[profile] dragoninthecup asked for Not All That We Are, Book IV: Black Sails at Dawn

But this is my favorite answer, so I'll leave this outside the cut. :)

10 If I had to sum up this fic in a sentence, what would it be?
If you don't like Cylons, Anders, and mysticism in BSG, oh boy, this fic isn't for you.

since I talk a lot and there are spoilers for the fic )
So this is the final part! WOOOOOOO!!

I'll put up a master post (and link all the parts which aren't, sorry) during the week when I crosspost around. But until then, if you're reading along, enjoy!

Series link at AO3

Black Sails at Dawn, Epilogue )
NOTE: fyi, the first part of this is based on the "Face of the Enemy" webisodes, which may be unfamiliar canon to some people, since IIRC they're not on any of the disks.

Black Sails at Dawn, Chapter 18 )
In which the dead return, someone gives a very important speech, and, oh right, civil war.

Chapter Ten )
No, I actually don't know why I'm bothering, but for archival purposes, I guess.

Black Sails at Dawn

(also A03

Chapter 8 )


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