The kind of guy you save (13003 words) by Lizardbeth
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov
Characters: Sam Wilson (Marvel), James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton
Additional Tags: Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers & Sam Wilson Friendship, Bucky Barnes & Sam Wilson Friendship, Reconciliation, Recovery, POV Sam Wilson, Minor Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov

Summary: At first Sam just wants to help Barnes because of Steve. He knows it's going to be hard. Dangerous. Maybe even foolish.

He's going to do it anyway.

Author reveal! This was my Not Prime Time Ficathon fic.

The kind of guy you save
Kick off the moss
Rated M

Summmary: Sif returns from business trip, to find Loki down because his music's not turning out. Really, sometimes he needs a keeper.

Note: Fluffy Rock Star AU. And a bit of Adam from only lovers left alive. Because Adam.

You can tell everybody that this is your song )
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( Apr. 17th, 2014 01:55 pm)
Title: The First Spring
Fandom: Captain America/MCU
Rating/Words: PG, 3500
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers (bit of Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson)
Pairing: Bucky/Steve or Bucky&Steve BrOTP, up to you. Nothing explicit.
Genre: Canon Divergence AU.
Spoilers: Winter Soldier

Summary: I know him. He has to understand, no matter the price.

A/N: So yeah, all the feels, obviously. And a slight readjustment of the timeline. But I think we all wish that scene had gone down differently, right? My thanks to [personal profile] hearts_blood for the speedy look-through!

The First Spring )
I received two fics for Yuletide and one for Mischief and Mistletoe! WOOT!

I know I hit the pinch-hit list a second time so I don't know whether both were totally last minute, or what, but still, that's freaking amazing.

1. For CJ Cherryh's Foreigner for my prompt of Bren/Tabini. I love Bren/Jago as much as the next person but I got that one last year so I was looking for something different and this was totally exactly right. Tabini is just perfect, musing (with not a little possessiveness) over his new toy, which you know he totally would, if we were ever in his head, and they ever actually got together like this.

( Learner )

2. For my favorite music videos of the day - the M83 Trilogy with the Special Kids. Great videos, and now I have a wonderful fic to go with them.

( The Whole of It )

3. And for Mischief and Mistletoe, the Loki/Sif exchange, I got a wonderfully sweet pre-canon winter tale.

( Moment of Accord )

I wrote only two fics this year, one for each exchange. One of them I got a bit carried away (technically I was still editing after it opened, oops). They were both great fun and I can't wait to reveal them in a week! :)
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( Dec. 12th, 2013 11:22 am)
Gen, 1200 words

summary: This was not the plan.

Missing scene for Thor 2: The Dark World. Spec about an unseen player.



Checkmate )
MCU, 3600 words, complete
Gen, Rated Teen
Characters: Loki, Thor (mention of Odin and Frigga)

Summary: He has everything he wanted. But the price is too high.


also at AO3 |

Pillars of Salt and Sand )
Title: A Seed In Barren Lands
Author name: lizardbeth
Artist name: Zeta_tauri
Beta name: [personal profile] hearts_blood
Characters/Pairing: Loki/Sif (with Odin)
Fandom/Universe: MCU (AU to Thor 2)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 15,500
Warnings: author chooses not to warn

Summary: Sif visits Loki in his cell, ready to confront the monster. The truth is a far more dificult monster for them all to face.

NOTE: Written for [profile] marvel_bang 2013. The story was written before Thor:TDW, so yeah, definitely AU.

ART is HERE. And it is fabulousness!

A broken seed in barren lands may sprout if watered in truth )
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( Aug. 9th, 2013 12:19 pm)
Hail of Shadows, Part IV of Understanding the Storm
Avengers/Thor, gen
Loki, Frigga, Thor, Odin, other Asgardians, plus Malekith, Thanos, Sigyn, Skadi.

Previously: (Also at AO3)
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Chapter Four- Ceremony Ruins )
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( Jul. 30th, 2013 01:55 pm)
Hail of Shadows
Part IV of Understanding the Storm
Characters: Loki, Frigga, Thor, Odin, Sif, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Malekith, Sigyn, Thanos
Rating: R (for some scenes of torture)
Wordcount 57,000 total, 3500 this part

Outside the boundaries of the Nine Realms, beyond the protective embrace of the World Serpent, waits a figure of nightmare and shadow, who leaves only death in his wake: Thanos the Eternal. Even as Loki vows to avenge himself on Thanos, dark forces are moving: in snowbound Jotunheim, a warrior is murdered to lay a trap, and in Svartalfheim a mad king makes a terrible alliance. Frigga knows only a united Asgard will withstand the coming storm, even as the fates seem determined to rip them apart.

Author's Note: So here it is, starting exactly 100 days from the release of Thor: The Dark World - aka the movie that will utterly joss this story! Both the Dark Elves and Thanos are in this, but are pretty much entirely a creation of my own brain, since I started this even before the teaser came out. Sigyn is also in this, but in a different take on her role. So, you gotta roll with the changes. :) Many thanks to [personal profile] hearts_blood for the beta. Everything left over is totally my doing. The story is complete, except for edits and formatting. And yes, this story is much bigger than the ones before, as events in the other Realms impact Asgard, but in its heart it's still Loki and Frigga's story as they continue to deal with the aftermath. I hope you enjoy the journey!

Previous stories in this series:

Understanding the Storm (LJ | AO3 | FF.NET)
Understanding the Storm: Prelude
The Poison Rain
(Tales of the Storm are also in this 'verse - they're short backstory vignettes of Loki's childhood)

Crossposted to AO3 and FF.NET

Hail of Shadows - Part One )

Tales of the Storm
Loki and Odin
Ficlet - 600 words, gen

Summary: Young Loki comes to show Odin a new spell.

Inspired by Father's Day. At AO3 comes with the sarcastic "Odin's A+ parenting" because, yeah.

Transmutation of Living Things )
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( Dec. 29th, 2012 07:21 pm)
Some fun stuff I've gotten lately--

The Escape from the Mirkwood Spiders from The Hobbit LEGO set
(also the Helm's Deep set, but that's not put together yet).

It does actually spoil a bit of that scene in next year's movie, by the way, because it shows one of Jackson's changes.

photos )

Meanwhile, while I was making mistakes building stupid small LEGO trees, A was building his gift from Santa: a LEGO Technic Unimog. 2060 pieces. Motors. Pneumatic pumps.

pic 2 )

And in BSG loot news, it happened to come up that I own BSG stuff with the dad of a schoolmate of kiddo, and he happened to have the Emmy screener for S4 which he gave me.

now, dude, I am the first to admit that 4.5 had some issues and didn't deserve an Emmy anyway, BUT, if you see this hideous monstrosity you'll understand why it was never going to happen, regardless of the content.

when BSG screeners go bad )

I also got awesome minimates but I need to take pics.

Now to put together my Fanfiction Wrap Up of 2012 Post for launch New Year's Day. Gonna skip the Fandom Meme because the answer is "Still sort of clinging to BSG even while Tom Hiddleston's face took over my brain and pulled the rest of the MCU with it somehow". (But when I start plotting fics of Loki in Middle-Earth? I MAY HAVE A PROBLEM JUST SAYING)
Title: Holding the Light
Author: [profile] lizardbeth_j
Artist: [personal profile] glasslogic
Link to art: HERE
Fandom: Avengers/Person of Interest
Wordcount: 40K
Pairing: John Reese/Natasha Romanoff
Characters: Reese, Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Phil Coulson, Clint Barton, a few surprises from the Marvelverse
Rating: R
Warning: sexual situations, violence, language
Disclaimer: not my sandbox

Summary: Coulson recruits a new operative, John Reese. But as John and Natasha struggle to hold onto the light, new bonds form and a new hero rises.

A/N: This is set in an AU of the Person of Interest pilot, so you don't need to know about the show, and set before Avengers. My many thanks to [personal profile] rose_griffes for the beta and to [personal profile] glasslogic for the wonderful art! Also to [personal profile] sabaceanbabe for making me two icons for this story for my birthday - they've been a great inspiration!

Pretty banner )

Chapter One: LJ | AO3 |

other chapter links )
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( Nov. 30th, 2012 07:07 pm)
Yay! I finally got all the words!

This is, admittedly split with 11K I wrote on "Comes the Hurricane"(because I have the attention span of a gnat on crack, and I got a really good idea for a couple scenes), but the rest of it is on my Avengers crossover Big Bang, "Holding the Light" which is not quite finished, but almost. Then it needs revision, but THEN it'll be about 40K of MCU/Person of Interest crossover goodness. ok, technically it's really only Reese - I thought there would at least be cameos from Carter and Fusco but it didn't turn out.

In other news, I totally fucked up my car today. We woke this morning to find all the windows of my car had spontaneously rolled themselves down. IN THE RAIN. It turns out that if you push the open button on the fob long enough the car does this for you. So somehow the button got pushed inside my purse which must have been just close enough to the car. *head desk* I mean, this couldn't have happened when it wasn't raining in the last two YEARS I've had this car?

I have a wee Lego!Loki keeychain -- I'm thinking he was pissed that I'm writing fic about the Avengers and not him, so he Loki'd my car. Maybe I should go back to my Aayla Secura keychain, instead...
Does the Marvel verse have the equivalent of Black Air for the US? A mostly-evil or at least Very Dark Grey spy/asssassination agency? like, a CIA branch, or possibly semi independent or DoD related instead (like Division on Nikita or Checkmate in DC). Doesn't have to be mutant related (like X-Factor wouldn't work, and of course not SHIELD itself, because I need something in opposition to them).

I don't know modern continuity anymore, tbh, though I would have to think all that mutant hunting in recent years would feature Agencies of Questionable Ethics. Basically I'd like to be able to say "Reese was a part of Division" and people like Natasha would know what that means immediately.

Understanding the Storm, book 3
Avengers fic of Asgardian Family Shenanigans

Further info with Part 1

The Poison Rain, part 2 )
Series: Understanding the Storm, part 3
Fandom: Avengers/Thor
Characters: Loki, Frigga, Thor, Odin
Rating: PG
Wordcount: total 33,000, this part ~3000
Warnings: implications of self-harm
Continuity: Based exclusively on the movieverse, including the credits easter egg and deleted scenes, especially from Thor. It ignores all comics/myth/unreleased MCU continuity.

Summary: Frigga and Thor battle Loki to save him from himself. Words are Frigga's weapons and love is her strength, and she will not surrender this fight.

Note:This story follows directly after Understanding the Storm (AO3) and Understanding the Storm: Prelude (AO3). You should read those first.

My thanks to [ profile] hearts_blood for the beta and encouragement!

(also at AO3 |

The Poison Rain )

tbc in part 2


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