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( Jan. 1st, 2013 01:11 pm)
First, since it's New Year's I get to claim my [community profile] yuletide fics for the year:

1. Operation Save Suri
Suri's Burn Book. When Suri gets the devastating news about HRH the Baby of Cambridge, the other kids rally to help her.

2. Two Halves of my Heart
Princess of China (Music Video by Coldplay) - with bonus crossover with the vid for "Viva La Vida".

the rest of my stories of 2012 )

the Fanfic Year-End meme )

Fic Goals for 2013:

1. Finish frakking Black Sails.
Because it's just ridiculous at this point that it's not done.

2. Finish Comes the Hurricane.
(Sequel to Understanding the Storm, but in which the story opens up. A LOT. War in Four Realms. I'd like to get it out before too many spoilers start leaking for Dark World.)

3. Write that original novel I didn't write for NaNo.
Pairing: Maria Hill/Steve Rogers
Characters: Maria, Steve and some Tony on the side, cuz he can't stay out
Rating: PG
Summary: In the aftermath, it starts as a habit and becomes something more.
Note: written for [profile] avengersfest 2012, for [personal profile] tielan. Thanks to [profile] leiascully for the beta!

On LJ | AO3
Title: Holding the Light
Author: [profile] lizardbeth_j
Artist: [personal profile] glasslogic
Link to art: HERE
Fandom: Avengers/Person of Interest
Wordcount: 40K
Pairing: John Reese/Natasha Romanoff
Characters: Reese, Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Phil Coulson, Clint Barton, a few surprises from the Marvelverse
Rating: R
Warning: sexual situations, violence, language
Disclaimer: not my sandbox

Summary: Coulson recruits a new operative, John Reese. But as John and Natasha struggle to hold onto the light, new bonds form and a new hero rises.

A/N: This is set in an AU of the Person of Interest pilot, so you don't need to know about the show, and set before Avengers. My many thanks to [personal profile] rose_griffes for the beta and to [personal profile] glasslogic for the wonderful art! Also to [personal profile] sabaceanbabe for making me two icons for this story for my birthday - they've been a great inspiration!

Pretty banner )

Chapter One: LJ | AO3 |

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( Oct. 20th, 2012 10:30 pm)
Found a stocking stuffer for MrLiz today. Now the trick is to hide it AND remember it in December...

By a narrow margin, I resisted buying the Legolas-Tauriel Hobbit two-pack action figure while looking for a bday present. Haters gonna hate, but I know I'm gonna love her, and I'm already glad he's in it. (and if I love them A LOT, I might actually finish that long-abandoned WIP when Legolas takes the ring and shock a lot of people at

I always feel a little bad in signups when there are Yuletide requests with no offers that I can almost offer, but I just don't know it well enough. Like, Case Histories, I remember thinking Jason Isaacs was quite good and he was wearing jeans, but that's about it.

I actually wrote bsg for [ profile] bsg_kink - One Night , Sam/Lee. y'all may fall down in shock. But that's the last I get to write of it for awhile as I have to finish my fest fic and get more of the draft for big bang done.

And then, omg, NaNo. I think I'm going to have to use my big bang for NaNo. Plus side: I want to write it anyway, deadlines are great motivators, and I don't have an original fic idea anyway. Negative: Pouting that I haven't come up with an original idea I like better. :(
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( Sep. 29th, 2012 11:51 am)
Babylon 5 fic
Gen, Garibaldi, Delenn, etc.

Summary: Sometimes goodbyes are not when and where you expect.

Note: After yesterday's sad news about the death of Michael O'Hare I wanted to post something Sinclair-related. I have all these B5 drafts still in a folder, and this one was easy to fix up and seemed the most fitting, as if it was waiting for this occasion. :(

No shadows fall )
Series: Understanding the Storm, part 3
Fandom: Avengers/Thor
Characters: Loki, Frigga, Thor, Odin
Rating: PG
Wordcount: total 33,000, this part ~3000
Warnings: implications of self-harm
Continuity: Based exclusively on the movieverse, including the credits easter egg and deleted scenes, especially from Thor. It ignores all comics/myth/unreleased MCU continuity.

Summary: Frigga and Thor battle Loki to save him from himself. Words are Frigga's weapons and love is her strength, and she will not surrender this fight.

Note:This story follows directly after Understanding the Storm (AO3) and Understanding the Storm: Prelude (AO3). You should read those first.

My thanks to [ profile] hearts_blood for the beta and encouragement!

(also at AO3 |

The Poison Rain )

tbc in part 2
Fic: Aurora
Pairing: Kara/Sam
Rating: R
Words: 6K
Other Characters: Cottle, Ishay, Tyrol, Ellen
Summary: Sam wakes up from his coma.

Notes: This is an amnesty fic. It's not complete, but honestly I'm never going to finish it, and since [ profile] lostinapapercup prompted this idea at [ profile] bsg_epics I thought I might as well salvage some of it. By necessity it warps the timeline of 4.5.

Background: This was started during S4 original airing if I recall, and then while it was underway, Congresswoman Giffords was shot. And at the time, I didn't really feel comfortable continuing my slightly romanticized tale of someone waking up from getting shot in the head, when it was uncertain how much/if she would recover, so I put it away. By the time that seemed less of a concern, I'd already taken bits of this and folded them into other S.4 AUs, so while the part of Sam and his recovery was different, a lot of the actual planned plot and some of the fanon I developed for this story was already snagged for other fics. So I'm not likely to ever do more with it.

I researched brain injuries for this story, and it'd be a shame for it to totally go to waste, right? So, anyway, enjoy my attempt at realistically dealing with a wishful thinking scenario of how S4.5 might have gone. :)

Aurora )
Fandom: Avengers
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Clint/Natasha, brief appearance by Darcy, mention of everyone else. But mostly this is OC!Future!Black!Hawk!Tween.
Wordcount: 3400.

Summary: Career Day when your parents are Avengers can be tricky.

Note: For the [ profile] be_compromised promptathon. Many thanks to [ profile] intrikate88 who beta'd this really ridiculous fic into actual readability.

Princess in the Tower )
links to my reviews of Longmire: Horses Guns and Indians and Alphas - Alpha Dogs .

Also there was reveals for Not PrimeTime Ficathon and I really unsurprisingly wrote:
A Leaf in the Stream
Kara/Sam. PG
In which they are stranded on New Caprica during the Exodus and have to find their own way out of there.

Raise your hand if you're surprised by this reveal? yeah, I didn't think so.

eta: I totally won the ficathon wordcount olympics. Gold medal for plotty wordiness to me! ;)

Talking about the fic )

ETA: Okay that was weird, while I was trying to crosspost, I got in the mod queue for both POD and BSGfics. That has never happened before. I was signed in. And now I'm not even sure it was for them - did I select the wrong comm name? You can't check anything once it's pending... SO WEIRD.
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( Aug. 4th, 2012 04:03 pm)
Pairing: Anders/Ellen
Rating: ADULT
Warning: BDSM themes, breathplay
Written for [ profile] bsg_kink, New Caprica prompt.

( Let go )
well, okey-dokey, I've written three random BSG ficlets the last two days. Apparently not being sick IS actually a boon for writing, who knew?

Roundup: (all short and all PG)
The Unforgiven . Kara/Sam, kinda dark.

Untitled , Helo/Jean Barolay. LOOK THERE IS CUTE FLUFF.

Untitled II, Helo/Natalie. um, not fluff?

These were not really intended to be written, but something is better than nothing, right? And now hopefully I can get back on the train and settle into my writing projects that need doing.
Fic: The Unforgiven
Pairing: Kara/Sam
Rating: PG
W/C: 1Kish

Summary: Kara promises to come back for him on Caprica, but it doesn't go as well this time.

Note: written for [ profile] 13th_tribe Fanon Reversals for [ profile] rirenec who said "Sam usually forgives Kara for everything." So after some thought about what horrifically depressing thing Sam wouldn't forgive her for, at least not right away, this is my attempt at the prompt. Totally unbeta'd. Title and cut text by Metallica.

How can I blame you when it's me I can't forgive )
Pairing: Sam Anders/Lee Adama
Rating: Adult
Genre: PWP/AU
WC: 2k
Summary: Sometimes the best times are the unplanned ones.

Notes: I'm pretty sure I started this for some [ profile] bsg_kink prompt a while back. This was not what I intended to finish, but at least it's something. Part of my vague Presidential AU where Lee's the president and married to Sam, who's a Viper pilot.

AO3 version

Stolen Moments )
Thor/Avengers fic
Rating: PG (gen)
W/C: 3k
Characters: Frigga, Odin, Thor, Loki

Summary: If a parent shouldn't outlive her own child, how much worse is it when her child should be immortal? On Asgard Frigga mourns.

Note: This is a prequel to Understanding the Storm. I originally was going to use it as a prologue for the sequel fic I have in progress, but I think it'll work better on its own.

Prelude )
Pairing: Clint/Natasha
Rating: PG
wc: ~1K
Summary: Natasha waits for him to wake up

Note: Written for the Kissing Meme, [ profile] karate0kat and [ profile] rose_griffes have to share. :)

Hope is for Children )
Fairly Legal fic
Pairing: Justin/Lauren
Summary: Justin wants to thank Lauren for her help

Written for the kissing meme, for [ profile] lostinapapercup. No, I have no idea why this one was first. The muse works in mysterious ways. this takes place in earlier S.2. Title from Omar in The Wire and what prompted yesterday's Fairly Legal/GoT mashup. lol.

If you come at the king, you best not miss )

(onward to another one! *G* They are of course longer than comments because I fail at those)
Title: I know where the dead ends are
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam Anders, Sarah Connor, Kara Thrace, John Connor
Pairing: some Kara/Sam (way future/AU)
Summary: Professor Anders has visitors to his lab.

Notes: Written for the [ profile] 13th_tribe end of the world crossover challenge. This is set on Earth, at some timey-wimey point after T2. Title/cut-text from Redlight King "Comeback"

Been down this road before )
Fic: Understanding the Storm
gen Avengers-Thor Fic.
Characters: Loki and Frigga (his mother)
Words: about 4K

Summary: Long ago, she held him in her arms and refused to let him go. She's still holding on, even when it breaks her heart to see what he's become.

Note: This story depends a lot on Thor (the movie), but also spoils the very end of the Avengers. argh, Asgardian Family Dysfunction, I'm not sure why, of all the bits of these two movies there are to like, that part seized me so hard, but there you go. enjoy!

Understanding the Storm )
First, since [ profile] bsg_remix is now all over I can claim mine:

( Fate Averted )
a remix of [ profile] lostinapapercup Things to do on Galactica When You're Dead
main: Kara, Sam, Boomer, Gaeta, Laura (with some Bill, Caprica, Tigh, etc)
(Kara/Sam, Boomer/Tyrol, and Laura/Bill)

Summary: Five small changes, five lives altered

(Note: [ profile] lostinapapercup's fic is really lovely and sad, taking on all those canon deaths. And while we all know I eat up angst with a spoon, I realized that a way to remix it was to take the same situations and show how they all might have lived if Ron weren't also into deadly angst with one small change. Or, IOW, a Five Things Fix-It.)

And Now Rewatch Day 2: all the other stuff around the Fall of the Colonies. That includes the Razor Flashbacks, Downloaded flashback sequence of Caprica Six, and that part of The Plan.

Meanwhile, back on the Caprica ranch... )

Okay that's about enough for today, tomorrow "33".
Feel free to join in. :)
Fandom Person of Interest
Rating: PG, gen
Characters: Carter and Szymanski
Words: 1200
Summary: Carter visits the hospital after Baby Blue

Note: For [ profile] pirateveronica for the [ profile] wegetcarter mini gift-exchange!

With the Dogs )


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