Last week we went to NYC for a short vacation. We stayed just off Times Square, saw the main sights - well, mostly we saw big buildings because that's the boy's interest. So I went to the top of both the One World Trade center and the Empire State Building. Spent more money at the Disney store on Times Square getting dumb t-shirts, and a Black WIdow POTATO HEAD, because I collect Black Widow toys and that's the most dumb, amazing Black Widow thing I've ever seen. like, there is no where else to go after you get a Potato Head, right?   (ah, remember when Darth Tater was the first combo potato head? How far we've come). There was also a Hawkeye one which I didn't get because it was hideous, but kinda warms the Clintasha part of my heart that they came out at the same time.

Anyway, so New York. Not counting changing planes, I've never actually been there before, and neither had the kiddo, so that was fun. I don't think he's in a hurry to go back, so I suspect the NYC schools aren't going to be on his college list, but that's okay. We met an old friend of my husband's, who now lives in CT (he was one of our groomsmen at the wedding), and had dinner with him, his wife, and their daughter who's a clerk for the Circuit Court of Appeals there, which you may not know about law, but that is pretty impressive. she's going to have pretty much her choice of jobs afterward.

School starts for the boy next week. We got the word that he's going to be taking what's practically his own math class- he's a seventh grader, but they're designing a class for him and one other (girl) to use the curriculum of the eighth grade algebra class, and then just fill in what they don't already have, since they're both advanced. Part of this is, we know, because two of kiddo's close friends (also math brains) left our school to go elsewhere, so I suspect the school realized it might be getting a reputation of not being able or willing to offer more challenge to kids who need it. So I'm glad about this change, since I think he'll do well in it. And well, this is the world we live in, being a bit advanced now will look good on his high school applications or getting into the science magnet high school. 

So that's the news for now! ;) 
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