Happy New Year, y'all.

First, authors are revealed so I can claim these from holiday exchanges:

The Tale of the Forgotten, MCU, Angels&Demons AU, PG, mild Loki/Sif. As the Apocalypse begins, Sif is glad to start the war against Hell. But a mysterious stranger opens her eyes to the truth of the war

another tomorrow, Tomorrowland, PG, Casey finds something to bring back the one they lost.

3. Thinking too much, Jeremiah, Jeremiah/Markus, Mature. Jeremiah thinks Markus should celebrate their victory.

The rest of 2016  (stealing the AO3 formatting, hopefully it doesn't get too screwed up and I
 have to do it manually)

2016 Fic by Me!  )

Yay, finally finished posting this! 

Comes the Hurricane
gen, PG-13
Loki, Thor, the other Avengers, plus Sif, Frigga, Odin, Thanos
part V of Understanding the Storm

 As New York freezes from the unleashed Casket of the Ancient Winters, the Avengers find themselves with no choice but ally with the only one who can stop it. But Loki's caught inside a storm of his own, as Thanos comes at last.

Comes the Hurricane
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( Aug. 24th, 2016 10:35 pm)
Last week we went to NYC for a short vacation. We stayed just off Times Square, saw the main sights - well, mostly we saw big buildings because that's the boy's interest. So I went to the top of both the One World Trade center and the Empire State Building. Spent more money at the Disney store on Times Square getting dumb t-shirts, and a Black WIdow POTATO HEAD, because I collect Black Widow toys and that's the most dumb, amazing Black Widow thing I've ever seen. like, there is no where else to go after you get a Potato Head, right?   (ah, remember when Darth Tater was the first combo potato head? How far we've come). There was also a Hawkeye one which I didn't get because it was hideous, but kinda warms the Clintasha part of my heart that they came out at the same time.

Anyway, so New York. Not counting changing planes, I've never actually been there before, and neither had the kiddo, so that was fun. I don't think he's in a hurry to go back, so I suspect the NYC schools aren't going to be on his college list, but that's okay. We met an old friend of my husband's, who now lives in CT (he was one of our groomsmen at the wedding), and had dinner with him, his wife, and their daughter who's a clerk for the Circuit Court of Appeals there, which you may not know about law, but that is pretty impressive. she's going to have pretty much her choice of jobs afterward.

School starts for the boy next week. We got the word that he's going to be taking what's practically his own math class- he's a seventh grader, but they're designing a class for him and one other (girl) to use the curriculum of the eighth grade algebra class, and then just fill in what they don't already have, since they're both advanced. Part of this is, we know, because two of kiddo's close friends (also math brains) left our school to go elsewhere, so I suspect the school realized it might be getting a reputation of not being able or willing to offer more challenge to kids who need it. So I'm glad about this change, since I think he'll do well in it. And well, this is the world we live in, being a bit advanced now will look good on his high school applications or getting into the science magnet high school. 

So that's the news for now! ;) 
let's see, round up:

i wrote one fic for the May the Fourth Star wars exchange - Survivors , a post-RotJ/pre-TFA canon divergence of Padme defending a very little Ben (here, Quin, because Qui-Gon lived and Obi--Wan died.)

Have been continuing Last Contract and Comes the Hurricane chapters. It's definitely not as easy to do them as true wips. On one hand there is a nice push to keep producing, rather than letting it sit or jumping to something shiny (which I am prone to do), but otoh I don't have the time to really make sure that certain things that happen aren't going to dump me into some wall down the road that I just don't see yet, or go back and fix anything major. It's a bit more seat of the pants than I really like (and switching between the two is harder than you'd think even though they're not that much alike). but at least both are winding up now.

signed up for Marvel Bang, which will likely be the next Ice Demon story, wherein Loki and Steve try to deal with being on modern earth. it'll be set between First Avenger/Thor and the events of Avengers, so it won't be as epic. Mostly so they can both see Bucky and Peggy again. :(

Today I joined in an online roundtable for the mobile game Avengers Academy (omg me on a webcam, I has a worry) which I've kind of backed into the fandom of. That was fun to be part of a fannish thing more directly again. Made me realize how long I've been basically a passive consumer on tumblr and a pretty passive producer of fic. Still fandom, obviously, but only somewhat interactive.

heh, and now it's bed time so if I don't post now, I probably won't. so hopeflly more later! 

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( Feb. 12th, 2016 08:52 pm)
moving is a pain in the ass, in case you didn't know that already through some miracle. ;) 

But we have a new place signed and ready and movers set for the 21, though move-in is officially the 14th, so we get the keys and can start transporting some things we don't want/need the movers to take (it's not far). So, for ex, we have to move the fish ourselves, so I'm going to transfer them each to their own bucket to hang out  while I drain the tank and we take it (and them) to the new place. Luckily it won't be so long it'll have to start the tank from scratch, but it'll be good to drain the water and clean it thoroughly. poor babies will be so freaked out at first (then they forget, luckily, because they're  fish)  

We also now have a big trash bin for....  *deep breath* the garage. That's going to take the longest. my husband has a room full of comics going back to the SEVENTIES (which is going in storage not the bin, I should clarify) and plenty of other assorted STUFF, including baby stuff that's now twelve years old. There's ... a lot to go through. But storage, new place, donation, or trash - those are the only choices at this point - no more "let me put that aside and figure it out later" not-choosing. Which of course is overall a good thing, to make all these choices and really cull out what we actually want and need, versus stuff we just have, but it's daunting to think about actually doing.
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( Jan. 30th, 2016 08:13 pm)
 So, after being on the market for about a week, (We hadn't even had the Open House yet, just the Broker's open house (where the brokers are invited to look but can bring clients) and a few showings...)  we got two offers on our house. The higher one was above list, so we accepted. The inspection is Tuesday and, if all goes well with that, and they don't want too much taken off the price for  whatever they find, we might be closing soon. It's so quick and exciting. We went to look for a rental place today to bridge the gap to a new house. Yes, eventually there will be Buying a New House Trauma posts, but this is the Selling Trauma part of it first. We already know the inspection is going to object to the roof (which is about 20yrs old - we didnt' bother to replace it, since we knew we'd either sell or expand the house ourselves) and there are tree roots in the sewer pipe. But we'll see if they're really prepared for buying what amounts to the land and a shack. :)   

I'm just really eager to get out. Looking at the apartment complex it was nice to think about a place that I don't have to deal with my neighbor's hideous feral cat colony. look, I know a bunch of you are cat people, but an Actual Crazy Cat Lady is  not great to live next door to. Plus, the complex is new and has a pool, and it'll be a lovely change. The goal eventually is to move into a district with a good high school but that's a couple years away.

In other news, I am already 7K behind for Get Your Words Out, so I have plenty to do in February!  at least we get a Leap Day for the month! :DD

 Since we're getting out house ready to sell, today was the day the realtor was here to take pictures for the site. And since I've seen the Terrible Real Estate blog, I didn't want to appear on there, so we had to declutter and clean. I had someone who was supposed to come in to help, to do the cleaning part while I finished up boxing the excess crap and moving it to the garage.  Aaaaand... my helper was sick and didn't show.  :( 

Tuesday we have what's called 'the broker caravan" where other agents come visit the house as it officially goes ON SALE. and then... omg, nothing but showings and open houses and packing and... I just want to lie down and curl up in a ball just thinking about it. *whimper* 

I mean, yes, I want to get out of this house, but omg, all the OTHER STUFF. Moving in college was hard enough,and I/we have ever so much more STUFF now. 

Meanwhile my mom has pneumonia or something else going on with her lungs that's been lingering for more than a month, and that of course is worrying in a person hr age, so hopefully we can get that cleared up. always something, right? 

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( Jan. 2nd, 2016 09:46 pm)
last one! :D

Anders, Battlestar Galactica
hc-bingo, prompt "loss of possessions".

Something )
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( Jan. 2nd, 2016 08:25 pm)
MCU/Thor ficlet
Ice Demon bonus
Hc-bingo- surgery
Warning for some violent imagery

Ice Demon extra fic )
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( Jan. 1st, 2016 01:58 pm)
Holiday Exchange fics reveal!

  • Magic's Path, Valdemar. Vanyel/Tylendel. Teen. A small change to a pivotal event in Magic's Pawn (for Yuletide)

  • Creature of the Deep, MCU/Thor, Sif/Loki. Mature. Medieval/Merpeople AU. Sif has heard stories of the monsters in the water all her life. He's nothing like she expected.

Other stories of 2015:

MCU related: long fics.

  • Comes the Hurricane, gen, ensemble. Book IV of Understanding the Storm. The Avengers have to ally with Loki, but he's got some problems of his own.

  • The Ice Demon and the Spider. Gen. Both Thor and Loki get banished to Earth; Loki to Arendelle where protecting it from SHIELD results in a road trip with Natasha and the return of old enemies.

  • The Last Contract, Loki/Sif. Modern AU. Sif is an assassin sent after Prince Loki of Jotunheim. it doesn't go as planned.

MCU - short fics, all gen
MCU, Sif/Loki, prompt fills
Other fandoms:

Fic Writing Meme answers:

:Answers under the cut )
Writing Goals of 2016:

1. I signed up for getyourwordsout pleding 200K, so that's one concrete goal for the whole year.
2. Finish Last Contract and work on Fallen on Snow, since both those are hanging, unfairly.
3. Looking at the list, it's pretty clear that I was kind of writing... the same things? So I think I need to mix things up some more, be more experimental, more pairings, more fandoms, more other different words. Or something.
4. and to go wtih three, I should finish something original. The other thing that appears a lot above is AU - some of it very AU - pieces that could go to orginal without much effort. But I think fanfic is more social/interactive, so it's hard for me to transition to being more on my own with the writing. 
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( Dec. 13th, 2015 08:36 pm)
today was the kiddo's 12th birthday. HOLY MACKEREL. I can't be old enough to have almost a teenager! We gave him the BB-8 Sphero, which he adores. and it's the cutest little thing scooting around the floor.

Unfortunately into a happy birthday a shadow came. He had to go with his team to the Regional Championship for First Lego League (Robots), and their bot just... nothing worked. The program got more and more borked, and he was so frustrated, he cried and wanted to come home. Which we didn't let him. He recovered and they finished, but the team got no awards in any category. So, on the one hand, yay for getting to the championship but boo for a sad performance. We'll see if he tries the bot again for the Legoland competition in February, otherwise, it's better luck next year.  (on the plus side, our saturdays are now our own again, since he doesn't need to go to robotics practice)

Now to write some more on my gift-fics and attempt to avoid Star Wars spoilers until Saturday (aka not being on the internet, because you just know some douche is going to be at the premiere today and write a "review" that's going to spoil EVERY SINGLE SECOND. and I haven't been a star wars fan since I was six to be spoiled by some jerk on the internet who thinks he's cool by spoiling everybody else on the planet) NO really, I don't even look at the tv spots when they pop up on shows. (though the Fiat and Dodge ads are kind of hilarious - like, cars? really? I guess?) 

Title: The Ice Demon and the Spider at  AO3
Characters: Loki, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Phil Coulson, etc
Fandom/Universe: MCU (Canon Divergent AU)
Rating: R
Word count: 60K
Warnings: one chapter of torture including sexual assault
Summary: When Loki and Thor's recklessness gets them exiled to Midgard, Loki finds himself back in Arendelle. But his arrival has attracted attention of a foreign military, something called SHIELD, and this time he vows to protect this kingdom from the invaders. Meanwhile Thor finds out the truth of what happened nearly seventy years ago, just as an old evil rouses and threatens the same again.

Note: Sequel to The Ice Demon and the Hydra but set in the ''modern" era, almost seventy years after 'Hydra'. Minor crossover with Frozen, though you certainly know enough by living on planet Earth to read this without having seen it.

Fanworker name: [profile] enkanowen
Rating of fanwork: G
Link to accompanying fanwork master post:   HERE
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( Nov. 10th, 2015 10:43 pm)
 so you know how I was writing an original novel plan for NaNoWriMo? 

Yeah, about that... 

I actually ended up writing on my MCU gift fic. Not that it's going to be 50K, but one of the prompts struck JUST RIGHT, and I'm like "oooh shiny!" and so here I am, again. Though it's a bit of a tactical decision, as it's going to be Super Easy to change to an original fic, I think. so at least I can tell myself there's still a non-fanfic version behind the one I'm writing. 

or something like that. I do like it quite a lot, at least. And I'm also really looking forward to my Yuletide fic.

But since Ice Demon and the Spider launches Friday. I have some beta comments to work in/rewrites, in the next few days, so NaNo is going to be a bit iffy anyway. I'm not quite sure of the wisdom of posting it concurrent with Comes the Hurricane - I assume the audience overlaps, in the "gen Odinsons w/added Avengers" AU" division quite a bit. Not that they're the same plot, because they're not, but still. I dunno, seems like it might be too much? (at least Comes the Hurricane and Last Contract are pretty different, from each other, so there wasn't much confusion there. I think CtH and Spider are more similar in how they're both MCU canon divergent AUs). Anyway, I guess we'll see. I can hiatus one for a bit,if it gets to be a problem. 
 From the WayBack WIP file -- I was poking around and I found this fic I wrote for the "new" V series. And though I planned long ago to write more on it, I think it's complete enough to stand on its own. I can't imagine there are many people interested, but a few is better than the no one currently enjoying it on my hard drive... 

The Frog Hunter 

Lisa and John May

Lisa's cell isn't as empty as she'd thought. 

Teen (references to past torture and implied past rape), but mostly it's about family

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( Nov. 4th, 2015 11:05 pm)
 First few days of Nano I am on the word count, though  -- well - on a totally different project than I was planning. So. really I should not have signed up for any ficathons because I got one of my assignments and instead of some nice little pairing trope I could do in a thousand words, I got WHAMMED IN THE FACE by this plotbunny. and so I'm kind of hoping it will also lend itself after thefact to some serial-number-filing-off-ness just so I don't feel I'm wasting my time (as far as original fic go- because it's pretty non-canon. 

I got a spectacularly nice, long comment on Comes the Hurricane. Like, it is AMAZINGLY nice. so that makes me feel it's loved. :DDD

However my Nano word count is about to get screwed because i really need to finish up Ice Demon and Spider for Marvel Bang. I was kinda fluffing around not finishing it around Halloween like I should have, so now, of course, I need to get that thing done and out to beta. Because hello, it's ridiculously long. I'm tempted to just not give her or mark the scenes that I think are missing and see what she says, mayeb they're not needed?  I do feel like I'm failing fandom-kind because there's a whole lot of recovery- h/c that I could be going into a LOT more detail about. I know fandom loves that stuff, and hell, I love that stuff), but otoh, it's post climax so, it would be a Really Long Extended Epilogue that could drag the story.  *throws hands in air* 

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( Oct. 31st, 2015 08:18 pm)
While the kid went out to a party and trick-or-treating, I stayed at home to be designated candy giver. A cute thing happened - I have fake crime scene tape as part of the decorations and I heard some kid on the driveway call back "it says we're not supposed to enter" -- so... they didn't. NO WAIT IT'S PRETEND COME BAAACK!  (no I didn't yell thatt, but it was hilarious that the kid took it so seriously)

The kiddo went as Baymax - inflatable costume and all, it's great. :)  (Oh, the red armored version of Baymax, I should add, not the squishy white balloon version)

Received my Yuletide assignment! YAY! :D  Now to familiarize with canon... 

Tomorrow NaNoWriMo starts, and I'm going to do it this year. I'm going to write my original novel and hopefully write the whole draft. (if you're doing it too and we're not buddies yet, I'm lizardbeth) 


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( Oct. 28th, 2015 07:16 pm)
 While I wait for Yuletide matching, I'm trying to figure out what I should do for NaNo (yes, I probably should figure this out sooner!).  Basically it comes down to a Supernatural Romance, or a YA Fantasy (with a bit of romance) and I have no idea which I should go with. The Romance one is more plotted, because I've actually written some of it already, and it's an AU with the serial numbers filed off so the characters are a bit easier. And it's a romance, so I know how it ends. :)  the Fantasy one ties into the same 'verse as a previous NaNo project, but I don't actually know how that ends. Because, I guess, I don't know the story. So I should figure that out. *sigh*  Or just fuck both ideas and do the Mer vs human fantasy that's sitting with 5K in my drafts folder. I DUNNOOOOOO.

I suppose, to be ruthlessly practical, I should do the romance first, because that can be an e-book more easily. And that could serve as  a gateway to others. So maybe that's how I should approach it.

I've also written some Crimson Peak fic, which is either going to be my recipient's story if the Yulegoat is kind or I'll find some requestor to give it to for a treat, because, yes. how could I not? That movie is like FIC CITY  I suppose it proves the adage that imperfect things draw fic more than perfect things, but it's certainly true in this case. Things sketched broadly long to be filled in and things that are tragic want to be fixed, that's kind of a given of fandom/fanfic imo.

A lovely stranger actually said that I should change Last Contract into a non-fanfic story. And granted it's not that close already - if I changed the names I'm not sure anyone would guess (and they'd probably guess the wrong canon anyway, since "Loki" isn't even brothers with "Thor" in this 'verse).  The real "issue" and it's not really one I guess would be to change it from a thinly-disguised Norway to a more-disguised Norway probably. 

One of these days I will have to talk about tv.

All this dithering brought to you by Yuletide, Nano and BEARS.
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( Oct. 25th, 2015 07:47 pm)
Yuletide signups end soon, if you want to participate this year! 

I am, as always, refreshing on the sign-up summary because I love to watch the bottom half of the summary and see what's big for Yuletide each year. This year seems to be Hamilton, Sense 8, & the new MFU movie. And not that Fury Road is forgotten or anything, but it is a bit funny that the Fandom darling of spring has definitely had to move aside.

Things starting soon include  Kiddo starting braces tomorrow. I remember my braces were not-fun, but at least it'll be done and even he agrees that it's better to just do it so he has a better smile later. it's also good because he actually has a second molar that's trapped, so w/o braces it'd probably need surgery. At least this way there's a chance the blocking teeth will get out of the way. 

Also, hubs is going on travel all next week, so that'll be kind of fun. I'm gonna watch all my shows and no football! 

 Since I keep getting emails from nanowrimo, it's a reminder that I'm going to have to decide what to do, if anything.  I bombed out last year, trying to write a whole bunch of (different) fics - it's just a hassle to keep track of, for one thing. Also, I really liked when I did an original draft, it felt like something useful to do for nano rather than, more of the same, basically. 

Also, fic-wise, Nano will fall in a lull this year -- my Marvel Bang posting date is right in the middle (nov 13) but it's already in a pretty full draft, so it'll be in revisions. Comes the Hurricane will be posting also, likewise in revisions. I can put Last Contract on hold. And Yuletide I can do in Dec. So in terms of a project that'll be in first draft stage, I won't be in the middle of one, at least.

But of course, that means I need a new (original) idea that I'm excited about enough to whip out 50K.

So possibilities:
- the ghost story/romance I thought about before (bad thing about this one is it's partly written as an AU, but I think I'd take the general idea and start over.) 
- port a different AU 
- I have a MG book idea
- or none of the above and I need something else

(and then I find out that Stephenie Meyer publishes a search-and-replace genderswap of Twilight and jfc why even bother? lol) 



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