Yuletide signups end soon, if you want to participate this year! 

I am, as always, refreshing on the sign-up summary because I love to watch the bottom half of the summary and see what's big for Yuletide each year. This year seems to be Hamilton, Sense 8, & the new MFU movie. And not that Fury Road is forgotten or anything, but it is a bit funny that the Fandom darling of spring has definitely had to move aside.

Things starting soon include  Kiddo starting braces tomorrow. I remember my braces were not-fun, but at least it'll be done and even he agrees that it's better to just do it so he has a better smile later. it's also good because he actually has a second molar that's trapped, so w/o braces it'd probably need surgery. At least this way there's a chance the blocking teeth will get out of the way. 

Also, hubs is going on travel all next week, so that'll be kind of fun. I'm gonna watch all my shows and no football! 


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