Happy New Year, y'all.

First, authors are revealed so I can claim these from holiday exchanges:

The Tale of the Forgotten, MCU, Angels&Demons AU, PG, mild Loki/Sif. As the Apocalypse begins, Sif is glad to start the war against Hell. But a mysterious stranger opens her eyes to the truth of the war

another tomorrow, Tomorrowland, PG, Casey finds something to bring back the one they lost.

3. Thinking too much, Jeremiah, Jeremiah/Markus, Mature. Jeremiah thinks Markus should celebrate their victory.

The rest of 2016  (stealing the AO3 formatting, hopefully it doesn't get too screwed up and I
 have to do it manually)

2016 Fic by Me!  )

lizardbeth: (Kara-Sam -demetrius)
( Jan. 2nd, 2016 09:46 pm)
last one! :D

Anders, Battlestar Galactica
hc-bingo, prompt "loss of possessions".

Something )
lizardbeth: (Default)
( Jan. 2nd, 2016 08:25 pm)
MCU/Thor ficlet
Ice Demon bonus
Hc-bingo- surgery
Warning for some violent imagery

Ice Demon extra fic )


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