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( Dec. 29th, 2012 07:21 pm)
Some fun stuff I've gotten lately--

The Escape from the Mirkwood Spiders from The Hobbit LEGO set
(also the Helm's Deep set, but that's not put together yet).

It does actually spoil a bit of that scene in next year's movie, by the way, because it shows one of Jackson's changes.

photos )

Meanwhile, while I was making mistakes building stupid small LEGO trees, A was building his gift from Santa: a LEGO Technic Unimog. 2060 pieces. Motors. Pneumatic pumps.

pic 2 )

And in BSG loot news, it happened to come up that I own BSG stuff with the dad of a schoolmate of kiddo, and he happened to have the Emmy screener for S4 which he gave me.

now, dude, I am the first to admit that 4.5 had some issues and didn't deserve an Emmy anyway, BUT, if you see this hideous monstrosity you'll understand why it was never going to happen, regardless of the content.

when BSG screeners go bad )

I also got awesome minimates but I need to take pics.

Now to put together my Fanfiction Wrap Up of 2012 Post for launch New Year's Day. Gonna skip the Fandom Meme because the answer is "Still sort of clinging to BSG even while Tom Hiddleston's face took over my brain and pulled the rest of the MCU with it somehow". (But when I start plotting fics of Loki in Middle-Earth? I MAY HAVE A PROBLEM JUST SAYING)
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( Oct. 31st, 2012 03:46 pm)
No not the costume pics yet. This is something else that I picked up today.

So awhile back (years, yes, it's true), I went to the first BSG auction and we all had fun and I bought CBucs patches, because everything else turned out to be really expensive (WHO KNEW? Right?) And then the auction happened again and I stayed home and played online. And I kind of accidentally bought something (I did not expect my bid to stick, but well, it did) so suddenly I also owned Sam's Viper "plate". Which is not actually a plate at all, but a sticker. I intended to frame it, but it got kinda put away in the closet.

Then a few weeks ago, we rediscovered we had these signed comic book prints, and since they're kind of worth something, especially since one of the artists Michael Turner died a few years ago, so we decided to frame them. and I figured I'd frame the BSG thing as well.

pics of how they turned out )
Project for [ profile] twelvecolonies to photoshop BSG characters into another show.

Since I was thinking about robots and people named Sam --

Kara and Sam pose while wary for another Decepticon attack )
So I came up with this BSG/Avengers fusion verse of much funness --

Kara -- Natasha (Obvs)
Sam -- Hawkeye
Tigh --- Fury (c'mon, that's a gimme)
Lee -- Cap
Baltar - Iron Man (you have to imagine a bit more outright heroism in Gaius, but the wealthy genius skirt-chaser part was easy)
Caprica -- Pepper
Gaeta -- Banner (cuz the mutiny was kind of Gaeta's big green rage monster moment, y/y? Plus all Tony/Bruce shippers get to sail merrily along undisturbed,lol)
Dee -- Coulson (on the theory that Dee and Coulson have similar 'voice that brings them home' roles.)
Helo -- Thor

I thought of Sam at Thor, because it brings in the from-another-Earth thing, plus Leoben could be Loki, as Lyssie pointed out. But then Hawkeye becomes a problem, and it's more fun to write my ship as Clint and Natasha running around being spies and shooting stuff.*g*

Which of course, is what I've been writing! It's supposed to be Avengers!Kara and Sam shooting things. But I realized it really is Clint and Natasha, for all practical purposes, so maybe I should change the names. Or I can post the fusion version here for my BSG friends to get a kick out of, and then I'll switch it for wider distribution. Or I don't know. Thoughts? MY LIFE IS HARD YO
First, since [ profile] bsg_remix is now all over I can claim mine:

( Fate Averted )
a remix of [ profile] lostinapapercup Things to do on Galactica When You're Dead
main: Kara, Sam, Boomer, Gaeta, Laura (with some Bill, Caprica, Tigh, etc)
(Kara/Sam, Boomer/Tyrol, and Laura/Bill)

Summary: Five small changes, five lives altered

(Note: [ profile] lostinapapercup's fic is really lovely and sad, taking on all those canon deaths. And while we all know I eat up angst with a spoon, I realized that a way to remix it was to take the same situations and show how they all might have lived if Ron weren't also into deadly angst with one small change. Or, IOW, a Five Things Fix-It.)

And Now Rewatch Day 2: all the other stuff around the Fall of the Colonies. That includes the Razor Flashbacks, Downloaded flashback sequence of Caprica Six, and that part of The Plan.

Meanwhile, back on the Caprica ranch... )

Okay that's about enough for today, tomorrow "33".
Feel free to join in. :)
Rewatch - already a day late. heh. Well, there you go. At least I did it though.

I did start with the Razor flashbacks - at least the ones I could find easily, since I discovered I didn't have them as a separate file as I thought. But I found them today, so I'll talk about them with the other 'extras' for tomorrow.

A little about my first experience watching the show. I watched when it first aired, and as a childhood fan of OldSkool I was ... a bit nervous. I realized it could be updated and improved, plus I was at least somewhat familiar with RDM's work on Star Trek so I knew he had the experience, so rebooting it as such didn't bother me. Making Starbuck a woman was fine (Apollo was my favorite in Old Skool - had they switched that instead, I might have been more dubious, but as it was, I didn't mind). Eliminating Athena as Adama's daughter - of course, I had no idea that there would eventually be an Athena was less fine. Making Boomer female and Asian was awesome. Making Tigh white was the change I disliked the most - both Boomer and Tigh were black in Classic, and suddenly there were none. It still bothers me a bit, tbh - I do love Michael Hogan and I think he did a fabulous job, but yeah. Anyway.

So it was with a bit of trepidation that I watched it. And I remember liking it, but the funny thing is I don't really remember much more than that because my son was born later that week. :) I have watched it again, once, since, but even that was several years ago. So here we go from the beginning, a bit of liveblog as I watch.

The miniseries )

Tomorrow will be all the 'extra bits" relating to the attacks -- Razor flashbacks, the first part of The Plan dealing with the attacks, and the part of Downloaded that deals with Caprica's resurrection.

Hope you had fun. It was fun for me to go back and revisit!

Feel free to comment on anything regarding the miniseries that you want to - what I mentioned, what I didn't. It's not a recap as such, so I skip over a lot.
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( Apr. 26th, 2012 10:40 am)
Okay, yay, looks like there's some interest in a BSG rewatch: It's Thursday and I don't know about y'all but I have a metric ton of t.v. tonight and tomorrow. But I also don't want to lose momentum and not do anything. So here's the plan.

As [ profile] noybusiness suggested, since it's a rewatch, I don't have to worry about spoilers, so chronological would be a slightly different way to watch the show. This impacts The Plan and Razor the most, so I'm going to watch Razor in S.2 and the bits of the Plan around the time of their settings chronologically. I may also do that with the Downloaded, UB, and No Exit flashbacks, depending on how annoying it becomes to find them and watch them at the proper time.

So, first up are the Razor flashbacks of Husker and the First Cylon war. Then the Miniseries. Then the first part of The Plan that covers the immediate attack. This is a biggish chunk, so I'll write something up on all that for Monday. (there, see? DEADLINE. This is how I get shit done.)

Thereafter I'm hoping for daily, but I don't know how realistic that'll be. I will say at the end of each entry when I intend to put up the next one. I'm glad some of you want to hop aboard and ride the rollercoaster again!

hmm. now I need to go dig Razor out of the garage....
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( Apr. 25th, 2012 05:41 pm)
y'know, because I haven't been in this fandom long enough *kof* I've been thinking about doing a rewatch from the beginning. Back when it restarted on BBCA I was intending to watch it then, but Saturday is always a terrible day to watch t.v. so I haven't done a total rewatch in ... a long time. And I realized I've kind of forgotten things and maybe I'd be more inclined to finish my WIPs again if I watched it all again in order, not random eps.

Also, this LJ has been pretty quiet. Even when I do have something to write about I don't, so in the spirit of the Blog About A Hundred Things challenge, I think maybe I could at least blog about something I actually know.

[Poll #1836296]

So I don't know if it'll be daily or sort of daily or whatever, but I do know that if I have some other people sort of waiting on it (even if you aren't, feel free to lie, because that's motivating), I'll do it.
So here's the thing: I'm writing a Kara/Sam/Lee triad marriage/relationship epic. (based on This bit of porn . And I'm trying to do it the bsg-way - or how it might have gone in canon.

And since I didn't actually ever watch Caprica, I have a few questions relating in a general way for flisters who watched it. Plus some bsg discussion.


cut for the details )


And also, I now seem to be in need of a K/S/L icon. Anyone?
17th Precinct being Ron Moore's pilot for his new t.v. show that's shooting right now, and JUST SO HAPPENS to have BSG/Caprica alumni starring in it.

Okay, since this whole project is OBVIOUSLY a BSG AU that Ron thought up while doing one of those BSG commentaries drunk on absinthe, here's my theory (which I thought up all by myself right before I went to sleep last night.)

If we assume Stockard Channing's character was really Mary McDonnell originally in Ron's head... (which, duh. obvious)


Was Kristin Kreuk's character (Jamie Bamber's t.v. wife), originally Grace Park?

Doesn't that sort of imply that somewhere in Ron's brain there lurks a BSG AU in which Sharon and Lee got together?

Or, wait.

Maybe Jamie's character was actually originally conceived as Tahmoh (they're both blue eyed and Tahmoh's been a cop a zillion times),

and if so, THEREFORE, if that couple was originally Grace and Tahmoh THEN Jamie and Kristin play alterna-future Agathons.


A Shadow on the Pattern
Battlestar Galactica/Babylon 5 Crossover
Characters: Kara, Sam, Barolay, S.1 B5 (Sinclair, Ivanova, Garibaldi, etc), the rest of BSG (though not in this part)
Pairings: Kara/Sam, Agathons
Continuity: Set after BSG: Taking a Break... and after B5: Quality of Mercy . And then goes AU to both. This uses a very different BSG backstory to the Cylons/Kobol/etc.

Previous parts:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Note: This is sort of a catch up chapter, since it's been an ETERNITY since I posted this. I've posted part of it in a comment before, if it seems familiar at first. Part Six (all new!) will come after the holiday.

Part Five )

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( Oct. 27th, 2010 05:02 pm)
So much for needing until Nov 12. Caprica canned . I'm sorry, all of you watching the show. :(
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( Oct. 22nd, 2010 11:12 am)
Mo Ryan says that possible Cylon War webseries is going to be a movie and back-door pilot instead. eee! Tenth year of the war... If it goes to series, you know what this means? FINAL FIVE, BABY. (which is both thrilling and kind of terrifying, since I like my fanon, eep) But I liked the flashbacks to the war, so a full movie would be pretty cool at least. Michael Taylor wrote the script, and W/T are on board, too. *wiggles delightedly*

Decision on Caprica will be Nov 15, btw. After they see a few more weeks of numbers, I presume. But good heavens, they keep that cast/crew on a string, don't they?

Also, I watched "Lost Girl" ep 1. Very fun! (and also not so close to my NaNo Project as I feared, phew, though that one guy reminds me of JR Bourne a little too much and it keeps distracting me.) I'm not a femslasher, but, um, hello, it does kind of leap off the screen, doesn't it? lol.

Kind of like Katee and Tricia's cross-country motorcycle ride, amirite? y'all have contaminated me, I swear - before fandom I would never have even considered RPF. And now it seems SO OBVIOUS.

AAAAND there was Vampire Diaries awesome.

And a plan c, and a plan d -- you do know the alphabet, don't you? )

And I enjoyed Nikita as well. *deep breath* okay, now I'm done.
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( Sep. 9th, 2010 04:15 pm)
Caramel frapp. The new Anberlin. I also somehow managed to add 1K of my BB, without even filling in the scene that's missing.

And new gif gifts from [ profile] mfirefly10! *squish*

farscape and bsg )

If it weren't for the stupid soccer meeting getting rescheduled right on top of my bday dinner and/or Vampire Diaries and Nikita tonight, it'd be pretty perfect. :)
I realize most of you interested in this have already seen the announcement, BUT I have my first vid finished!!!!! FIRST VID EVER.

And okay, it's only a minute long, but gotta start somewhere!

These are the Titles for the Planetside Caprica project: our fake show re-imagining Battlestar Galactica as a show about the Caprica Resistance.

ETA: OH, Noob mistake! Header stuff!
Planetside Caprica Main Titles
length: 1 min
Music: 30 Seconds to Mars, "Oblivion"

The MUCH prettier version: 27 MB, .avi file.

YOUTUBE Embed under here )

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( Jan. 13th, 2010 08:31 pm)
I am offering Action Figure Theater in the [ profile] help_haiti Auction. (yes, inspired by [ profile] abyssinia4077 because good ideas are there to be stolen!)

Some of you may recall the halcyon days of Action Figure Theater in this LJ. I have, sadly, not done it lately. This was the last time. I think..

Fandoms are BSG and SG1. Both 6" and Minimates for BSG. If you have a particular crack desire, I actually have lots of other figures, including X-Men, Babylon 5, and lots of LotR, etc.

My thread is here for bidding
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( Jan. 11th, 2010 02:22 pm)
Okay, so did anyone actually watch The Plan on Skiffy? I didn't, but I'm curious about how they hacked it up.

I suck at [ profile] bsg_pornbattle this year. Too much thinking about [ profile] planetside_c possibly, and my porn muse stomped off in a huff.

I signed up for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang because CLEARLY I have nothing else to do with my time.
Let me illustrate how fucking BIG SPN fandom is: The signup went up TODAY. I'm on page 6; there are 13 pages right now. *boggles*
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( Dec. 15th, 2009 09:52 pm)
I just lost every single Ebay auction for any C-Bucs costume I might possibly fit into. I hope it was to fellow fans/cosplayers, willing to spend more money than I was. Though for one nervewracking moment I thought I might win two--- right before one or more people completely kicked my ass. *sigh* ah well, can't be lucky with those auctions all the time, I guess, and my credit card is happier.
Some of you may have seen this already, but this is the front page of the little ad brochure that goes with the Mini-Vehicles for Minimates.

(I now have a Mini!Raider. IT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER OMG!)

Someone has a sense of humor at Diamond Select Toys )

What? Accuracy in Minimates is VERY IMPORTANT! *cough*


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