Since I keep getting emails from nanowrimo, it's a reminder that I'm going to have to decide what to do, if anything.  I bombed out last year, trying to write a whole bunch of (different) fics - it's just a hassle to keep track of, for one thing. Also, I really liked when I did an original draft, it felt like something useful to do for nano rather than, more of the same, basically. 

Also, fic-wise, Nano will fall in a lull this year -- my Marvel Bang posting date is right in the middle (nov 13) but it's already in a pretty full draft, so it'll be in revisions. Comes the Hurricane will be posting also, likewise in revisions. I can put Last Contract on hold. And Yuletide I can do in Dec. So in terms of a project that'll be in first draft stage, I won't be in the middle of one, at least.

But of course, that means I need a new (original) idea that I'm excited about enough to whip out 50K.

So possibilities:
- the ghost story/romance I thought about before (bad thing about this one is it's partly written as an AU, but I think I'd take the general idea and start over.) 
- port a different AU 
- I have a MG book idea
- or none of the above and I need something else

(and then I find out that Stephenie Meyer publishes a search-and-replace genderswap of Twilight and jfc why even bother? lol) 

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