Star Wars Rebels ficlet

His first home having been ripped out from under him and destroyed, Kanan had made it a policy not to have another. For a long time, he'd merely lived in a place, and it was only a place. The Jedi Temple had been home and that had been destroyed, so he wouldn't risk another. He wanted nothing he couldn't leave behind. The only thing he carried with him was his lightsaber, and while that was a very dangerous thing to be carrying around, it was the only thing he cared about.

Until it wasn't. Until there was Hera, and the Ghost. And Chopper. And then Sabine and Zeb and then there was Ezra and he couldn't even imagine not having any of them around him anymore. The Ghost was home, and they were his family (Chopper was that annoying cousin that you couldn't crush into scrap because he was occasionally useful).

Until the Ghost was gone. Until it blew to pieces when he was coming back to it, with a platoon of troopers on his tail, confident that Hera would have the ship in the air and he could catch it to escape. Or failing that, Zeb would throw him a line and reel him in. They'd done it a hundred times.

Until the TIE bomber swept overhead and turned the Ghost – his home – into a blast wave that slammed him off his feet and the ship itself into smoking heap of twisted metal.


He let himself have one moment of staring at the ruin. One moment of feeling horrified that it was gone. That Hera was gone. That Ezra was gone.

Then he let the Force fill him and ignited his lightsaber, turning to face the oncoming troopers, resolved that they at least would pay for this. Dark Side came easy, filling him with power, and he could deflect all their blaster bolts right back at them, until the entire platoon was on the ground and it had been easy.

The TIE bomber was next, if he could pull it from the sky. Then the garrison. And if he wasn't dead yet, he'd take out the Star Destroyer. It was time the Empire feared him.


He hesitated, Ezra's voice in the Force? Was that what he heard?

"Kanan!" That was Hera's voice, and he turned, not believing it at first, thinking he must have gone mad with the loss and he was hallucinating.

But he saw a familiar shape by the edge of the building, and the shape detached from the shadows and came into the light. Hera.

The next second, she was in his arms and he was holding her tightly. "I thought-- I thought you were dead." he grabbed Ezra's shoulder and pulled him into the embrace. "But the Ghost...."

"We hadn't gone aboard yet," she reassured him.

He realized at that moment her loss was greater. "But your ship..."

Her hand caressed his hair, and he shut his eyes to rejoice at the touch of her fingers which he'd thought he'd never feel again. "I thought you were on it, and when it blew up I thought only of you."

He kissed her cheek. "Me, too. I mean, I thought of you. Not myself. Because I knew I wasn't on it."

She laughed, and the sound made him smile. "C'mon, let's find a better hiding place."

He hugged Ezra, now able to feel Ezra as he'd been too shocked to feel before, and then found himself hugged by Zeb, and a quick hand to his shoulder from Sabine. And they were all together.

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