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( Oct. 1st, 2012 11:25 pm)
see also DW spoilers below )

Anyway. <3 PONDSES.

and meanwhile, Once Upon a Time is back )
You know what would be funny? if Doctor Whale isn't Monstro from Pinocchio, but from Moby Dick. No, no idea how it would work, but that's a famous literary whale after all and I don't see why Wonderland and Neverland should be 'real' and not Moby Dick.

And while I'm making up characters, they should bring in Zachary Levi, maybe next season, and have him play Eugene/Flynn, because who else you gonna pick, right? (and since Marvel's part of Disney they could even get a joke in there about David and Eugene looking alike or taking each other's place. *snicker*)

Plus Olivia Wilde could reprise Quorra, because that would be greatness. Tempted to write that since we're not likely to get it for real and it could be so awesome.
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( Sep. 17th, 2012 10:33 am)
On Sunday, about an hour after I'd said we should get a new hat for the kiddo because I was afraid he'd lose the Tokyo Disneyland hat he was wearing all the time... he lost it. *sigh* But he's such a great kid; he didn't pout or cry or anything. He was just sad that he'd put it down and then forgotten to pick it up again. I called around, but no one found it, so we figure someone took it. (and boo to you, whoever you are, taking a little boy's Disney hat and not turning it in to the store where you found it) :( Apparently the karma fairies were listening because not five minutes after I posted this, I got a call. hat found! He'll be so happy! I think we'll still get a new hat of less sentimental attachment though.

Watched DW: "A Town Called Mercy". NOT ENOUGH FRELLING BROWDER.

I also spent a ridiculous amount of time on facebook (where I haven't visited in, um, months, if not a year). But at least they got rid of the parts I hated before, like the constant game updates, so it's more functional. It's disappointing when the people you'd actually like to find out what the heck happened to them aren't there. But then you do find people and that's great. But then there's the one you find "omg you left in fifth grade and we were pen pals for awhile, but then you disappeared but maybe it's best not to click the friend request because that was thirty years ago..." Awkward.

An old classmate had posted our fourth grade class photo. OH MY GOD. MY CLOTHES. I would show you except I don't want your eyes to burn out of your head. *shudder*
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( Oct. 6th, 2011 11:13 pm)
I finally watched last year's Christmas Special for Doctor Who (though in hindsight I probably should've saved it for a little while since it's a couple of long months... )

a few thoughts )

And also I watched most of the George Harrison documentary produced by Martin Scorsese, Living in the Material World which is really pretty fabulous for music lovers. Some fascinating interviews and a lot of archival things that nobody's ever seen before. I am amazed that people like Tom Petty and Eric Clapton look better NOW than they did when I was a teenager. Just shows you what getting clean does for your health.
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( Oct. 2nd, 2011 09:28 pm)
I should write a Doctor Who post. FOR ALL OF THESE FEELINGS.

Which I've already flailed about at length elsewhere, but still.


And so also, now I want to read books about Eleven and Ponds and River, if anyone has any recommendations about how to fill in the LONG COLD GAP UNTIL CHRISTMAS... :(


Last Friday, I watched Haven because of Tahmoh, despite having not seen it before. I don't quite understand everything, but I figured out enough. It was cute. Not enough cute that I'm going to go dig up all the past eps but maybe if it comes back, I'll watch from there. I gather its status is a bit uncertain though.

I'm still not finished with my [ profile] pyramidofdreams ficathon story! ACK! must finish! (and hopefully get it beta'd as well, but, er, I don't know. Last minute and all. yikes.)
HA! I discovered my old laptop adapter will charge my new laptop! So now I can still use the new one while waiting for the new cord to arrive. \o/

In case you missed it, the final chapter of Shuffle and Deal , in which BSG reasserts itself

Some brief comments on Doctor Who )

Now I have to finish my SG-1 Recap.
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( Sep. 12th, 2011 03:57 pm)
Yeah, clearly I should know better than do a 'post daily stuff' meme. Or sign up for things with good intentions which I poorly follow through on. *sigh* (must think of something for today that is not linking my Sam/Martouf picspam).

But instead I wrote a lot of my K/S Ficathon fic, even though it isn't due for a month. yes, obvious fic will be obvious. I fail at anon. And prioritizing. But I EXCEL at striking while the iron is hot. And when the plot bunnies bite. And when the shiny is shiny.

Speaking of Shiny --


The Girl who waited )
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( Sep. 8th, 2011 10:52 am)
While I work on some other AU requests (I nearly finished the spies and then got a better idea so I'm changing it), some other updates and linkages:

Mo Ryan posts about the lack of women writers on TV.

Doctor Who Miscellany:
Sylvester McCoy does the Doctor's speech from the Pandorica Opens at D*C:

BBCA is apparently not distinguishing between new episodes and old so my DVR recorded all of them this past week. But they all have the same generic description! BBCA get with it.

Also, watching TOP GEAR US - Arlene Tur from Torchwood:Miracle Day posted the fastest time at their celebrity track, out of some twenty drivers. She ran over two cones and a camera, but she was fast! Apparently not braking beats out experience. lo

"Night Terrors" wasn't one of my favorites. I read that it was moved from earlier in the season (that it should've been where Black Spot went); don't know if that's true, but it would fit Amy and Rory a bit better, if so.
I have finally now officially caught up on all Eleventh Doctor eps. I had tried to watch Cold Blood when I DVR'd it from a marathon on BBCA a few weeks back but something happened in the broadcast/recording so the picture kept downgrading and pixelating into unwatchability. So I had to find it another way. ahem.

DW - some thoughts  )

And in far less serious business stuff, it's Michael Trucco's Birthday today.

41 fabulous years of ever-increasing handsomeness and wonderfulness.

(I mean, seriously, I've never heard a bad word. He gets along with everybody, is unfailingly awesome at cons, funny as hell, still madly in love with his wife, and gets better-looking. HOW IS HE REAL? )

Here, have a gif and picspam from my Fuckyeahmichaeltrucco spam posts today.


May there be many many more!
I just.

it is too late for me to be watching this show.

Spoilers for the S.6 midseason finale thing A good man goes to war )

Please do not trip over the wacky theories on your way out.
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( May. 16th, 2011 08:29 pm)
LJ. quit it, I keep refreshing my flist, and new posts appear before ones I already read. put them in ORDER

I have been hauled into [ profile] bsg_epics ship-swap. I will write Kara/Sam/Lee in exchange for [ profile] kag523 writing K/S. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? WIN-WIN. :D This is not at all my clever plan to have a deadline for my threesome fic, NOT AT ALL.

If anyone has any last minute prompts for the Fairly Legal promptathon , I'm collecting them tonight!

Over the weekend we made our annual trek to the NASA Jet Propulsion laboratory's Open House. The highlite was def seeing the Mars Rover Curiosity. it's much larger than the other rovers and we had a chance to see it in the assembly clean room before it's shipped for launch this November.

something cool )

Also "The Doctor's Wife" is very nearly unmockably marvelous. Very nearly. PLANZ.
aside: "Bubble bloodbath" is quite possibly the best term EVAR. This was after FOX canceled everything not already nailed down yesterday. BUBBLE BLOOD BATH. LULZ

I also watched the "Forest of the Dead" (part 2 of River's intro).


Also. I still can't believe Matt Smith is ONLY 28. I know it, I read it, and I still can't believe it. It's both amusing and yet so true when River tells Ten that he's so young in the Library.
Doctor Who: Curse of the Black Spot

Ok. THIS EPISODE? is crack and it makes me think crack-y thoughts.

So here, have a picspammilicious recap.

DW: Curse of the Black Pearl -- I mean, Spot. Yeah, spot )

the end.

(Is this something Who fandom would appreciate? IDEK. I'll put in on my tumblr for kicks at least. Tumblr post )
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( May. 9th, 2011 11:48 pm)
I would like to object to how ridiculously easy Doctor Who is to crossover with everything ever.

MY BRAIN CANNOT COPE WITH THIS. I'm on my second crossover fic in a week.

But there will also be a ridiculous picspam tomorrow, because, why not? :D
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( May. 7th, 2011 11:56 pm)
So many thoughts, shows!

First of all,I watched "Silence in the library" as part of my continuing quest to watch DW completely ackbasswards. River is, of course, fabulous. And heart-breaking. I... don't immediately feel as attached to Ten and Donna as I did with Eleven and Amy. *head tilty* perhaps they will grow on me. Still haven't had a chance to watch the next one, so plz don't spoil me.

Speaking of DW,I am thinking I must do a separate recap post for Black Spot because I HAVE SO MANY RIDICULOUS things I think about while watching this show.

I also have complicated feelings about TVD, so I have to wait and see that one again I think. Or maybe that's the wrong word -- I'm not sure I care about what happened? I should, but I'm not sure I do. maybe it's just me, though, being spoiled and prepared, and generally wiped out lately.

Nikita is pretty damn perfect. show, plz don't leave me.

And Supernatural reaffirmed that my heart belongs to Castiel, and I'm sorry but that's just the way it is. I empathize with him more than I do anyone else, even when he's doing bad things Poor bb, you know the answer or you wouldn't be so troubled. Favorite ep of the season, hitting one of my narrative kinks: well-intentioned acts that go awry.
Kara/Sam and Eleventh Doctor
Set in the middle of BSG Taking a Break and S.6 Doctor Who
Sam and Kara encounter the Doctor.
600 words
Written quickly for [ profile] twelvecolonies promptathon.

(Um, so, my first DW fic? Hopefully it's not too awful)

Encounter )
Have you ever looked at what someone wrote about your show/your ship and thought "How is that person even watching the same show?" I don't mean in a "wow Ian Somerhalder is pretty so Damon's not that bad" sort of way - but in a "where the hell did you get THAT" or "That didn't even happen!" way.

Well, I've figured it out with the application of alcohol and Doctor Who. Obviously, it's NOT the same show.

That's because forums occasionally have rips in space-time that allow people in different universes to interact. So it's actually literally true that this batshit crazy person is watching a different show than you.

I don't know about you, but that makes me feel better. You're welcome.

TVD: THE LAST DAY: the one where things go DOWN )

In other news, I've now seen the last four eps of Doctor Who S.5. I wish BBCA would put all of S.5 on-demand, not just the last four, but at least I've seen them, so now I can work backwards. I must be fannish, since I've been writing Drawer Fic. This is fanfic I can't actually share because it's a crossover with my own original fic, and full of characters no one's heard of. But immortal mash-up, what's not to love, huh? *g*
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( Apr. 23rd, 2011 05:58 pm)
Y'all know (or if you don't, now you do), but I don't catch up with t.v. well. If I fall behind, I have to be VERY into it to catch up, otherwise I tend to drop the show. There's lots of tv and not a lot of time and I don't really like watching tv on my computer.

So anyway, the point (which I tried to post via my phone, but the post vanished) is that Doctor Who is starting. I would like to watch, but I haven't actually seen any eps since Nine. NOw I realize S.5 would be better to start with, but ... see that's just not likely to happen.

It'll be an experiment where I'll try to watch mostly cold. I have some basis - I know who everyone is, just from fannish osmosis - and BBCA has a S5 highlight show. So I can watch that. But we'll see how it goes... (though possibly not til monday, but I have the DVR set)


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