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( May. 3rd, 2013 08:48 pm)
I'm doing a fic thing for B5 and I have a question:
Does anyone remember To Dream in the City of Sorrows? Is Alisa Beldon in it? (I have the book but it's buried in the garage and I don't want to dig it out if she's not there)

I have a fragment I wrote ages ago where she's part of the early Ranger development, but I can't remember if that's actually canon or just me assuming that she was...
Babylon 5
Rating: R/M

Summary: Lady Ladira answered, "This is a possible future, Commander. And it is my hope that you may yet avoid it."

Note: This is technically for Porn Battle, but I almost didn't even put it there since it's hardly porny at all. Mostly thinking about the prompts reminded me of an abandoned AU of mine where the B4 mission in WWE fails and leads to that alt-future we see in "Babylon Squared". This is not quite that timeline, but similar.

-- also at AO3 --

What Might Be )
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( Sep. 29th, 2012 11:51 am)
Babylon 5 fic
Gen, Garibaldi, Delenn, etc.

Summary: Sometimes goodbyes are not when and where you expect.

Note: After yesterday's sad news about the death of Michael O'Hare I wanted to post something Sinclair-related. I have all these B5 drafts still in a folder, and this one was easy to fix up and seemed the most fitting, as if it was waiting for this occasion. :(

No shadows fall )
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( Jan. 7th, 2012 08:07 pm)
Well, I WAS gonna describe my shopping for bras tale of woe today, but instead [ profile] fandom_stocking has been unscreened, so YAYAY!

In addition to Home for the Holidays , which was my present to BSG flisters, I also wrote:

Hold the Line
For [ profile] azarsuerte
Babylon 5/Dragonriders of Pern fusion.
PG. Sinclair, Delenn, Garibaldi (sort of).
Warning for some minor character death

And I received a B5 one back in unknowing exchange, lol:
Something Beyond Our Wishes
Garibaldi/Sinclair. AU.
Fabulousity! \o/

And a zillion ridiculously HOT icons from [ profile] roeskva! <3

(and next year, I will try to remember that Christmas Day isn't the reveal, and get myself in a ridiculous panic. sigh.)
A Shadow on the Pattern, part 8
A BSG/B5 Crossover Epic of DOOOOOOOOM.
And evil. And romance. And prophecy and aliens and war. Y'know. The usual.

Start at Part One
Previous Part

Note: So this is the part that gets its own name in my head, The Night Passes. This is the point in the screenplay we'd call the First Turn. So Yeah.
This is also the place where I warn you again that my Cylon history is quite a bit different. Hope you enjoy it!

Part 8 )

(Part 9 will be... um, not so prompt, I'm afraid, since I have a ficathon gift due soonish, but asap, I promise. :) )
A Battlestar Galactica/Babylon 5 Crossover.

Note: As should be obvious, but starts getting more obvious soon, this story is a fusion of the two, and therefore goes AU to both. (though this saga does start after Taking a Break... and right before B5:Chrysalis). However, the Cylons/the Five, and Earth are all quite different to BSG canon.

Previous Part
Part One

In this longish part, Sinclair sees the Fleet and meets Roslin and Co and delivers the bad news.

Part Six )

Part Seven here
A Shadow on the Pattern
Battlestar Galactica/Babylon 5 Crossover
Characters: Kara, Sam, Barolay, S.1 B5 (Sinclair, Ivanova, Garibaldi, etc), the rest of BSG (though not in this part)
Pairings: Kara/Sam, Agathons
Continuity: Set after BSG: Taking a Break... and after B5: Quality of Mercy . And then goes AU to both. This uses a very different BSG backstory to the Cylons/Kobol/etc.

Previous parts:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Note: This is sort of a catch up chapter, since it's been an ETERNITY since I posted this. I've posted part of it in a comment before, if it seems familiar at first. Part Six (all new!) will come after the holiday.

Part Five )

Summary: In her hour of need, an old friend comforts Delenn.

Spoilers thru Season 3 (HUGE MONSTROUS SPOILERS from Season 3. [ profile] merrykk no clicking! :)

Author's Note: With the reminders of B5 yesterday and geocities closing at the end of October, it occurred to me I'd better get on the archive project. This was my first "published" fanfic, way back from when B5 fandom was on mailing lists. I think it still holds up pretty well.

The Last Message )
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( Sep. 22nd, 2009 01:53 pm)
Between [ profile] merrykk's post about S.1 Babylon 5 and two - count 'em TWO! - requests, for Sinclair-fic in the Fall Fandom Free For All , has really raised my nostalgia. So, no, I'm not pulling Patterns out of storage (sorry!), BUT I did pull my post-Battle of the Line Sinclair epic out of the WIPs folder and read it. Damn. There's things in there I remember are canon somehow, and I can't even remember where I got them (one of the novels, I'm sure, but which one I couldn't tell you). It's THAT old (and I am that forgetful).

And yet it's tantalizingly near to finished. I chickened out of a couple of needed scenes, but other than that it's THISCLOSE. *sigh*

Because I have NO OTHER projects to work on. right.

Also, my landscapers are prepping the front for my new Xeroscape yard. Which right now amounts to basically killing all the grass and leaving dirt and bits of dried stuff, that's killing my allergies AND making me feel like I have bugs crawling over me all the time when it settles on my skin. ICK. Cannot wait to put stones down.
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( Apr. 25th, 2009 03:26 pm)
You know what's sort of pathetic? Reading an old, long fic you KNOW is unfinished til one in the morning. Thinking it's a really fun story, loving it to little bitty pieces, and cursing the damn author who never finished it.

And it's yourself.

I forgot how much I love it, though. *sigh* Maybe by the time I get around to saving End of Everything on here, I can add in some of the missing stuff and at least finish the first arc, so it's not left so badly hanging.
Shadow on the Pattern
A Battlestar Galactica/Babylon 5 crossover
by Lizardbeth

Sam/Kara, Rated ADULT
This part: ~ 2000 words,

Previous parts:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] lyssie, again! Some more!

The first night on Babylon Five )

It's a wee chapter (well, "wee" for me!). Enjoy!
Title: Shadow on the Pattern, Part 3
Rating: PG
Genre: Crossover of Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5
Spoilers: Through Rapture, then goes AU. Set in Babylon 5 season one.
Characters: Background Sam/Kara but mostly gen adventure with Gaeta, Barolay, Hotdog, etc. Plus the crew of B5.
Summary: When Racetrack and Skulls discover Earth Station Babylon 5, everything changes for the Colonial Fleet. Sam, Kara, Gaeta, Barolay and Hotdog are sent to the station on a recon mission.

Note: Part 3 of my occasionally, infrequently updated crossover WIP. This part has been sitting under lock for quite a while ([ profile] lyssie, you already read this one), and I thought I might as well put it up for those who might like it. I make no promises that there will ever be more - sorry!

Part One

Part Two

Shadow on the Pattern )

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( Jan. 17th, 2008 01:27 pm)
For the Porn Battle, which is HERE and Second Post, I've done three pieces so far.

All slash. WTF is up with that, BRAIN?

Mostly Human
BSG/SG-1, Sam Anders/Baal

B5, Jeff Sinclair/Marcus Cole.

A Piece of Eternity
PotC/Supernatural, Will/Dean.

And I SO want to do the set-up for this.


I tend to forget how freakin' huge McShep is until things like this prove it to me. whoa.

And now that my contractors are gone for the day, I need to finish watching Genderbender and get my notes in some sort of order. Ah, early X-Files, you're so cute.
The good news is that writing wacked-out RPF has cleared away the cobwebs on my [ profile] apocalypse_kree fic. I decided to start from scratch and instantly, the story I was flailing about trying to tell, came to my brain. That means, alas, that I had to cut out the "character gets shot to death in the Oval Office" scene, which I liked a lot. I might still put that up as an "extra", since it's still in my story continuity. But anyway, the fic is now a lean mean apocalypse machine of a story, and hopefully will be better.

Though I should probably write it first, huh?

I still want to do my Baal marathon next week, though. I wanted to do it this past week, but didn't have a chance. At least my S10 DVDs FINALLY showed up.

I also have B5: Lost Tales to watch. And after some early reviews, I've dialed down my expectations a lot. Which makes me sad, because I want it to be brilliant.

But hey, they're really moving on the Farscape webisodes - I've heard they're re-making Pilot and Rygel, which could be rather costly for a total of what, 20 minutes? So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that the overall goal is to do a second series. And Rockne's definitely on board, so if they grab Kemper too, there will be much squeeing.

I received a notice that vol. 11 of the B5 scripts is coming out soon. This is the one that covers the transition from S.4 to S.5. Now, I remember the wankstorm of that period, especially the departure/firing/mistaken negotiating tactic of Claudia Christian and I'm desperately curious to see if JMS' story has changed at all in the intervening years. I gave up on getting all the volumes, focusing just on my favorites, even though I really want the "bonus" volume which contains the original outline of the five-year plan (hopefully someone will get it and post at least that part) but I might have to get this one.

Couldn't get into Supernatural last night. It's not like I don't like meta comedy episodes either (hell, I LOVE "200", although I'm a lot more iffy on "Wormhole X-Treme" from the SG-1 collection), but ... I don't know. Maybe it was me. Nice to see Gary Cole again, however briefly. Makes me want to dig out my American Gothic and Crusade DVDs.

Speaking of Crusade, sort of, I was watching Lost the other day and wishing one of the magical powers of the island would let Jin suddenly speak English. Do they have to be so stupidly realistic about this one thing? *sigh* But Daniel Dae Kim is still ridiculously HOT. (see icon for Jin yumminess) Someday I'll have to finish that abandoned story in which Matheson and his wife have hot telepath sex...

It's quite hilarious watching Lost with someone who grew up in Hawaii, though, because he can identify where they filmed everything. This past week it was Desmond's flashback where the "monastery" was my sister-in-law's high school. *snerk*

I'm writing my Jeremiah ficathon fic. *sigh* WHY, OH WHY, do I have to do these long plotty action things? Just cracked 5000 words and they haven't even escaped yet...
Title: A Shadow in the Pattern
: PG-13
Characters: Kara, Anders, Gaeta, Hot Dog, Barolay, the cast of B5, etc.
some Kara/Anders, mostly gen
wordcount: 4200
Spoilers: through 'Rapture' and goes extremely AU. none for Babylon 5 (set S1, just post "Babylon Squared")

Summary: "All this happened before..."

Notes: Part 2 of my WIP Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5 crossover.

Part One here

You are cleared to approach Babylon Five, Raptor One. )

Comments always welcome! *g*
Title: A Shadow in the Pattern
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Kara, Anders, main characters, but ensemble of both BSG and S1 B5
Pairing: minor Kara/Anders, mostly gen
wordcount: 4000 (currently 8 parts, about 25K total)
Spoilers: through 'Rapture' and goes extremely AU. none for Babylon 5 (set S1)

Summary: "This is Earth Station Babylon Five." Racetrack couldn't believe what she was hearing. Earth.

Notes: Wow. Let's see how many fanfic 'rules' am I breaking today? Crossover? Check. WIP? check. Gen? check. But it's crackilicious fun! You probably don't need to be all that familiar with Babylon 5 to get this.

I'm quite sure that this is [ profile] lyssie's fault. Somehow.

All alone in the night... )


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