, and it still chokes me up a bit. DAMN, WAY TO EXCEED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS, SHOW! \o/

"We could get coffee sometime." *shipper happysigh*


Meanwhile, I've discovered I have a Sony store not far away, so I can take my poor broken laptop there and get the hinge fixed. Hopefully it'll cost neither too much time or money (yeah, right). But it's gotta be fixed, because I fear the screen will break, since the whole lid now wobbles quite unnervingly. I'm thinking I should have them fix the BluRay player too, since that's NEVER worked right.

Which means ... I need to back everything up. Yikes. That's a job. I haven't done a full backup in a long time, just incremental ones, but I should do a full for this, just in case. And then they're going to take my baby away from me. *clings to Morwen*
In the wake of Flashforward's finale and some more bemoaning about Answers and Lack Thereof, I was thinking about LOST.

Now, I'm the first person to admit that the main draw for it to me was the puzzle aspect of it. So you'd think I'd be one of the main people all ragey because I didn't get all the pieces to the puzzle. But I'm not.

(some vague references to the LOST finale, no specific spoilers, and some BSG mentions as well)

thoughts, I has them: on puzzles, writing serial works, and television )

So apparently all these shows ending have made me very nostalgic for the Days of Yore when teal deer were more commonly spotted in this corner of the LJ woods. heh.
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( May. 24th, 2010 12:16 am)
Show. I just can't even process.

To all things there is an ending )

Oh, by the way.... ABC, with the exception of the Target ads which were brilliant, I HATE YOU horribly for chopping this show into little pieces with your billions of ads. YOU SUCK.
In an effort to prevent myself from going to the forums and spoiling myself, since I'm behind east coast by several hours, I'm unplugging my internet. (no, I have no self control.)

If you haven't been watching for awhile and you're coming back for the finale, I ... uh, wish you luck!

It's been a great ride, no matter how it ends. *sigh* What the hell am I going to expend my meta/analysis fannish energy on now?
First of all, no matter what you thought about "Across the Sea", the newest Totally Lost, with Mark Pellegrino and Titus Welliver as the 'special guests' is just completely awesome. Both hilarious Jacob-Smokey sitcom and a good serious interview with the actors.

In six parts, over here, at .

What They Died For )

And, damn, I really hope Pellegrino is on something else I watch next year. It's been really fun having him on two shows this season.

Dear Julie Plec - he would be an awesome supernatural creature on Vampire Diaries. Master vampire. Werewolf pack leader. Vampire slayer. Alaric's brother. SOMETHING. Please don't let him fall back into boring roles as 'the heavy'. He can do so much more. Plus, he appears to be a fun, cool guy.


For all that they stumble, I still can't imagine any show TRYING half the things they've done. Really, no matter what the finale brings, it'll still be an impressive achievement.
Scattered bits because I have the attention span of a gnat on meth:

Criminal Minds: Exit Wounds
Garcia just said 'frak'. *loves*
And I loved that ending.

Alas, ABC, Happy Town is boring, not interesting. Sam Neill almost saves it by being creepy, but not enough.

I'm also apparently an outlier for LOST last night. Everyone else is all HATEY MCHATEY STABBY STAB. um, what? Never mind, I'll just be over here where I'm sure I'll be the only one who won't hate the finale, too, since it's kind of hitting ALL my narrative obsessions. All at once.

no, actually I'm not done with Across the Sea and general LOST commentary )

Clearly if I wrote t.v. shows everyone would think they were the most awesome thing ever for a few seasons and then would get increasingly sure I jumped the shark and then would throw their shoes at the t.v. during the finale. Which gives me a little fear for Black Sails, honestly, because I clearly like what a LOT of people hate. A lot.

So I wrote three K on it today, because I'm stubborn like that. TAKE THAT, HATERS! :P
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( May. 6th, 2010 03:39 pm)
Bwahah, I love it. That really really HIDEOUSLY JARRING commercial for Nicorette or whatever during LOST has now been dubbed the Dharma Shark Commercial. Sometimes, fandom is just awesome.

Though, wow, reactions to "the Candidate" are really polarized and extreme. I shudder to think what the finale's going to be like.

oh! I have personally added to the lexicon: what used to be the "frozen donkey wheel" I have now made into the "Frozen Time Shenanigans Donkey Wheel". And it's spreading. That makes me ridiculously proud of myself. (and if you don't know what that means, well, you are missing some of the most gloriously cracky crack to ever be on t.v)


I was so overcaffeinated last night (for no good reason either), I couldn't sleep for forever and consequently I have no brain to do anything today. I keep staring at the Crossover of Doooom and being amused by myself, but not so much adding to it.

The case they're investigating in the fic is pretty lame. I would suck being a writer for one of those cop dramas. lol.
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( Apr. 29th, 2010 01:59 pm)
When I woke up this morning, I wasn't much of a baseball fan. But then I checked my subscriptions at YT and found the latest group of LOST Slapdowns (they're like David Eick's Videoblogs, in that they're sort of "behind the scenes" but really they're just to be silly with Cuse and Lindelof). In one good one they totally make fun of themselves for screwing up Charlotte's profession and age, but anyway, that was not the one that converted me to baseball.

WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME CJ WILSON of the Texas Rangers WAS A HOTTIE? And he's so cute with his question and his pitch right into Carlton's leg. hee.

embed and screencaps underneath )

And now I want to go follow him on twitter, and I don't even HAVE a twitter! LOL

(and oh god, I totally have a type, don't I? *giggles* it's SO OBVIOUS)
I have all kinds of new appreciation for my parents and our family car trips now. Not that kidlet was difficult especially but running from attraction to attraction for a week is really exhausting. Fun, but I'm definitely not as young as I once was... *aches everywhere* Allergies are not helping -- I know I'm not the only one, but I feel like I must be allergic to every single damn flowering THING out there.

Pics of the trip later when I remember to recharge the camera. oops.

I managed to watch some of my shows, and once again it amuses me too much to be able to say during LOST: "hey, I've stood RIGHT THERE." This week, I got to go one step further and say, "I saw Naveen Andrews right there!" *chortle* (The Driveshaft Gala in the ep was being set up on the extremely obvious grounds of the Bishop Museum, including the black lava rock bricks. Cracks me up. At least 'Hawaii Five-O' will actually be set in Hawaii, so they don't have to do such ridiculous attempts at being not!Hawaii.)

I should do a teevee catch up post, once I catch up. I also need to finish my Remix which is still at about three-quarters done, since I did not a lick of writing when I was gone. I meant to, but that early-to-bed thing killed that plan.
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( Mar. 31st, 2010 12:28 am)
I've had an entry open for two days now. Did I mention it was spring break for the kidlet? Yeah. Next week I'll just be gone on vacation, but this week... home with a highly bored, highly energetic little kid. He doesn't want to go to bed or sleep either (he's usually a pretty good sleeper, but not this week).

But despite this, we had our parent teacher conference for the middle term and found that I have the most amazing child in all of kindergarten. Or, y'know, words to that effect. :)

In dumb project news, I've been trying to finally get "Meteor Storm" off my DVR by saving it to disk. I was hoping I could connect to the DVR and grab the VOB or whatever file it is, but my computer won't talk to it. boo. So I video captured the movie, and it inexplicably saved at mediocre resolution. The whole POINT of making my own was to do a high-def version for pretty caps. I'm full of technological ineptness this week. bah So I'm kind of watching it again, as I cut it: the premise is still ridiculous, but it's watchable and pretty. Really, it could be worse.

(in Skiffy Movie news, I am CRUSHED to discover that Misha Collins' Skiffy Saturday spectacular Stonehenge Apocalypse doesn't air until at least June, looks like. BOO. C'mon, STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE... how can that not be awesomely bad?)

(three zillion years later in this tab... Kidlet didn't go down until almost 10. ARRRRGH)


Justified continues to rock my world -- it's such a nice change of pace to have crooks be actual small time criminals and dirtbags working the angles and betraying each other for five g's, rather than (a) criminal masterminds or (b) serial killers, like most cop shows. It's light-hearted and obviously the drama's heightened, but in some ways, it feels more grounded in reality (than, say, a show like Castle which is fun, too, but very teevee-ish). Three eps in, I'm still liking it (and I have a notoriously short attention span).

Before that, there was LOST.


I dvr'd V and hopefully I'll get a chance to watch tomorrow.
So we're flipping through and landed on "Fly Girls" for a few moments. It's supposed to be an unscripted show (about flight attendants) but it's lit like a CW show and they're all "acting". Badly. I'm hardly a bit fan of "reality" t.v. anyway, but wow, is that one bad.

y'know, if we get invaded by alien Visitors who secretly want to eat us but put on a nice face and make lots of empty promises, I can find a few people in the LOST forum who will be glad to help them. The willingness of people to believe that a character, who is an obvious smirking liar, is still really nice and "just wants to be free" makes me sigh a lot.

I daresay Esau has a couple million dollars in Nigeria, too, that he could use their help getting out of the country. *rolls eyes*
Yesterday's tv was all about Deadwood cast reunions -- okay, they were on different channels but still, y'know, it's BAAACK. Sort of.

First, and just in general, I'm kind of in love with "Justified". First, because it's Timothy Olyphant, who's getting to have quite a bit more fun with this role than he EVER had as Bullock. Second, because it's Elmore Leonard, and so even the stupidest dirtbag on the planet can TALK. (the cousins thing last night -- hilarious). And I like everybody, even the dirtbags in their somewhat charming, dumbass dirtbag way. I like that the secondaries get their moments to shine even in these early two episodes.

The one drawback to this show is that I start talking that way after I watch. My Great Aunt Gustine (who lived in Kentucky) would be proud. :)

But before that, Titus Welliver was back on LOST! AND THERE WAS A PIG. AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT PIG WAS DOING. *dies*

LOST: ab Aeterno )

phew! I think I better post before I get even more carried away.
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( Mar. 10th, 2010 11:41 pm)
The Psych finale was wall-to-wall Hitchcock references. Spousal Unit of course, being Mr Film School, caught them all much faster than I did - but it was still cool.


LOST was also fabulous. Michael Emerson, as usual, brings it home. I have no deep thoughts (well, that's not entirely true -- but it's a bit late to be delving into contrition right now). Instead I'm writing fic about Ilana as a little girl cavorting on the Island, finding cabins she shouldn't and meeting nice weavers, who are secretly a little glad for the company.

IDEK. I liked Ben before that, but after last night, I like her, too. SHE IS AWESOME.

I have a 500 word essay for the LOST forum all in draft. Just waiting to post. It's tentatively titled "Why Jacob is good, or at least way better than the alternative, and all you haters should shut up already."

Or, y'know, not EXACTLY those words. But kinda. *g* It's inconvenient getting suddenly all fangirly over a character who's DEAD. (not that it's slowing him down all that much, but still. oops.)

It's lame, but I think I'm just a sucker for hot secondary characters who get badass dramatic entrances -- Anders comes in holding a gun in Kara's face, Castiel arrives like a storm in the barn, and Jacob.....

oh heck, I'm just gonna do it.


His predecessor of hot badass dramatic entrances was Richard, who had this scene in Dharmaville that made me love him... I thought he was interesting before that, but I wasn't all "ooooh, I need MOAR!" until THIS scene. you know the one )
Okay, I totally need to STOP THINKING ABOUT this and do something productive.
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( Feb. 25th, 2010 12:34 am)
ha, combination of fandomy things on Psych. First, I discovered I can't watch Chris Sarandon in ANYTHING without thinking of The Princess Bride. Still. To this day. I have, possibly, seen it too many times.

Also guesting in that ep was Sandra Hess, Trucco's wife. It was a small part, but kind of an unexpected bonus, since I had no idea she was still acting.

And all this is really just an excuse so I can use my new Jacob icon. I think Jacob has now taken up the spot in my heart previously held by Richard, because Richard runs like a scared bunny is no longer awesome. But Jacob is awesome in that sort of Mostly Dead Mysterious Demigod way he has.

Because all t.v. shows NEED one of those.
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( Feb. 23rd, 2010 11:05 pm)
random reactiony things as I go )

Speaking of LOST, the other day I read an interview with Yunjin Kim that was funny, regarding Jacob. She said she was so consumed with curiosity about Jacob that after she learned he'd been cast (finale of last season), she rushed right to Pellegrino's imdb page so she could finally see what Jacob looked like. hee. I love it when the actors are fangirls, too.
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( Feb. 3rd, 2010 09:35 am)
wow, it feels like forever since I've done a tv roundup! Figures it would be LOST that got me off my lazy beehind to write something up.

24 )

Life Unexpected )

LOST, 2 hour premiere )
The new timeline, I think )
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( Aug. 27th, 2009 09:32 pm)
I bet you all thought I was kidding when I said I was going to run across a LOST castmember. Well, I can report that in fact, I DID. While at the Bishop Museum, we ran into Naveen Andrews (Sayid) who was there with his kid. The two little ones ran about in the fake lava tube a lot. And then later, Kidlet told him all about how to use the little baking soda volcanoes in the gift shop. (He's very helpful that way *g*) On the way home we stopped at my absolute favorite store to get THE BEST dried mango I can find anywhere.

Yesterday we visited the Bowfin which is a WWII submarine, out at Pearl Harbor. It was very interesting and made me realize how much I would HATE being on board one for a long time. Then we ate lunch at the base - taking full advantage of my FIL's retired officer status, I tell you.

Then it was play time at Auntie and little cousin's house, where it was good fun with some more family members. Who fed us AGAIN. I'm eating nothing but lettuce for a week when I get home. Tomorrow we're heading to the beach again, and hopefully some snorkeling.

Oh man, I know what I would love to do for the video challenge for [ profile] twelve_colonies. But it's gonna be tough, just technically with so little time by when I get home and equipment issues (plus, y'know, the whole lacking of vidding experience/talent thing).
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( Jul. 26th, 2009 09:25 pm)
I was feeling sad for not being at Comic Con (until yesterday hit and then I was kinda glad, since Comic Con and sick don't mix well), but this made up for it.

From the LOST panel, when Josh "steals" the final page of the final script.

OMG, Michael Emerson. *draws sparkly hearts*


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