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( Oct. 31st, 2012 03:46 pm)
No not the costume pics yet. This is something else that I picked up today.

So awhile back (years, yes, it's true), I went to the first BSG auction and we all had fun and I bought CBucs patches, because everything else turned out to be really expensive (WHO KNEW? Right?) And then the auction happened again and I stayed home and played online. And I kind of accidentally bought something (I did not expect my bid to stick, but well, it did) so suddenly I also owned Sam's Viper "plate". Which is not actually a plate at all, but a sticker. I intended to frame it, but it got kinda put away in the closet.

Then a few weeks ago, we rediscovered we had these signed comic book prints, and since they're kind of worth something, especially since one of the artists Michael Turner died a few years ago, so we decided to frame them. and I figured I'd frame the BSG thing as well.

pics of how they turned out )
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( Apr. 23rd, 2012 05:12 pm)
First of all, [ profile] rose_griffes wrote a lovely POI fic for me, for [ profile] wegetcarter, Three Sides, over here . You should go read it. And also I need to write mine.

I didn't write it today because I was too busy writing a rebuttal. Look, I usually control my urges to write rebuttals of everything in sight, but sometimes it gets away from me.

So over at [ profile] bsg_epics there was a characterization activity today wherein someone slotted Sam into insecure and I decided I needed to challenge it. Because it touched on that doormat fanon that I can't stand. (probably didn't help that Trucco went and was adorably perfect on Twitter again)

my Anders manifesto - or something )

And in other topics, as I mentioned on Twitter, I have this really overpowering urge to reach into my t.v. and rescue Arya. I just can't. It's hard. Sansa's situation is awful, but Arya's really makes me want to bring her here to live so I can take care of her and keep her safe. :(
Characters: Sam Anders
Pairings: none. gen.
Ratings: PG
Summary: A few years before the Fall, it's a glamourous life. Mostly.

Author's Note: For [ profile] sabaceanbabe for her birthday! She asked for pyramid star Sam and I intended a ficlet, but of course, I got carried away. This story develops some of the backstory I made up for Sam for "Not All That We Are", so if you've read that, this is a prequel of sorts. But it stands on its own. Also this story uses the info on Virgon from the "Beyond Caprica" book and is influenced by "Moneyball".

Another Stop on the Way to the Fall )
Pairings/characters: gen. featuring Boomer, Anders, Barolay, the Caprica Resistance
Rating: PG
words: 5000ish
Summary: When the movement fails, Sharon takes a different path.

Note: So this started because of a Sam/Boomer prompt for Porn Battle, and it turned out to be neither Sam/Boomer nor is it porny. But it did kind of seize my brain, so I hope you enjoy it! There could be more, if people want, but I wanted to have something new for [ profile] bsg_epics charity drive. (and sorry for mistakes, I was in a hurry)

The Path of Most Resistance  )
My [ profile] bsg_kink bingo blackout. 25 drabbles, various pairings, moods and explicitness. HERE

THE LIST of all the drabbles )

Also written for [ profile] bsg_kink but so wrongy wrong I can't even post it there. So um, here, because my brain is a horrible place:

Rated E for Explicit and W for Wrong and A for Awful
Sam Anders/Squid
yeah. you read that correctly. SQUID DUBCON I WENT THERE.
It's also not even a drabble!

It was a tentacles prompt and that's how I roll. Sorry )
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( Jan. 10th, 2012 01:03 pm)
For [ profile] bsg_kink SAM BINGO! :D


(The links are to the individual comments, but they're all in one post here.)

Overheard (Sam, Kara/Other)
Too Human (Anders/John Cavil) (warning: torture)
Post-game (Anders/Six)
Triad Stakes (Anders/Gaeta)
Games (Anders/Kara)

OMG if I spent as much time on EVERY 100 words of my all my fics, I would seriously NEVER get anything online. Not to mention my brain just wants to know "how did this happen? why are they doing this? did they talk about it? what does he really feel about it?" Shut up, brain, and write the drabbles, nobody cares about your issues.
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( Oct. 19th, 2011 10:43 am)
Claiming the "drabble" I wrote for [ profile] bsg_epics: (which I totally thought was obvious, but apparently not. So maybe my POD fic isn't as obvious as I expect either....)

(spoilers Revelations, Gen)

angst meter: High )
Another one for the AU Fic meme!

Pairing: Sam Anders/Caprica,
Undercover Spies for [ profile] ivanolix
Rated R-ish
Words - a bit more than a ficlet. 1500ish.

The Spies Who Spy Together... )
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( Apr. 27th, 2011 01:48 pm)
Characters: Dee and Sam
Rating: PG, gen
For [ profile] twelvecolonies,
words: 600ish
Summary: on the algae planet, they have something in common

The other half of the quad )
Fic: Monster Under the Skin
Battlestar Galactica
Rating: R
Pairing: Kara/Sam (but this is Demetrius arc, so, y'know)

Summary: Fifty years ago a biowarfare experiment went wrong creating a new race of monsters to prey on humanity. Three years ago, the monsters came back to kill and destroy humanity, forcing them to flee. One month ago, Sam Anders realized he was one of them.

Note: okay, some of you have only yourselves to blame for this... *g* VAMPIRE!AU.

Monster Under the Skin )
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( Jul. 9th, 2010 01:45 pm)
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Kara/Sam/Lee
note: Written for the [ profile] bsg_pornbattle prompts, "pre-occupation", "Group marriage", and "watching"

Look, there is porn!!!! )
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( Jul. 1st, 2010 11:25 am)
First, for [ profile] sabaceanbabe and anyone else who wants it, I have uploaded the "John May" episode of V.

Second, I made Anders icons for the Rainbow Icons challenge for [ profile] twelve_colonies. And though none of them won anything (cuz wow, some people have way more icon skill/talent than me) but I'm proud of how they turned out anyways.

Sammmyyyyyyy icons )
For anyone who didn't catch it the first time around, the fic I wrote for [ profile] bsg_remix and mostly archival purposes.

Rating: PG
Characters: Anders and Jean Barolay
Remix of: Tension and Martyrs by [ profile] scificaddict86
Beta'd by [ profile] ivanolix

Summary: On the Demetrius, people fall apart. Jean tries to put one back together.

Respite and Friends

(I don't know if this remix thing is for me, I kinda feel like I did it "wrong". But it was fun to try)
aha! Look, there is Porn! Yay! :D

Sam/Kara, ADULT
Nellis-verse AU
Summary: Riding a motorcycle is like flying. Flying is like sex. It's logic.

(edit: and whoa, written in a terrible rush. oops.)

Get the motor running )
ADULT, about 1500 words
From [ profile] bsg_pornbattle, prompt "broken glass" and also a Fanfic for Planetside Caprica, [ profile] planetside_c

Just Another Four )
YAY, I get to post!

Word Count: 63K
Rating: R
Pairings: Kara/Sam, Sam/Thea Six
Spoilers: S3 (an AU version of S.3)
Warnings: non-explicit sex and some violence
Beta: Many thanks to [ profile] greycoupon and [ profile] sabaceanbabe for their help making this more readable.

Previous stories: Not All That We Are and At the Labyrinth Gates. For a quick refresher you can read the Previouslies. Both together are about half of this one, so there's not that much to catch up on before you start.

Note: This AU series was begun and planned before S.4. Although I've incorporated some of what we learned and major events remain parallel, this is an entirely separate mythology and history.

Summary: Revelation. Prophecy. Destiny. This has all happened before, but does it have to happen again?

With New Caprica now behind them, both sides struggle to find the right path. Sam recovers from his ordeal at Cylon hands, while his visions insist that his destiny is tied to the Cylons and Earth. When the gods give Kara proof that her faith is not in vain, she plans to keep her promise and rescue Sam. They both dream of meeting again, but the truth may be more than either of them can bear.

Artist: [ profile] mrsdrjackson

(Chapter One: Where the Lion Leads )

Links to other chapters and other methods of reading )


And don't forget to tip your server! *g*
If you wanna give me a name, here's where you leave it.

In no particular order, ten "facts" about:

Sam Anders - BSG )

Talia Winters - B5 )

Derek Reese - TSCC )

Kyle Reese 2.0 - TSCC )

Dean Winchester - Supernatural )

More later!

FYI: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies -- the animated direct-to-dvd movie - SLASHIEST THING EVER.
"You killed my boy best friend, you bastard!"
Frantic clutching, near-death experiences, tearful farewells, and some rather arch dialogue.
Pairing: Sam/Lee (background K/S and a bit of K/L)
Rating: ADULT (for some boy on boy sexytimes and angst. What? you were expecting fluff?)
Wordcount 3400
Spoilers: Finale
Summary: On New Earth, Sam and Lee discover they can be alone, together. But fate will out, in the end. (AU)

Note: Inspired by [ profile] bsg_pornbattle prompt "without" which isn't saying a lot, since it was my own prompt. Clearly I've had it in the back of my brain for awhile. There are many, many things I should've been working on instead of this, so we'll just pretend I was, okay?

Alone, Together )

Pairing: Anders/Leoben
Rating: ADULT
Wordcount: 3800
Spoilers: Sometimes a Great Notion
Continuity: Follows in the same 'verse as my Hiding Myself In Your Eyes and Til You Feel It. Title (as with the others) taken from the Goo Goo Dolls song, "Before it's too late".

The more explicit PWP portion of the following is at the Porn Battle .

Summary: After Earth, one Leoben fears what the revelation means for Sam.

Nothing Is Real Til It's Gone )

done. phew!
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( Jun. 7th, 2009 09:13 pm)
Since Michael Trucco is locked in a battle for survival in a Hottie Survival Poll, I thought I should, y'know, campaign on his behalf.



There. Now you can vote anyone else off, with a clean conscience. :)

Speaking of Sam, sort of, I posted Sam/Kara silly AU porn last Friday, if you missed it!

ETA: be sure to scan down the comments as well, since some people apparently need to see even MORE pictures before they are convinced!


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