Since we're getting out house ready to sell, today was the day the realtor was here to take pictures for the site. And since I've seen the Terrible Real Estate blog, I didn't want to appear on there, so we had to declutter and clean. I had someone who was supposed to come in to help, to do the cleaning part while I finished up boxing the excess crap and moving it to the garage.  Aaaaand... my helper was sick and didn't show.  :( 

Tuesday we have what's called 'the broker caravan" where other agents come visit the house as it officially goes ON SALE. and then... omg, nothing but showings and open houses and packing and... I just want to lie down and curl up in a ball just thinking about it. *whimper* 

I mean, yes, I want to get out of this house, but omg, all the OTHER STUFF. Moving in college was hard enough,and I/we have ever so much more STUFF now. 

Meanwhile my mom has pneumonia or something else going on with her lungs that's been lingering for more than a month, and that of course is worrying in a person hr age, so hopefully we can get that cleared up. always something, right? 


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