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([personal profile] lizardbeth Dec. 13th, 2015 08:36 pm)
today was the kiddo's 12th birthday. HOLY MACKEREL. I can't be old enough to have almost a teenager! We gave him the BB-8 Sphero, which he adores. and it's the cutest little thing scooting around the floor.

Unfortunately into a happy birthday a shadow came. He had to go with his team to the Regional Championship for First Lego League (Robots), and their bot just... nothing worked. The program got more and more borked, and he was so frustrated, he cried and wanted to come home. Which we didn't let him. He recovered and they finished, but the team got no awards in any category. So, on the one hand, yay for getting to the championship but boo for a sad performance. We'll see if he tries the bot again for the Legoland competition in February, otherwise, it's better luck next year.  (on the plus side, our saturdays are now our own again, since he doesn't need to go to robotics practice)

Now to write some more on my gift-fics and attempt to avoid Star Wars spoilers until Saturday (aka not being on the internet, because you just know some douche is going to be at the premiere today and write a "review" that's going to spoil EVERY SINGLE SECOND. and I haven't been a star wars fan since I was six to be spoiled by some jerk on the internet who thinks he's cool by spoiling everybody else on the planet) NO really, I don't even look at the tv spots when they pop up on shows. (though the Fiat and Dodge ads are kind of hilarious - like, cars? really? I guess?) 

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